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Thread: Celebi in Bonus disk?

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    Default Celebi in Bonus disk?

    Hey guys I'm new to this community so please don't get angry if I make a mistake or something like that.

    SO, I read in another website (not sure if I can link it here) that you could edit the Hex offsets in Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk (NTSC-J) so that you could access your Pokemon Colosseum save in PAL or NTSC from USA and transfer the exclusive Ageto Celebi there, but I am having issues with this, as I can not understand the instructions and how to use HxD. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with it, as I am a complete noob at this stuff. If you want the link to the website or to the ISO PM and I will send it to you. Please help me, as I only need 3 pokemon to complete the Emerald PokéDex, two of which are unobtainable without cheating (Mew and Deoxys). Thanks in advance and sorry for my English, I'm spanish

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