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    Default Atheist & Agnostic Family

    Welcome to the Atheist/Agnostic Club. Here we will be discussing issues about life, and everything without giving god credit for it.

    1: Show respect to fellow members. Arguments are something we won't be able to avoid, but please keep it nice and still show respect to each other. If things get to harsh move it to a PM discussion.
    2: You don't need to be an Atheist or Agnostic to post, but you need to show respect if you chose to ask us a question or anything.
    3: Do not bash religion here. It's okay to talk about them and stuff going on in them, but don't just bash them.

        Spoiler:- A huge thanks to our beloved Profesco and Neferka for all their hard work on the faqs:

        Spoiler:- Images to promote the club:

        Spoiler:- Members:
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