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Hi everyone. I think I want to join.

I'm on the fence between agnostic theism and Christianity. My family's kept me in a very strong Christian environment my whole life, but recently I've started to find the whole concept a bit...silly. It's not hard to look in the Bible and find contradictions and false statements, and tenets that no one or very few people still hold today. I don't want to disappoint my family and just completely drop an affirmative religion, so I tend to shy away from the subject. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, so I think I'll join this club.
Oh, well! Welcome, Ryubane. I'm really glad to hear you're starting to subject your beliefs to scrutiny and criticism. Regardless of what you end up concluding, as long as you're thinking critically for yourself, you've got my applause. I also hope that the kinds of things we talk about here will help you to better understand theistic and atheistic philosophy both, and that your contributions will improve our understanding too. ^_^

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I'd say i was more of a deist then anything else
It's amusing - most of the traditional arguments for the existence of God can only be said to support deism at best (not that any of them are conclusive or convincing arguments), and certainly no personal and complicated beings like the Western religions all claim. Comparatively speaking, deism may just be more realistic than Western theism.

It'll be neat to have the contributions of a deist to our discussions. =)