Kids Without God (the teen version)

A new internet resource the American Humanist Association has put together to try offering support to child and teen skeptics.

Now, I've been looking over this site for the past hour, and my evaluation is mixed. There are some very nice things to see there, such as resources and suggestions useful for defending one's arguments or critically thinking about claims, and also a page or two dedicated to recommending respect, kindness, and tolerance for all views including those of the devoutly religious (as characterized by the theme of "don't call religious people idiots"). There are also a handful of resources for kids suffering all kinds of experiences, from bullying for their gender/sexuality to dealing with depression, eating disorders, or other psychological problems to "coming out" as secular to a religious community. All positives.

But I also notice that a few of their resources just reek of, for lack of better words, pandering or propaganda. Which, mind you, is not to imply untruth in their position, but to say that there is the occasional (maybe more than occasional) oversimplification of an issue or strawman characterization of the religious argument. There's a version of the site for young kids, for example, that uses a "Darwin the dog" construct that is just so cheesily patronizing and overtly one-sided... I'm a little embarassed by it - despite my sincere enthusiasm for evolutionary biology, even.

Any thoughts, you guys?