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Thread: Dark Counter/Control

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    Default Dark Counter/Control

    Card names link to card images.

    Pokemon (20):

    Basic Pokemon:
    4 Deino
    4 Zoroa
    2 Darkrai EX (Not released yet.)
    1 Cleffa (Have 0)

    Stage 1 Pokemon:
    2 Zweilous
    4 Zoroark (Have 1)

    Stage2 Pokemon:
    3 Hydreigon (Have 1)

    Trainers (22):
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Darkness Claw (Not released yet.)
    2 Copycat
    2 Professor Elm's Training Method
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory (Have 0)
    2 Cheren (Have 1)
    2 Cilan (Have 1)
    2 Darkness Patch (Not released yet.)
    2 Great Ball (Have 0)

    Energies (18):
    4 Double Colorless Energy
    4 Special Darkness Energy
    10 Basic Darkness Energy

    Darkness Claw - Tool
    The attacks of the Darkness-type Pokemon that this card is attached to do an additional 20 damage to any Active Pokemon.

    Darkness Patch – Trainer
    Choose 1 Basic Darkness Energy card from your discard pile and attach it to one of your Benched Darkness-type Pokemon.

    -I have this deck proxied to try out new cards from Darkness Explorers.
    -I'm assuming that the above two trainer cards will be in the set.
    -I would like to get the deck list finalized before I get the cards to complete the deck.

    Hydreigon along with Darkrai are used to snipe the bench, while Zoroark is primarily used to deal with annoying EX Pokemon by using their attacks against them (a decent counter to Mewtwo EX I think). Special Darkness energies and Darkness Claw power up attacks, while Double Colorless energies and Darkness Patch provide energy ramp. Darkrai lets me switch out my Pokemon as needed, so I can use the best attack for the situation.

    What do you think? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    suggestion,s drop the 4 rare candy down to 2 or 3, no pont, try out N, juniper, and or judge, drop darkrai down to 1, the reason behind this is it's a bench tech, that can be ohko'd very easily, this in mind to many darkrai means to many lost tech's and blamo you're down 2-6 and you have no way to move around the beefy 150 dragon with dragons for arms, junk arm.

    zoroark is not a decent counter to mewtwo, sure it can deal 80 for the 80 it can deal right back to you, but they could always just a drop a basic on mewtwo and ohko zoroark, where as zoroark can't, if you had shaymin UL, you could always just build up the necessary energy to try for an ohko, however in the process, you're more then likely to get ohko'd by another mewtwo next turn and lose alot of energy needed to run the bulky dragons fast enough, however against zekrom and reshiram deck's you see down fall in the fact of they're fast attacking time, all in all, yes you can get an ohko, versus to the manslaughter you will probably receive, however if they have a slower time getting mewtwo or the other EX's out and actually useful for an attack, which is extremely rare, you might win. Note: if you use dark patch it will likely get you're zoroark ohko'd by the same mewtwo you attacked. Two big thing's behind beating mewtwo, less energy and big hp.
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