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Most improved Poke of this Generation? I'd have to say Xatu. You'd go around seeing a Xatu in DPP maybe once or twice every 100 or so battles. Now Xatu has become a common place on teams, some even use it over Espeon due to extra coverage. Magic Bounce has been a great addition to this more of a glass cannon Pokemon.

Another major improvement this generation would probably have to go to an item, the Eviolite. The eviolite allows NFEs with very high stats already have their defenses even better. Eviolite also changed how the Little Cup tier is played greatly.

My final Most Improved Pokemon would probably be Gliscor. The addition of Poison Heal on him makes him a great Pokemon in Rain, Sun or even Clear Skies. With the advent of BW2 and the move tutors, Gliscor just got a great flying STAB in Sky Attack and a reliable healing move in Roost. Gliscor might be looking to be a top 10 OU Pokemon, stretching to maybe even top 5 very soon
Sky attack is a good STAB? if you want to use power herb so badly use acrobatics with flying gem it is SO much better.

Most improved in BW2 should be amoongus from a NU pokemon who you could never see to one of the most common OU pokemons
same for ditto from something no one would even try to use outside of DW OU to a top OU threat.