Welcome to the Iris Fan Club !

I would first like to say that this club is indeed a club for the character Iris from the Best Wishes series of the Pokemon anime and also from other Pokemon media that is dealing with the fifth generation. Though this ain't some sort of club for the Goo Goo Dolls just cause
there is "Iris" in the title of this club. Just sitting stuff straight so that there doesn't come up anything off-topic about that song of the same name of the rules

The Rules

  1. No off-topic discussion of any type
  2. No bashing of any type. This does include character bashing too.
  3. Please use the form listed below to join this club.
  4. Keep all talk clean. This does include that perverted talk too.
  5. No one liners at all. Each post after the first post of the rule acceptance form and the paragraph though.
  6. No bugging be about anything dealing with being co-owner or the ones that can accept new members into the club. I will notify the member that would be fitting of the job
  7. All the rules of the Serebii.net forums apply.

If there is any problems that arise in this club , I'll be adding a rule dealing with the matter here.

The members


: To be determined

Other Members

Getting into this club is simple. That is because you would have to use this rule approval form. That said form is this: I "insert your username here" have read the rules to the club and agree to follow them. I also hereby officially acknowledge that I like Iris. Don't worry though if you can't type this entire form , That is because you could just copy & paste the form but take out the "'s and put your username that you use on these forums where the "insert your username here" part.

Ban System

The ban system works out like this. You get a strike every time that you break a rule here. 3 strikes would equal a 1 month ban from the club and the more strikes you get would eventually lead up to a permanent ban from this club.

Fan Art and Club Banners

This is where all of the fan art and club banners would go when there comes any

Please give credit to the artist who did the art. Though the only exception to this is if the artist doesn't care if they want credit or not.


So to start things off , I will do the entry form thing since that I want to be sure that every one would be on the same foot.
I LucarioWolf have read the rules to the club and agree to follow them. I also hereby officially acknowledge that I like Iris.