I LOVED this episode. They've had a nice streak of good episodes going on. My comments:

-- I loved the continuity references between this episode and the Morrison episode. I'd completely forgotten about Natalie and the berry instructions she gave to Brock in "The Lotad Lowdown". It's nice when they make continuity references I have to think about for a minute (like "The Garden of Eatin'" in the Morrison episode).
-- Has anyone else noticed that May has now been called by name by Team Rocket FOUR times (twice by Meowth in "A Double Dilemma", and here and "That's Just Swellow" by James)? Ash has only been called by name THREE times!
-- Kudos to Veronica Taylor (Ash) and Eric Stuart (James) on their great voice work in this episode with the swollen lips. It's been a while since I wondered "How did they do that?" with voice work. And as someone who's been transcribing every single Team Rocket motto in the history of the show on her computer, this episode's motto is going to be fun to write (sarcasm). Ash, though, was hilarious.
-- Why don't more people like Munchlax? I think he's hilarious.
-- Maybe I've listened to the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack one too many times, but I loved hearing the bellossom dance music when Munchlax gobbled down the pokeblock.
-- The end of round boxing bell sound when Grovyle went down for the count from the pokeblock is one of the funniest parts of the episode.
-- I loved the way Wobbuffet snuck into the room with Meowth.

Overall, 10 out of 10, two episodes in a row.