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Thread: Charizard and Hydreigion #friends smilie fanfic

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    Default Charizard and Hydreigion #friends smilie fanfic

    I am famous!
    Shut up you are not famous.
    Why be so dumb.
    I am the wise Pokemon.
    Who gives a crap.
    This time I agree with
    If you want to battle or trade me pm me.
    FC: 0877-2353-5978

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    Please read the rules of a forum before posting in it. The Fan Fiction Rules have the guidelines about what kinds of stories are acceptable to post here. Unfortunately, this breaks many of the rules. It's too short, shouldn't be a script, and shouldn't contain Pokemon smilies. Sorry, but as a result I'm going to have to close this.

    Please be sure to read the rules before posting again.


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