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Thread: Sinnoh: The Return of Space and Time.

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    Default Sinnoh: The Return of Space and Time.

    Hey, so lets start things with a brief history of my writing career here on Serebii, and it is very brief! I've started a dozen fan fics over the years, however not come close to finishing any of them. It's something I'm drawn too, and put a lot of energy in but always end up burning out after a while. If this story seems at all familiar to anybody then that is the reason, it's one I started way back, but ended up dumping after a month or two. The problem with this story is I tried too much, I wanted to create this epic series spanning dozens of characters, and their adventures and it all just becomes too much. The thing is with this fic is that the characters i created, and the story I originally envisioned are something which I wanted to continue with, I've rewritten the beginning chapter, and laid down some work into the next few, I wanted to get something out there and hopefully some interest and feedback will spur me into more action! I'd love to actually finish one of these things, so without further ado; The Return of Space and Time.


    I'd also like to mention that I appreciate any feedback, even if it's just "this sucks" so make sure to drop me any criticism, praise or advice you may have in mind.


    Chapter 1: Two Boys
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    Kept this one short, and have aimed to be ambiguous just to set up the characters and such, hope you enjoy.

    CHAPTER 1: Two Boys


    Hugh drummed his fingers his desk with a sigh, he squirmed in his seat as the teacher droned on. "The Sinnoh region is home to a great number of berries, unique and remarkable in their properties and effects when used upon various Pokémon.." He glanced down at his notebook where one word was scrawled three times. Berries. Berries. Berries. He smiled to himself and scribbled it down a fourth time. "The Sitrus berry is perhaps our most famous regional berry, can anyone tell me what-" A few frantic knocks on the classroom door interrupted Professor Raymond, and Hugh sat bolt upright, the bored expression quickly disappearing,as a grin spread across his face. The door edged open, and revealed a rather dishevelled and anxious looking boy. He was dressed in the same white shirt and black trousers as the rest of the class, except instead of the same black shoes everyone else had on he was wearing a pair of navy sneakers. His shirt was untucked, and one of his trouser legs was half-tucked into his sock. He also had a blue cap pulled sideways over his head, his clothes and expression gave the appearance of somebody who had gotten dressed as quickly and frantically as they could.

    "Cap," Professor Raymond said simply, standing their with his sternest look. The boy pulled it off revealing a mess of golden hair,cut short on the sides but longer and messier ontop, he ran a hand through it nervously. "So what was it this time Blake? A stampede of Tauros, did a Blastoise flood the corridor? a swarm of Beedril in the dormitory perhaps?" The teacher asked as the boy passed him the cap, walking towards his desk.

    "No, no and no. I just slept in." Blake replied, hastily adding "sir," when the Professor raised his thick grey brows.

    "Well next time you sleep in I suggest you slip into something more appropriate for this classroom," the Professor said, glancing down at his sneakers as he sat down besides Hugh.

    "Like a coma," Hugh whispered to his friend. Blake stifled a smile behind his rucksack as he pulled out a pencil case and note book. "So where have you been anyway?" Hugh asked, his dark blue eyes widening in interest.
    "Like I said, I slept in." Blake replied, opening his notebook. "Nice of you to leave without waking me up."

    "Oh come on, how could I disturb you buddy? You snore so prettily. Like a Snorlax with indigestion," Hugh glanced up at the whiteboard where Professor Raymond had begun drawing a picture of a Sitrus berry. "I should of guessed you were still asleep, here's me imagining you're up to some huge adventure, and nope, you're just snoozing in bed. Saying that though, you never do manage to find much fun without me."

    "Oh yeah, we've both had enough 'fun' for one lifetime." Blake said. Hugh's idea of which seemed to involve something either incredibly dangerous, challenging, or just downright stupid, although usually a combination of all three. Like the time he had made Blake smear himself with honey and run through the woods to attract an Ursaring so Hugh could snap a photograph of it for a competition in class. The resulting picture had been so blurry that they hadn't even bothered entering it . "But on the flip-side" as Hugh had pointed out, Blake had probably set a new land speed record.

    "Sir," a girl at the front of the class asked. Interrupting Blake's musing. "Can people eat Sitrus berries?"

    "Ah, an excellent question!" the Professor roared with enthusiasm. "We certainly can, you would usually find it cooked inside of Poffins or Pokébread, of course it can be eaten raw but I wouldn't recommend it, overconsumption will cause nausea and head pains."

    "I think hearing too much about them causes head pains too," Hugh muttered to Blake.

    Blake ignored the comment, giving his friend a nudge. "Anyway," he said with a wry smile. "What were you doing up so early this morning,it's not like you."

    "Ah Blakey, that's just the thing. I just had a few errands to run."

    "Errands? What are you talking about?"

    "You don't know what errands are? sweet Dialgia man, how many classes have you slept through?" Blake narrowed his emerald eyes at him, Hugh just grinned in response. "Alright, alright. You remember that girl from Geography and survival, the blonde one."

    "Cat," Blake rolled his eyes and groaned. "What about her?"

    "Well i've been talking to her a bit, and she was mentioning she could do with a few tips on catching Pokémon," Hugh rolled his eyes dramatically. "Coordinators, I know. Anyhow, me being a gent and all, I offered to help. So I just popped into her dorm this morning, so she could get a bit of practice in on handling balls."

    Blake let out a strange guttural noise as he tried to stop himself from laughing aloud, the bizarre cry drew the focus of most the other children in the classroom who spun around, and began glancing around the classroom as if they expected to see some strange Pokémon somewhere. The one person who knew exactly where the sound had come from however was Professor Raymond who shot both the boys a look that made even Hugh have the grace to look a little nervous . "Perhaps since Blake is so vocal this morning he'd like to volunteer something informative about a Sitrus berry." said the teacher, clapping his great hands together with a sound like a Thunderbolt.

    "Well uh," Blake glanced around the classroom nervously as the other students waited.. "They're uh.. He looked down at his own notebook which was completely blank, and his eyes automatically darted straight across to Hugh's. "They're.. Berries?"


    The students marched through the forest, Blake and Hugh leading the group, just behind them a small group of boys were taking cautious footsteps eyeing every tree they passed with intense suspicion, as if there was a Gengar was waiting to burst out from behind one of them. Even further behind, some more of the students were scrambling around on their hands and knees, rummaging through piles of twigs and dead leaves. Some had even resigned themselves to sitting on a fallen tree, looking around as if they expected a Pokémon to bound up to them and jump on their lap.

    "So, where's Mr H got too?" Hugh asked, tossing a Pokéball into the air and snatching it back at the last moment. It was a modified version of the Safari ball that the school had been supplied with for trainer studies. Fairly ineffective for capturing anything more substantial than the occasional Oddish or Caterpie but more than adequate for the students skill level.

    "I dunno," Blake replied. "Probably swinging around in the trees somewhere." He said, glanced upwards at the huge towering trees that winded and spiralled almost endlessly into the sky.

    Hugh chuckled at that, and then stopped suddenly. "listen" he quietly hissed. He placed a hand on Blake's arm as both of them crouched down slightly. There was a strange rustling coming from the bushes ahead. Both boys stood steadfast, clutching the Pokéballs in their hands as the sounds grew louder and louder. Suddenly something emerged.. It was their teacher - Mr Harold. Or rather, his huge stomach came first and the rest of him followed a few moments later.

    "Boys! Boys!" he roared. "I heard you both coming a mile away! How do you expect to catch anything making all that racket?"

    "We don't," Hugh replied a little grumpily. "What with everyone back there" - he motioned towards the other students dawdling behind them, one of which was jumping in the ar and making frantic swipes at what looked suspiciously like an acorn hanging from a tree. "You think any of them stand a chance at capturing a Pokémon?"

    Mr Harold chuckled, his great brown moustache shaking with every motion."Don't let them discourage you lads! - Not everyone picks it up as fast as you two, besides I'm still impressed with your captures last week. A Kakuna and a Zigzagoon, that's no mean feat!"

    "The Kakuna was just hanging from a branch," Blake replied. "It would of taken more effort to miss it."

    "Yeah," Hugh agreed. "And that Zigzagoon was just plain stupid, it literally ran into a tree when it saw me."

    The teacher let out an explosion of gruff laughter. "Now now boys, can any of us honestly say we haven't walked into the occasional tree?" He patted his huge oddly shaped nose as apparent evidence, it looked eerily similar to the Sitrus berry Professor Raymond had drawn on the whiteboard earlier. The two boys shot each other a glance that suggested that neither of them agreed with the sentiment. Mr Harold noticed the gesture and clapped both of them heartily on the shoulders. "Listen," he said as both of them winced in pain. "How about you two scout ahead and i'll fall-back and check on the other guys and girls, ey?" he gave them both an overly exaggerated wink. " I expect nothing less than a Garchomp a-piece next time I see you both though, Remember that!" With that he spun around, showing a surprising quickness and and grace considering his vastness, then began loudly whistling some bizarre tune as he skipped towards the other students.


    Mr Harold's whistling grew distant as the two boys continued further through the woods. Both of their eyes darting around Eterna's woods, hoping to catch a glimpse of something. They tried to tread lightly on the fallen twigs and dead leaves that carpeted the forest floor with a murky green and brown hue. "We're gonna get something decent today - I've got a good feeling." Blake said, scrambling over a huge log that was peppered with moss and a handful of tiny mushrooms. Hugh arched his eyebrows in agreement as he vaulted over it.

    "Too right Blakey, todays the day." He spun his Pokéball around on one finger for a few seconds. "Fortune favours the bold, right?"

    "Yep, but disaster the stupid." Blake shot back.

    "Wait, stop!" Hugh said suddenly, his voice taking on a serious tone.
    Blake froze as Hugh quietly edged past him. "What?"

    "Oh, it's nothing, just thought I heard an Ursaring." Hugh responded, howling with laughter as he heard Blake's groan behind him.

    "You're going to hell, you know that?" Blake growled, wiping a hand across his forehead.

    "Yeah?" asked Hugh, continuing onward. "I'll send you a postcard; Weathers great, food could use some improvement. Hey! Kinda like this school right?"

    Blake rolled his eyes. "Listen man," he said, quickening his pace to match Hugh's. "Unless the Pokémon here like bad jokes I think we've got more chance of doing a Harold' and walking into a tree than finding anything

    Hugh chuckled, dodging underneath a low hanging branch and lifting it up so Blake could pass underneath. "You know what, as rare as it might be - You might be right. I was just thinking maybe we should split up."

    "Split up?" asked Blake, his eyes darting around the ever darkening woods a little anxiously.

    "Yeah man, I mean it's not you, it's me.. I just need space." Blake scowled at him. "But no, think about it, we can cover twice as much ground, either of us see's anything good and boom, we hit the other up on the Pokétch." He motioned to a red device on his wrist, it was about the size of a digital watch but substantially more high-tech looking. A small digital screen flashed with the letter "B" indicating where his friend was to his right.

    Blake looked apprehensive. "You sure it'll work this deep in the forest?" He tapped his own Pokénav, which was an identical model to Hugh's but blue.

    "Yeah sure it will, manufacturers guarantee buddy." Hugh's confidence and excitement was infectious, and Blake found himself nodding despite himself.

    "It's actually not a bad shout," he forced a smile, trying to ignore the images of an angry Ursaring flashing through his head. "I guess I'll see you soon then."

    Hugh nodded, "I guess you will." He swerved to, darting between some trees the left of them, which weren't packed quite as tightly together as the others, and within a few seconds he had vanished from Blake's sight completely.


    The rough path Blake had been following began to subside the further he delved into the forest, he was forced to leave it behind him as he pushed through dense thickets of bushes. Above him, the sun was now almost completely shielded from sight by the ever growing trees and the woods were veiled in an eerie darkness. He had heard the occasional twig snap, or the shaking of bushes, both of which had set his heart to pounding for a few moments. But despite them, he had seen no Pokémon so far, something he found a little unsettling as this deep in the woods was usually teeming with the likes of Budew and Caterpie. He continued to trudge onward, and within a few moments a strange purple mist caught his attention in the distance. His hand automatically slid to his Pokétch, and his finger tapped the "H" on the screen.

    "Hurry up," he muttered under his breath, crouching down. If it was what he thought it was it was he was going to need Hugh's help capturing it. The strange fog flickered a few times, and then a circular orb materialised amidst it, it slowly turned towards Blake, revealing it's frightening features. Two spectral eyes narrowed as they met Blake's , and it's mouth opened, widening into a twisted parody of a smile that held naught but malice. Blake's feet felt like lead as the creature began to float towards him, he felt himself transfixed by it's gaze for a few moments, he shook his head, and his hand instinctively went to the Pokéball on his belt, despite the sickening feeling that the creature gave him. He arched his hand back and aimed the ball at it, sending it hurtling at an incredible speed. Blake had always been the best shot in Eterna high, and his throw gave testament to that. Soaring through the air with astonishing accuracy, the ball was headed directly at it's target. Blake's eyes widened, but as the ball was about to strike the target, the Pokémon disappeared into a mist again with a small pop. The Pokéball shot straight through it, separating the purple haze slightly and striking a tree behind it with a dull thud. Just at that moment, the Pokémon materialised again and Blake spun around, sprinting away. His speed, or perhaps Hugh's stealth is why he never noticed his friend. All he heard was a whoop of excitement, and when he dared a glance behind him there stood Hugh. He clutched a Pokéball in one hand, and the other was raised in the air with triumph.

    "Way to go Blakey!" he yelled As Blake ground to a halt. He began to shout a reply but his words were drownd out in a strange shrill, ear-piercing cry. Behind the tree Blake's Pokéball had struck, there was a flash of fire and a beak the size of a lance appeared. Even Hugh cried out in horror.
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