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    Default Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance

    Hi! It's me, EeveeandKirliafan (or DarkerShining, as my username will be changed to sometime next month). Remember me? The girl who kept talking about how she had so many ideas for fanfics? Well, after several years of trying to write something, only to get stuck on various small details, I. Have. Finally. Done. It.

    I'm really excited about finally getting to do this, and also kind of nervous. I began working on this fanfic several months ago, and after working on developing the idea, writing up the first draft of the first chapter, and then rewriting and editing it a few times, I feel I have finally made something worthy of sharing with people. I really hope you will enjoy this fanfic. I know there are some areas where I could improve, but I'm sure you guys can help me with that.

    Before we begin, I would like to dedicate this story to my friends over at TV Tropes, that are all part of this Pokémon RP I participate in. They gave me the inspiration for this story, and helped me work on developing my ideas. Thank you guys, I love you all!

    Well, let's get started, then. Read, review, give constructive criticism and all that.


    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance


    Chapter 1: Just because one can't see something, it doesn't mean that it is not there.


    Lightning flashed and rain poured down from the dark clouds filling the night sky. One wouldn't expect anyone to be out on a dark and stormy night like this, yet a strange flying Pokémon which resembled a big orb with fork-like wings and talons, as well as a tail resembling a fork, was flying over a forest. The odd looking flying Pokémon snickered to itself as it kept its gaze on the forest below, looking for another Pokémon that was hiding from him.

    "Where are you, little one?" the strange Pokémon asked, trying to use psychic powers it possessed to locate the other Pokémon. "I will find you, and then I will make you pay for trying to interfere in my little game!"

    In the forest below, a small Pokémon wearing a gray cloak felt its heart jump as the Sigilyph called out to it. It just hoped the Sigilyph wouldn't find its hiding spot in some bushes before it could think of a plan to escape, and to protect the transparent crystal it was currently holding onto tightly. It knew it wasn't strong enough to fight back against the Sigilyph, and so it had chosen to use most of its energy to instead prevent the Sigilyph from stealing the crystal, and then run away. However, it was far from over, as the Sigilyph had chased after the gray cloaked Pokémon in order to take the crystal from it.

    Suddenly, a pitch black ball of energy from above flew towards the bushes where the Pokémon in the gray cloak was hiding, forcing the smaller Pokémon to jump out of the way to avoid the attack, dropping the crystal it had been protecting on the ground in the process. While it managed to avoid being hit with the Shadow Ball attack, it had also been forced out from the bushes it had been hiding in, and was now laying on the ground in plain sight of the Sigilyph hovering above the forest.

    "There you are…" the Sigilyph began ominously hovering down towards the Pokémon in the gray cloak. "I've already taken the other seven, so just give up and hand over the last one!"

    The Pokémon in the gray cloak shakily got back on its feet, nervously backing away from the advancing Sigilyph, only to trip on something it couldn't see on the ground. It tried to quickly get back up again, only for gravity's pull to suddenly intensify and forcing it back down. It frantically tried to find a way to free itself, only to see the Sigilyph hovering directly above it, two glowing eyes on the orb-like body and a third on what appeared to be the Sigilyph's beak staring down at the helpless Pokémon below it.

    "Well, this was a fun little chase, wasn't it?" the Sigilyph said, snickering as it closed in on the gray cloaked Pokémon on the ground. "But I think punishing you for trying to interfere in my plans will be even more fun..."


    A beautiful sunrise was signalling the start of a new day in a small town called Fenix Town, and the Pokémon inhabiting the town were getting up and making the necessary preparations for the day. The Pokémon in charge of the various shops and services in town had already removed the covers protecting their stands from the rain and were currently setting things up before their regular customers would show up. Many of the buildings in Fenix Town were made from stone, although some of the newer ones were built from wood. There were also wooden poles set up with a special gemstone tied to the top of them, which would absorb sunlight during the day and would then glow once it got dark out.

    While the sun rose higher into the sky and spread more light throughout the area, more and more Pokémon were showing up and rescue teams came into town to make preparations for the missions that awaited them. Some rescue teams had already decided their missions for the day, while others were making preparations before deciding what they were going to do. Some of the rescue team leaders that had already decided which missions their team was going to handle today were discussing their plans for the day, while waiting to get to purchase some items at the shop.

    "Hmm… Seems I don't have enough money, so I guess I'll have to put this Reviver Seed back," a Pokémon resembling a giant wasp said as he looked over the items he had purchased. A nearby dark furred fox overheard.

    "Don't you hate it when that happens?" the fox inquired. "Of course, one won't run into the problem that often if one takes on missions with higher rewards."

    "It's not about the rewards, you know," the Beedrill buzzed. "Even if I don't get a reward, the most important thing to me is knowing I was able to help someone."

    "So, wait… Didn't you get anything from that Armaldo you helped yesterday?" the Zoroark asked, tilting her head slightly.

    "No, I did not, but I'm fine with that," the Beedrill responded. "The Armaldo felt kind of bad about not having any reward for me, but I told him not to worry about it."

    "Sting sure has the right attitude about being on a rescue team, doesn't he?" another dark furred Pokémon commented as he walked over to the other two rescue team leaders.

    "Well, sure, that's nice and all, but I prefer missions that I know I can make a good profit from!" The Zoroark stated, smirking as she looked at a piece of paper. "Like this mission here; some Glaceon is paying good money if I can help him find a present for some Espeon that I assume is his girlfriend!"

    "Ooh! A mission of love!" the Umbreon exclaimed, excitedly wagging his tail. "Those are my favorite missions!"

    "So, let me guess what you're doing today…" the Zoroark said to the Umbreon with a slight smirk across her face. "Escorting some Pokémon through a dungeon to see the one they love, again?"

    "Oh, you've got that right!" the Umbreon nodded, blushing somewhat with a dreamy look on his face. "Today I'm escorting a Dunsparce into the Lush Valley so he can meet with his beloved Purrloin! Isn't it romantic? Young love is so wonderful."

    "What's this about young love?" a young female voice inquired, the three rescue team leaders looked over to see two young Pokémon, a brown furred Pokémon with long pointy ears and a fluffy tail, and a lion cub Pokémon with blue fur on the upper half of his body, and black fur on the lower half.

    "We weren't talking about you two or anything like that," the Zoroark commented with a slight smirk.

    "What do you mean by that?" the blue lion cub inquired, finding this to be a very strange thing to say.

    "Relax, I'm just kidding!" the Zoroark said, petting the young Shinx on the head. "We were just talking about what missions we've done recently, and what we plan to do today."

    "Oh…" the Shinx said, rubbing the yellow rings on his forelegs against each other, creating blue sparks of electricity between them. He still didn't understand why the Zoroark said such a strange thing earlier. Maybe she was just curious about what kind of reactions she'd get?

    "So, what mission are the two of you taking on today?" Sting asked.

    "Don't know yet!" the brown furred Pokémon replied, the Eevee happily wagging her fluffy tail. "Before we do head out on a mission, though, we first have an errand to run for Stella."

    "Ooh, the town oracle?" the Zoroark inquired, before leaning down and pulling the two young Pokémon as if to whisper something to them. "Say, could you do me a favor and ask her if I'll find any big treasures in the future? Like gold, or coins, or gold coins…"

    "Forget that!" the Umbreon blurted out. "Ask her about love! Find out which Pokémon will get together in the near future!"

    "Is that all you two care about?" Sting asked, giving the two a quizzical look.

    "Hey, Mirage may only think about money, but everyone needs love!" the Umbreon responded.

    "What's that supposed to mean!?" Mirage shouted, looking rather annoyed.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" the Umbreon replied, backing away slightly. "I didn't mean to imply that you're-"

    As Mirage attempted to pounce at the Umbreon, Sting had to intervene in order to keep her from making too big a scene in the middle of town. Sting held Mirage in place while the Umbreon attempted to apologize, while at the same time recommending her to find a boyfriend and mentioning a few Pokémon in town that he believed could be a good match. The Shinx and the Eevee just stared at the odd scene in front of them, before the Eevee decided it was probably better to just walk away.

    "Hey, Blitz, let's get out of here," she whispered to the Shinx.

    "Okay, Sera," the Shinx responded, nodding his head in agreement.

    The two then quietly slipped away, and continued heading towards the east exit of town, so they could go see Stella and deliver what they had promised.


    Stella's home was just a short walk away from the town, and like the buildings in the town, it was built from stone. It was probably a bit older than the other buildings, and was taller than the other buildings, even having a second floor. There was also a hole in the roof, where one could see stars at night without having to go outside. Said hole would of course be covered up if it was raining, like during that storm the previous night. Stella the Gothitelle was currently explaining some things to her daughter, a young Gothorita that had started to receive visions of the future.

    "Bow, for many generations now, a member of our family has been in the position of town oracle," Stella explained, as each of the white ribbon-like feelers on the layers of Stella's black dress-like body started glowing.

    Bow the Gothorita nodded her head slightly, briefly glancing down at the two ribbon-like feelers she herself had on her dress-like body. Bow then reached the fingerless tip of her hand towards one of the two buns she had on the sides of her head, which made it look like she had pigtails. Both buns had two ribbon-like feelers on them, and Bow was trying to reach one of them while also trying to pay attention to what her mother was saying. However, once her hand touched against the feeler, she was distracted by how pleasantly warm it felt to touch. Was it always that warm, or was it warm because she had been using her psychic powers earlier?

    Stella noticed that her daughter was starting to lose her concentration, but figured Bow would catch herself before she completely zoned out. If nothing else, what Stella was about to do next would get her attention. Stella's eyes started to glow, and she used telekinesis to levitate herself, which immedietly caused Bow to turn her attention back to her mother. Bow watched in awe as Stella began projecting an image of a starry sky onto the walls around them.

    "Our powers comes from the stars, as we will receive most of our visions from them at night. From these visions, we can gain wisdom to share with the Pokémon that seek it," as Stella finished this explaination, the starry sky projection suddenly disappeared, startling Bow for a moment.

    "Bow," Stella said, as she slowly floated back down to the floor. "Someday, you will take my place as the oracle, and Pokémon will come to seek your wisdom."

    "They will?" Bow tilted her head slightly.

    "Of course," Stella nodded, looking into her daughter's blue eyes.

    "I… find that kind of hard to believe," Bow said, looking down at her legs. "I mean, I'm not very wise, or anything…"

    "That may be how it seems to you now, but I know you have great potential," Stella replied, placing her light purple hand on her daughter's shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile. "I'm sure you will grow up to be a great town oracle."

    "But… I'm also kind of forgetful, you know?" Bow said, still keeping her gaze on her feet. "What good would I be as an oracle if I can't even remember my visions?"

    "I think that is something you'll eventually grow out of," Stella responded. "And if not, one can always write things down and keep notes."

    "I kind of already tried something like that, but then I forgot where I left the thing I wrote something down on," Bow responded, looking down sheepishly.

    Stella couldn't help but chuckle a little bit, only to stop as she noticed her daughter's embarrassment over the whole thing. Before Stella could offer her daughter anymore advice, or do anything else for that matter, Stella felt a presence from downstairs, two presences actually.

    "Ah, we have visitors," Stella said, and began walking down the stone stairs to the first floor, Bow following closely behind.

    "Stella?" Sera called out as she and Blitz entered the house, pushing away the curtain covering a hole in the stone wall that was essentially the front door. It didn't take long before Stella and Bow came down the stairs.

    "Ah, hello there, Serafina," Stella said, addressing the Eevee by her full name. "Oh, and you too, Blitz."

    "Hi there," Blitz said, looking around. There were a few slots carved out in the walls, with some purple crystals in them, which were capable of glowing in the dark. Blitz guessed they were probably either powered by starlight, or that Stella used her psychic energy to charge them up. There were a few empty slots in the wall where more of these crystals could be placed, which was what he and Sera were there for.

    "Here are the purple light crystals you requested!" Sera said, sticking her face into a bag she was carrying, and pulling out a smaller bag with her mouth, placing it on a table. Stella then opened it and examined the purple crystals inside.

    "Excellent, these are exactly the crystals I requested. Well done!"

    "Oh, it was no big deal; anyone could've done that, really…" Blitz commented, absent-mindedly rubbing his forelegs against each other, creating more little sparks between them.

    "Well, yes, anyone could, but that doesn't guarantee that anyone would," Stella explained, wagging her finger. "Everyone is different. They may have different tastes, different priorities. Some rescue teams have different motives, and may not accept just any mission."

    "You mean like Mirage, and how she prefers missions that have better rewards?" Sera asked, tilting her head slightly to the left.

    "Yes. Some Pokémon are mostly interested in what they gain from the missions, while others may be more interested in just going on adventures," The Gothitelle smiled as she looked at the two young Pokémon. "There are many great rescue teams, and some of them have different reasons for what they do, and why they do it. You two are no exception, and I certainly am pleased that you were willing to take my request."

    "Well, that's nice and all, but, Sera and I have only been a rescue team for just a little over a week," Blitz said. "We can't really call ourselves a great rescue team…"

    "Well, maybe not now, but someday you might," Stella said, smiling. "I certainly see a lot of potential in you two, and I believe you two have the capability to become a really great rescue team in the future."

    "Do you really think so?" Sera exclaimed, her ears perking up in excitement.

    "Yeah, do you mean it, or is this something you say to any young rescue team to make them feel better about themselves? Not that I'm questioning your judgment or something, I… I just…" Blitz nervously looked down at his own paws. "I just don't see what you mean… I'm just like every other Shinx, there's nothing special about me."

    "Oh, I wouldn't say that, everyone is special in some way, even if they don't always see it." The Gothitelle kneeled down, gently petting the young Shinx. "Just because one can't see something, it doesn't mean that it is not there."

    "What do you mean?" Blitz asked, tilting his head sideways in confusion.

    "Oh, that's something you'll have to figure out on your own, dear," Stella said, giving the young electric lion cub a reassuring smile.

    "I'll… take your word for it, then?" Blitz really wasn't sure how to respond to this, or what it was he was supposed to look for.

    "So, we're really going to become an amazing rescue team?" Sera asked again, still excited.

    "You certainly will," Stella said to the excited little Eevee. "Of course, you do have to work for it."

    "Don't worry, we will definitely work hard!"

    Stella then noticed that her daughter had just been standing around in the background this whole time, absent-mindely staring at the ceiling. The young Gothorita probably hadn't known how to contribute to the conversation.

    "Hey, Bow? Why don't you pick out two Oran berries for Blitz and Sera as their reward for taking the time to run this little errand for us?"

    "Oh!" the young Gothorita instantly perked up. "Sure! I can definitely do that!"

    The young psychic type walked over to a basket full of berries, telekinetically lifting two blues ones out of the basket and levitating them across the room to Sera.

    "Wow! You're really giving us two Oran berries?" Sera asked as she looked up at the two blue berries floating in front of her.

    "You didn't really have to…" Blitz added, rubbing the yellow rings on his forelegs together again.

    "Oh, it is no problem at all! I want you to have them!" Stella said, smiling sweetly.

    "Thanks! I promise we'll use them wisely!" Sera said as she accepted the two berries and placed them inside the bag she was carrying.

    "Well, I guess you two should get going now, and take care of some missions?" Stella reminded the two.

    "Oh, that's right! Come on, Blitz! Let's get to it!"


    And with that, Sera and Blitz left Stella's house, and began heading back the way they came from, before turning and walking up a path leading to the rescue team HQ. Once they got there, they would find a mission to take on. Little did they know, that for them, this day would be the beginning of an even bigger adventure.


    End of chapter one

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