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Thread: What's your gym leader team? V2!

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    Default What's your gym leader team? V2!

    Post your results here!

    Type: Steel
    Team: , ,
    Rematch Team: , , , , ,
    Puzzle: The doors all have safe-like dials. There are math problems written on the walls. The answers are the numbers you turn the dial on the door to.
    Music: This.
    Before the battle: I LOVE DEFENSE!
    Win: My metallic defense overcame you!
    Lose: How could defense fail?
    Last Pokemon: This defense won't let me down!
    Attached Images Attached Images
    I don't use "uber" Pokemon (because they're banned), I don't calculate stat values (the simulator does it for me), I don't use cheating devices (because I hardly ever play the actual game), I don't breed my way to perfection (because I use a simulator), and I do care about natures. I battle the most efficient way, so I can use my strategic skills to the fullest. I don't look down on others because of the way they play Pokemon, which non-competitive people seem to actually do more often. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature. (Started by DittoDude.)

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