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Thread: What's your gym leader team? V2!

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    Decided to give it another go.
    Name: Chrono (8th Gym Leader)
    Badge: Eon Badge
    Type: Any (I got 0 so I picked.)
    - Lvl. 41 - Toxic, Venoshock, Shadow Ball, Swagger
    - Lvl. 48 - Future Sight, Trick Room, Surf, Flamethrower
    - Lvl. 43 - Roost, Attract, Brave Bird, Dark Pulse
    - Lvl. 43 - Bulk Up, Sky Drop, Shadow Claw, Thrash
    - Lvl. 48 - Destiny Bond, Counter, Encore, Safeguard
    - Lvl. 40 - Zen Headbutt, Mud Slap, Wild Charge, Amnesia
    Rematch Team:
    - Lvl. 72 - Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Thunder
    - Lvl. 74 - Sand Attack, Dig, Earthquake, Swords Dance
    - Lvl. 74 - Wood Hammer, Grass Knot, Confusion, Hypnosis
    - Lvl. 71 - Leech Life, Perish Song, Aerial Ace, Night Slash
    - Lvl. 70 - Dragon Claw, Rock Polish, Dragon Pulse, Steel Wing
    - Lvl. 77 - Rage, Sky Attack, Supersonic, Pluck
    Puzzle: None, just walk right up to me. (There's a humongous clock behind me though and there's gears everywhere.)
    Before Battle: This battle shall last among the ages!
    After Battle: I have been beaten, but my legacy shall live on!
    Win Battle: Impressive, but you weren't strong enough!
    Lose Battle: The gears are spinning, they still have a long way to go, but me, it seems I'm done for.
    Last Pokemon: Seal his fate!
    Last Pokemon, Half HP: The clock is ticking, we need to end this, NOW!
    Rematch Before Battle: I shall rise again!
    Rematch After Battle: It seems fate is still against me.
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    STEEL TYPE: Skarmory, Durant, Metagross
    No puzzle, straight path to the real challenge!
    venice rooftops them
    Before battle: You won't "steel" a victory from me!
    super effective on me: I've been struck down!
    One poke left: Its time for you to face real steel!
    weak poke: My defenses are still strong
    I win: I am victorious!
    Lose: You show true potential
    Rematch: Come again if you dare...

    REMATCH TEAM: Ferrothorn, Bisharp, Durant, Magnezone, Forretress, Excadrill
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    No. of pokemon 5
    Type: Ghost
    Team: Golett, Spiritomb, Froslass, Gengar, Rotom
    Rematch team: Banette, Jellicent, Drifblim, Rotom, Gengar, Mismagius
    Maze: fog with grave stones as barriers to guide them and trainers will be hidden in the dark.
    Before battle: My speedy ghost types will leave you dizzy
    Win: You didn't stand a ghost of a chance
    Lose: How could I lose
    Last pokemon: We still have time to win

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    Type: Ghost
    Team: Jellicent, Dusknoir, Froslass
    Puzzle: A maze which involves creating a stair leading downwards. The pieces are put in place by ghostly forces after beating in-gym trainers.
    Before Battle: Do you hear it? The cries of the netherworld can be heard from here. Here in my realm, me and the spirits reside in harmony. Come! Let us battle and see who the spirits favor more!
    Super effective move: It seems you have a way with dealing with spirits...
    Last Pokemon: I may be in trouble but the spirits still favor me!
    Weak Pokemon: No! Have the spirits left my side? I refuse to lose their support!
    Win: It seems the spirits still favor me...
    Lose: The spirits seem to deem you worthy of them...
    After Battle speech: Looks like the spirits think you are worthy of their power. After battling you, I feel the same way. So here, take the Spirit Badge as your proof of the spirits' decision!

    Team: Chandelure, Banette, Golurk, Confagrigus, Gengar, Spiritomb
    Before battle: It seems you have grown since we last battled, but I have as well. Let us see now who really is worthy of the spirits' power!
    Super Effective move: Looks like the spirits have given you more strength...
    Last Pokemon: Have the spirits made their decision? No, I am the spirit's true chosen one!
    Weak Pokemon: It seems the spirits have truly chosen who they favor.
    Win Battle: Looks like I have redeemed myself to the spirits...
    Lose Battle: I see, you really are the one the spirits deemed worthy of their power.
    After battle speech: It seems the spirits' decision stays the same. Let the spirits continue to bestow their power onto you and become even stronger than you currently are. For now, I will take my leave...
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    Number of Pokemon- 5
    Type- Dragon
    Pokemon- Hydreigon, Haxorus, Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp

    You're welcome.

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    Number: 2
    Type: Ghost
    Pokemon: Jellicent and Dusclops
    Puzzles: There are 5 rooms (Like a pentagram) and each room has a real ghost. The opponent has 30 seconds to find each ghost or must battle a trainer.
    Rematch: Froslass, Golurk, Dusknoir, Shedinja, Mismagius, Rotom

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    I guess I'll do it again........
    Number of Pokemon- 2
    Type- Ghost Yes!
    Pokemon- Golurk, Banette
    Rematch- Golurk, Banette, Gengar, Froslass, Spiritomb, Chandelure
    I like this one better...

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    Type: Grass
    Name: Maddie (12 year old)
    Badge: Blade Badge (Based on blade of grass)
    Gym number: 7
    Pokemon: Servine, cacturne, cherubi, snover, breloom.
    Gym puzzle: a round green room with hidden doors, there is a trainer in the middle and she battles you and if you win she gives you a clue to as where the door is if you get it right you appear in the garden of a house, that's where I am. If you get it wrong you continue going though rooms with trained until you get the right door. The more trainers you battle the more obvious the clues get.

    Look of gym: From the outside it looks like a house, on the inside are the green rooms. When you go though the right door you come into a white room with a big French window in the back wall which leads to the garden.

    The garden has lush green grass and lined up along the edges are trees there are flower beds before the trees with red white and blue flowers in them. This goes on for a while. Then at the back of the garden there is a hedge flowering pink flowers. In front of that is a trampoline, scattered with school books, pencils, pokeballs, and Pokemon plush dolls (snivy, serperior, cacnea, cherrim (open flower version), shroom ish and abomasnow). In the middle of the trampoline is a girl dressed in a plain dark green kilt and a dark green wool jumper with bulbasaur knitted on the front. She has fiery red hair that is long and strait around her shoulders, she has a shorter bit of wavy hair on the right side of her face. She has grey eyes.

    Music: This

    *before battle quote: Hi! I'm Maddie, I may have fire red hair but I love grass type Pokemon. I love studying too! Me and my Pokemon are super clever! Do you think you can beat us? I guess well see.
    Lets go! And don't say I didn't warn you.
    Last Pokemon Quote: I'm still gonna win!
    Last Pokemon low Heath Quote: You're very strong but not as strong as me!
    Lose Quote: I guess I studied too hard.....
    After lose Quote: You're a very strong trainer, you should go and beat the Pokemon league! I'll be rooting for you! Don't forget to come back and visit me though! Bye I have to go and restore my Pokemon at the Pokemon center now, I left a Solar beam TM and a gym badge over there for you. *skips off*

    Win message: Study up on Pokemon and come battle me again, I'll be waiting!

    Rematch team: Cherrim, Breloom, Cacturne, Abomasnow, Serperior, Parasect.

    Rematch quote: Yay! You came and visited! Thank you! I've got stronger! I'll show you, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!


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    Name: Colborn (7th Gym Leader)
    Badge: Stalagmite Badge
    Type: Ice
    - Lvl. 39 - - Sing, Dream Eater, Wake-Up Slap, Mean Look
    - Lvl. 36 - - Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Earthquake
    - Lvl. 43 - - Giga Impact, Weather Ball, Hail, Super Fang
    - Lvl. 38 - - Explosion, Substitute, Uproar, Toxic
    - Lvl. 45 - - Blizzard, Rain Dance, Aqua Tail, Dig
    - Lvl. 37 - - Nasty Plot, Ice Beam, Psychic, Double Team
    Rematch Team:
    - Lvl. 72 - - Giga Impact, Weather Ball, Hail, Super Fang
    - Lvl. 75 - - Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Sheer Cold
    - Lvl. 78 - - Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Fake Tears, Block
    - Lvl. 75 - - Frost Breath, Rain Dance, Dive, Waterfall
    - Lvl. 73 - - Icicle Crash, Superpower, Swords Dance, Focus Punch
    - Lvl. 74 - - Aqua Ring, Shell Smash, Blizzard, Razor Shell
    Puzzle: Generic Ice-Type Gym Leader Puzzle that's been used for the last two or so, just slide through the ice and find your way by using the rocks, and done. :P
    Music: I don't know what it is with me and dubstep songs, but I think it just fits. :P
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