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    I just thought of something for countering. Wide Guard can be used against Explosion, but it's risky if used continously.
    In case some of you are wondering, there is a way to get Gravity and Curse on Gigalith:
    Probopass + Ferrothorn= Gravity Ferroseed
    Gravity Ferroseed + 8 = Gravity & Curse Ferroseed
    Gravity & Curse Ferroseed + Gigalith= Gravity & Curse Roggenrola
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    Got Pokémon X. Intend to get either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.
    No info about my Friend Safari.
    Vivillon Pattern: Polar
    Looking for nicknamed, shiny, and/or have a hidden ability in GTS and may battle at anytime.
    If interested, send a private message with your ID #.

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