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Thread: Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by assassinsceptile View Post
    VM'd TMK, really hope we can get our battle done!
    Yeah, it looks like there are some technical difficulties at the moment. So I recognize my degree of fault for being a inactive (whether or not uni lectures, papers and labs as well as 2 hospitalized grandparents in the span of two weeks is justification or not), however I cannot stay up much longer due to early morning obligations so should things fall through, and it is looking that way I apologize in advance and will not object to whatever outcome is decided by who ever's job it is to decide that.

    Thank you to Astral Shadow for the userbar

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    And Round 2 is done.

    I'll decide the results for the matches not completed soon.

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    Coin Flip Outcomes (Heads on the left, Tails on the right).

    XatuGamer vs. WhiteStone30
    Pimm94 vs. Chuck$$$
    MooseSmuggler vs. Master2738

    Due to activity, the win goes to Doc.

    Mid-Seasons thread coming up.
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