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    It was a peaceful day. The people loves to swim at the sea, but something happen. A Pokemon used an Earthquake and cause a tsunami! The sea becomes brown because of the garbage. Some people survived and some died, they never go back to that place anymore. A trainer was seen by a man and warns the trainer from going to the sea. The trainer ignores the man and continue walking. The trainer seems to catch that Pokemon that cause that tsunami. He try and try, but he lose and his body wasn't found. The experts studied what is that Pokemon, and learn something. It is a whale with wings, and the Professor of that region know it's name, he said it's Kyogre. A legendary Pokemon once battle Groudon.

    The Pokemon League Director tell the Elite Four and Champion to handle it. But they failed, instead a boy was says that he has a power to change that sea, and can handle that Pokemon. The boy went there, and walking near the sea, and Kyogre surprised him and about to attack. But the boy keep walking and touch the water. Kyogre stop and dives underwater, the sea becomes blue! and the boy was rewarded for saving the people from Kyogre. And 5000 years later, someone throw a garbage to that sea, and it becomes brown because of what he throw. It cause a tsunami again, and looking for a hero just like the boy 5000 years ago. Now, are you ready to save the people? Read the rules and submit an application and you will be the hero. Read the contents.....


        Spoiler:- Show contents:


    1. All SPPF apply.
    2. No flaming/ trolling
    3. If you were inactive at 3 weeks, and didn't give me a reason, then you're out.
    4. No fighting with your mates or you're out.
    5. If you want to leave, don't post here, PM me.
    6. If you're not a member, and don't want to join, and you post here, it will be SPAM.
    7. If you want to join, and you're a member of the other clans, you must leave and apply here.
    8. If you're a former member and you want to rejoin, wait for 1 month after you quit/ kicked.

    Updates/ News/ Announcements
    Coming soon!






    Rank points- You can get these by beating a player at Pokemon Online Battle Simulator
    (1 point for beating Newbie)
    (5 points for beating player that the ball is blue)
    (10 points for beating player that the ball is great ball)
    (15 points for beating player that the ball is ultra ball)
    (25 points for beating layer that the ball is master ball)
    (50 points for winning the 1st round at the Cup tournament)
    (65 points for winning the 2nd round at the Cup tournament)
    (100 points for winning the Cup Tournament)

    Co. Leader- 6500 Rank Points
    Assistant of Leader- 5000 Rank Points
    Assistant of Co. Leader- 4000 Rank Points
    General- 3500 Rank Points
    Lieutenant- 3000 Rank Points
    Major- 2500 Rank Points
    Captain/Commander- 1000 Rank Points (Choose that you want)
    Specialist- 500 Rank Points
    Private- 100 Rank Points
    Trainee- 50 Rank Points
    Newbie- 0 Rank Points

    PO Battle Simulator Tournaments
    Coming soon!
    __________________________________________________ ________

    LIKE US!
    __________________________________________________ ________

    Application Form:
    Pokemon you want and level (up to Lvl.20 only):
    PO name:
    Friend Code:
    Why did you join?:
    Who ask you to join?:

    Thanks to American--Pi for this awesome userbar!

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    i guess good luck? it doesn't seem to be doing well thought
    banner by me

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    Umm...good luck. I really hope this goes well for you.

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