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    Default The SPPF New Zealand Club

    Welcome to the SPPF New Zealand Club!

    Kia Ora! And welcome to the New Zealand Club! For the New Zealand fans of Pokemon and the Pokemon fans of New Zealand! We are here representing the New Zealand community here on Serebii to discuss many different aspects of New Zealand related stuff. Feel free to discuss any thing Pokemon related or not, but whether you like it or not, here are the rules of this lovely establishment!

        Spoiler:- Rules:

    Simply fill out the Registration Form and either PM it to a Club Leader or Co-Leader(s) or post it on this thread. We welcome anyone! Kiwi's or not Come and join the fun!

    HTML Code:
    [b]Kia Ora! I would like the join the SPPF New Zealand Club![/b]
    [b]Rule of the Day:[/b] 
    [b]Mathmatical Answer:[/b]
    [b]Anything Else?:[/b]

    Kia Ora! I would like the join the SPPF New Zealand Club!
    Username/Nicknames: Any names you would like to be called.
    Rule of the Day: Simply, just click on the Site Forum Rules and Copy pasta the name of the rule that corresponds to the date. On the event it's past the 15th, just go back to the start and continue counting.
    Mathmatical Answer: The answer to the mathmatical question found in the Forum FAQ
    Anything Else?: Any other information you want us to know, otherwise leave blank

    Treat this as my Sign up :D
    Kia Ora! I would like the join the SPPF New Zealand Club!
    Username/Nicknames: Novan_Hero - Call me Anything, but most people just call me Novan.
    Rule of the Day: 10. Don't make/use multiple accounts. (This rule would also be used if Today was the 25th)
    Mathmatical Answer: 1552.2 (1dp)
    Anything Else?: I wasn't actually born in New Zealand, but I treat it as my home and because people still hear my American Accent even though I've been here for almost 6 years XD and don't ask me to make you anything, because my GIMP doesn't work because of Malware.

    • Novan_Hero [Leader - Head Honcho!]
    • PopPrincess_Lyra [Leader]
    • Badwolf Churchill [Leader]
    • EeveeSkitty
    • Nature Girl <= Badwolf Churchill's sister :o
    • EternalSword7
    • Dragon user X
    • Shigs
    • kjt
    • ConeOfSHAME

    Here is some art to show your support for this lovely little club :D remember, to just copy the link in the HTML, because it will include hyperlinking the Userbar to this thread!

    Userbars: Made by Novan_Hero [Credit not needed, but appreciated]
        Spoiler:- Userbars:

    Thanks for reading my insanely complex introduction!
    Thanks to PPL and Churchill for helping me start this, with further credit to PPL for the awesome Headers!
    And thanks to Sweet May who Approved this!
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    (09:02:39) ±Porygon: Your rank in Wifi LC is 19/2979 [1286 points / 77 battles]!

    Yes, that is my sig. I decided to do this to save space and not violate any rules (mostly signature related).

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