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I think it actually depends which gen. you play first which determines this.. for example, if you play gen. 4 before 3, when you do play 3, there are less items, less moves, attacks and special attacks are based on type, etc.
On the other hand, if you played 1 and 2 first, you have more moves, items, pokemon, and natures.
Depends how you look on it, really.
Precisely which is why you have people saying they were harder than the 4/5th gen but easier then the 1/2nd gen. (then again is wasn't until the 4th gen came in which you see decent bug/fighting moves which was a pain for heracross).

I think 2nd gen was the hardest, since it extended a long way and if you wanted to switch pokes after the e4, it would take a loooooooong time to grind your way up their.