Do you have what it takes to win?

Can you use a team of 6 of the same pokemon to win?

Hi there everyone. This is an original tournament, to y understanding, and the rules are simple. 6v6 Single Battles at Level 100. But - you can only use one species of pokemon. To win this tournament you'll have to work out how to use your pokemon to the best of its ability, to be able to counter it's weaknesses and develop your strategies. Will you use pokemon with no weakness? Will you use pokemon that have lots of defense? Will you develop each one of your pokemon into something different? You decide. This tournament takes place on Pokemon Online.

PO Name:
Partner Pokemon:

Moody is also banned, as is Drought and Chlorophyll, as well as Drizzle and Swift Swim. But I don't think it's possible to do those combinations. OHKO, Sleep and Evasion Clause are also in effect. Unreleased DW abilities are also banned.

    Spoiler:- Users Taking Part:

~Round 1~
Also, please note that it will be Jets against Willie Nelson, and Takeo against Cooloolcool, rather than those 4 getting a free pass.
Round 2
Dragonuser vs. Barbeller
Entrawarrior vs. Rairyan
Blobman94 vs. TheMaster
Jets vs. Abrar14
Jirachiuser1 vs. Takeo
BlueHarvest vs. pkmner
Narwhal15 vs. EmeraldGoblin
Round 3
Barbeller vs. EmeraldGoblin
Jirachiuser1 vs. Rairyan
Jets vs. TheMaster
Blue Harvest gets a free pass
Round 4
It's a round robin!

Jirachiuser vs Barbeller
Barbeller vs Jets
Jets vs Jirachiuser