Born Under the Sun of Ares (14+)
- May contain gore, swearing, and mature themes


Prologue: Ash, Ember and Ruin.

The waves glistened like shards of glass as they come slowly in and left just as slowly leaving behind froth as land met sea. Sean sat there with a skinny stick and began to trace images of all the different Pokemon he’d seen, and would watch them wash away with each encounter between land and sea. His bare feet began to sink slowly into the sand in a caress as each wave lapped up to his toes and disappeared again. He looked up from his sketch of a Zubat and began to look out across the shimmering golden sea, watching birds catch the rise of the air and then dive into the sea. A gust of salty air blew across the ocean bringing in sprays of mist that clung to Sean’s hooked nose and his messy brown hair that never seemed to stay tidy. Sean slowly got up from his sandy seat and walked further into the chilly ocean water. With each wave that traveled up his legs more and more goose prickles appeared on his body as he bent over and washed his hands of the dark brown gooey sand that he had been playing with. Sean walked out of the water leaving behind a trail of droplets as he gathered his brown sandals and hung them on the end of his stick and then threw them over his back. Looking like an old hermit Sean walked back slowly towards the town. The sun had begun to set over the chimneys and the trees in town making them look golden. Sean bent down and pulled a long piece of grass from the ground and stuck it in his mouth and began to chew on it as he headed back towards home.

As he made his back into town he could smell the aroma of fish frying in old man Schnider’s kitchen where he and his mom would come every Tuesday to buy freshly caught cod. As he walked by he saw Mr. Schnider in his kitchen window with a bandana around his head and a jolly grin as he turned and saw Sean walking by

“Ger’ Evenin’ Sean!” The man said in a drawl that many found hard to understand but Sean, never seemed to notice as they spoke on a regular basis.

“Good evening Mr Schnider, how were the waters today?” Sean asked in a polite tone as he stopped to breath in the delicious aroma of the fish fry.

“They wer’ grea’, the waves wer’ as calm as Snorlax lazin’ in ther’ field”. He said smiling, displaying his aged and sea weathered face. He then threw a brown bag out of his window at Sean who caught it hastily and peered inside to see crispy friend cod in the bag, his heart leapt with glee. Mr. Schnider gave him and wink and said: “Off yer’ go eh, don’t want yer’ mom mad at me fer’ keepin’ yeh”. Sean gave a wave good bye and made his way down the cobble stone street that then became concrete as he neared towards his home.

Mr. Schnider had been on the island for as long as Sean could remember. He was one of the first family’s to help colonize Cinnabar Island, well more so his father was. Mr. Schnider was born and raised on the island, and was said to be born with flippers for feet because he was always out there with his father pulling in the daily catch until his father passed away. Sean walked along the many alleyways that the town expansion had built to help people use their bikes instead of cars; as cars were no longer a real necessity with Pokemon and transporters.

Sean rounded the corner and came out on his street, which wasn’t very long and came to dead end near the foot of the Mt. Cinnabar. Sometimes when it rained the streets would run red from the clay of the mountain, and would make all the rocks look like giant clay pots. Sean walked up the path up to his home that was slightly built along the side of the mountain, it had a large front window where Sean would spend his rainy days watching the red water run down the street. The front door was made of old oak and was painted blue to match the light blue colour of the house. Sean opened the door and closed it slowly behind him, making sure no bug Pokemon flew into the house, seeing as mom did not appreciate it when a pesky Beedrill found its way into the bedroom. Sean put his stick and sandals down against the front door and made his way towards the kitchen. The house was only one level so it made navigating easy. Sean slid the screen door open that lead to the kitchen to find his mother and father cutting up some vegetables and placing them into a pot that was hissing on the stove top. His mother with her auburn hair and green eyes turned and met Sean’s green eyes and she smiled.

“How was the beach my dear? Did you leave any sculptures there for the folks who will be coming to the beach tomorrow?” She said as she turned back to her vegetable cutting. Sean’s father was taller than his mother and was lanky, he much like Sean, had brown hair that never seemed to stay tidy. He looked back at Sean to see what his response towards his mother’s question would be.

“No, the waves were too high for me to leave anything behind; I did draw some pictures here and there though.” He said with a smile.

“Well that is good sweetie.” She said with a smile as she turned to face Sean’s father to ask him a question. “How are those carrots coming along
Jack-“ A sudden rumble cut her off.

The room began to shake suddenly, His mother and father both grabbed onto the nearby cupboard to support themselves. Sean was suddenly tumbling over and couldn’t keep his footing. He was about to go head first into the counter, when his hand caught a hold of the fridge handle. He yanked the fridge handle open and the contents began to fall out as the shaking intensified. A glass of pickles smashed along the floor, followed by a bottle of ketchup, then the milk jar. Then just as quickly as it started it stopped. The ground felt solid again and Sean slowly got back to his feet. His father walked over avoiding the broken glass and picked up Sean hastily by his armpits and carried him out of the kitchen with his mother following closely behind.

“Jack, what on earth-was that an earthquake” His mother began to say as she rubbed sweat off of her hands onto he pants. Taking another deep breath she began to speak but was cut off by sudden screams from the town.

“Jack-“She was suddenly cut off by Sean’s father,

“Lily, get Sean’s shoes on and meet me at Blaine’s quickly please.” He said as he grabbed his lab coat from the coat rack and ran out the door. Lily helped Sean get his brown sandals on and helped him put his black and green windbreaker on. She grabbed Sean by the arm and dragged him from the house, as Sean reached back to grab his stick he left behind.

As they stepped outside they could see their neighbours were outside looking worried and scared about what had just occurred. Lily led Sean out to the middle of the street and let go of him while she walked over to talk to Mrs. Flores. Sean looked at them talking urgently, he couldn’t figure out what there were saying but he saw Mrs. Flores point her pudgy finger up towards Mt. Cinnabar. Sean turned to look and he saw a plume of smoke drifting out from the top of the mountain. The gym leader Blaine sometimes trained inside the volcano but he always told the locals not to worry as the volcano is completely dormant. Lily ran over quickly and grabbed Sean by his arm and began to drag him further down the street towards Mr. Schnieder’s home. Another rumble like that of a large beast growling from below caused them to stumble and fall into the bush that boarded Mr. Schnider’s house from Blaine’s house. They wobbled up towards Blaine’s modest condo that had a large flame like logo on the front door. The door suddenly flew open and Jack grabbed Lily by the arm and dragged her into the house.

As Sean stumbled into the house he could smell fire. He turned around to see Blaine standing there in the hallway in a singed white lab coat that was identical to his fathers. Blaine’s round glasses were cracked and black with soot, his white hair was a mess and certain areas were black with soot. His mother and father got up from the ground helping Sean get to his feet. They all then followed Blaine down the hall way towards his living room where he had files and papers scattered everywhere. His house looked as though a Tornadus was sent loose, things were scattered everywhere, papers hung from everywhere and in the middle of his living room a large computer was humming with an image of Mt. Cinnabar blown up on it. Sean could see that there was a line across the Mountain saying “magma has reached the critical level”.

“Why didn’t you damn well tell us that the Mountain has been rumbling for a few days now Blaine” Sean’s father began as he pulled his glasses from his pocket and bent over and picked up a sheet with a bunch of mathematical equations on it and waves. “Some of these readings Blaine, match that of Mt. Chimney!”

“Well you see, at first the Mountain was just purring like a kitten, nothing dangerous. Suddenly today it went from a Skitty to a Groudon and I can’t explain the exponential increase in activity” Blaine began to state as he wandered around the room rummaging through his papers looking for something. “Aha” He pulled a sheet from under a plate that looked like it had some egg drippings on it from breakfast. “See this sheet here Jack, look at it. The sudden geological activity off the coast has caused this sudden exponential increase. Do you think it might have been from the recent reports of hydrothermal activity near Fuchsia City or the militia movement in the west?”

“Don’t be ridiculous Blaine, the last time I saw such an exponential growth, some Team Magma goofs were trying to shove a meteorite down Mt. Chimney. Last time I check-
The ground began to rumble so intensely that they all feel to the ground, Sean screamed as he face planted right into the hardwood floor.

“Jack we need to leave now!” Lily yelled as she crawled over towards Sean. They began to get to their feet slowly as the ground beneath them left them experiencing vertigo. Sean’s nose began to bleed as she pulled him from the floor.

“Quickly we must move quickly towards the docks, there is no point on us becoming roasted” Blaine said as he walked over towards a large safe hidden behind a portrait of a steam boat attacking an old rig. From within the safe Blaine withdrew 6 Pokeballs, a binder and small pouch. He stuffed the pouch into his pocket and lead the way out of the home.

“Quickly, quickly with haste Lily” He gave her a brief nudge and pushed her out onto the street with Sean being dragged by his hand.

Sean looked up towards the sky and could see nothing but black, the sky was as dark as death itself. Sean turned and looked upwards at Mt. Cinnabar, only to see an angry red glow billowing from the top of the mountain. The colour was of that of rage and blood. Lily began to run dragging Sean behind her who struggled to keep up. Sean tripped over his feet and fell hard onto his knees, but was pulled right back to his feet by his mother as they fled towards the docks. A loud whistle began to sound, like that of the kettle when the tea is finished. Sean looked up as his mother stopped to watch a large red comet plummet from the top of the mountain and come crashing down onto a nearby house. A large rumbling BOOM shook the island to its core as it landed. Blood curdling screams were heard as a family came running out the house on fire, only to fall in the street thrashing as people and their Pokemon tried to put the flames out on them.

“SOMEONE PLEASE! IT BURNS!” The man was screaming in a raspy voice as he trashed and trashed as water was shot him from a nearby Krabby. The man stopped thrashing and lay there still, as his mother pulled him by the wrist again.

“YOU MUST REACH THE SHORE LILY!” Blaine was yelling from behind them as he began to help stop the fire from spreading. “GET SEAN OUT OF HERE!” His voice slowly faded away behind the sounds of more whistling as more and more comets of different sizes began to pummel the ground.

Like giant red fists the comets tore apart homes, streets and families. As they ran Sean could smell this horrid scent that he could only imagine was the scent of burnt flesh. They turned the corner to see a young women charred on the ground with what looked like a mangled and charred Pidgeotto beside her. Suddenly out of the corner of Sean’s eye he saw a large red comet come flying down towards them, he yanked his mother so hard that she lost her balance and fell just in time as spits of fire flew across the sky where her head once was. Her clothes began to catch fire from the flames as the comet smashed into the road ten feet away from them. She began to bang the clothes together to put the flames out. Sean’s eyes burned and he couldn’t see where he was or hear anything. Sean reached up and felt a trickle of blood pouring out from his ears; he then began to feel a white hot knife of pain. He began to cover his ears with his hands and started screaming in agony, only to feel his father’s strong arms pick him up from the ground and start running behind his mother.

“Lifgkhku We Msfghk Hurrasfh!” Sean couldn’t make out what his father was yelling, it sounded as though a thousand flies were buzzing in his ears as they ran. The world was silent despite the sounds of the flies buzzing in his ears.

Sean could see the docks just ahead of them, Mr. Schnider was waving them frantically over towards him. His father ran faster carrying him with his mother just behind him. They began to argue with Mr. Schnider over something Sean couldn’t understand over the buzzing and burning. Sean was suddenly transferred from the smooth arms of his fathers into the rough and weather hands of Mr. Schnider’s as a large comet came flying from the mountain and smashed into the ocean causing all the ships to rise and smash into the docks, his mother was then thrown into the water. His father pointed at Mr. Schnider and Sean could see him yell the word “GO!” With that Mr. Schnider ran to his boat dragging Sean behind him. Once on deck Sean stood there yelling.

“MOM! DAD! HURRY! COME ON! WE HAVE ROOM, WE CAN MAKE IT!” Sean yelled with tears burning down his checks from the smoke or of the thought of losing them, he wasn’t sure which. He watched his father dive into the water and pull his mother to shore and drew his Pokeball. Sean went to run off the boat when he felt a sudden jerk and he fell backwards as the boat pulled away from the docks. “MOM! DAD! RUN! NOW!” he screamed frantically.

His father looked back at him as another comet smashed nearby, illuminating his body with a reddish glow. His father stood there smiling with tears in his eyes. His mother was kneeling with her hands holding her chest and tears falling down her face as she watched them sailing away. Sean ran to the front of the boat and reached out with his hands trying to get them. When he felt the rough hands of Mr. Schnider grab him by the collar and pull him back.

“NO LET GO! I CAN SAVE THEM! NO! PLEASE NO!” Sean screamed and bit Mr. Schniders hand causing him to let go, he ran to the front of the boat only to be blown back by a giant explosion caused by the mountain.
Sean’s skin felt as though it was going to melt as the heat from the explosion engulfed the boat. The heat lingered like the jaws of a dragon holding them in its burning desire for death. The heat began to dissipate just as quickly as it came. Sean got up and crawled over towards the front of the boat too weak to stand. He stood there looking at what was once his town, his home, what was now a charred ruined and unrecognizable wasteland. Sean fall on to his chest rolled over onto his back and began to sob. The tears burned his checks as they fell down his soot covered face. He began to cry so hard his throat felt as though it we being forcibly ripped from his chest, he then slowly lost conscious of the world around him… as he… whited out.

Sean woke up in a white room, nothing but white surrounded him. “Is this heaven” he groaned as he moved his hands and tried to raise them to his eyes.

“Oh no, no sweetie” Said a high but sweet voice he had never heard before. Sean turned his head to see a woman with long pink hair holding a clipboard with a large smile on her face. “This is the Red’s Pokemon Health Institute of Pallet Town, also known as the RPHI.” She smiled as she walked over towards Sean and put her warm hand upon Sean’s forehead, and then pushed back his hair and ruffled it. “If you need anything, you just press this button and I will come running okay Sweetie?” She then gave Sean a wink and headed out of the room with a
swoosh from the automatic doors.

Sean put his head back onto his pillow and slowly started to fall asleep again. He was dreaming of his mother and father. They were in the kitchen cooking breakfast on a quiet Sunday morning. Sean sat there; he could smell the bacon wafting into the air and could hear it sizzle on the pan. Sean walked in to see his mother look at him with a smile, her green eyes smiling at him and her auburn hair all tangled. As she smiled at him his father took some pancake batter and smeared it across her face, she yelled at him and put pancake mix on his face and they were all laughing as the room began to return to its white, white state… Sean could hear murmuring as the room started to come back to focus.

“He is only 10, and already he has seen so much death. I feel so bad for him Lysa, it is the least I can do for him.”

“Let him sleep, when he wakes up maybe his parents will also have been evacuated from the island”

“Have survivors been retrieved from the island then?”

“Yeah sector 3 has at least 20 survivors there, badly burned but they should make a full recovery.”

Sean began to sit up as he heard that survivors had been retrieved. He looked over at the two smiling nurses. Both of them were short and stocky, he recognized the one with pink hair as the nurse who was there earlier. The lady beside her was a stranger to Sean though. “You said they found survivors?”

Suddenly the kindly stranger turned towards him her black hair swaying as she turned and smiled “Yes, many people are being reunited with their families. Do you feel strong enough to go and look?”

Sean shook his head vigorously and got up from the bed. The two ladies helped him walk down the hall and through a panel of clear glass that slide aside with a swoosh as they entered the room. Sean could see families holding each other and laughing, some crying, and some he noticed were all alone with their heads cupped in their hands. Mr. Schnider got up from his nearby chair and gave Sean a big bear hug and held him there for a few moments, then pushed him back to look at his face.

“Are yeh’ okay?” He asked in a raspy strained voice. Sean couldn’t tell if he had been crying or if the redness of his face was from the heat of the explosions. Sean tried to talk but he couldn’t make a sound. He tried again and the words just wouldn’t come.

A swooshing sound was heard as the sliding doors slid open and a main covered in soot from head to toe, wearing circular goggles and burnt clothes entered the room. He lifted up his circular goggles and Sean recognized his face. It was Blaine. His heart leapt with joy, “If Blaine survived then maybe my mom and dad made it too!” Blaine walked to the middle of the room with his shoulders drooped and took in a deep breath and then sighed. The crowd looked at him in worry of what news he had of the island. Blaine moved his head from the floor to the many bandaged and soot covered faces around him looking for words.

“I-“ He broke off and sighed again. “I am here to inform you that we are all that is left of our home.” Blaine looked over at Sean and held out a necklace with a shiny circular rock hanging from a diamond pendulum and placed it into Sean’s hand and looked back at the crowd. “Many died trying to save those we loved. And at this time, I am at a loss of words in sorrow. We are the only survivors from the disaster of Cinnabar Island, I checked every crevice, every hole, and every building looking for survivors but all I found was…

“What, what did you find?” A man with a bandage wrapped around his head covering his left eye, said with a sound of anticipation.

“I-“ Blaine responded as he was cut off

“Was there any sign of life?” Another man said far off in the corner

“I saw-“ Blaine was cut off again, this time by Sean who walked up to Blaine.

“Did you see my parents, were they alive?” Sean asked in tone of such
hope that Blaine began to look down at Sean with tears forming in his eyes.

“No Sean, I did not find your parents.” Blaine said as he clenched his fists and stared down at the ground as tears fell from his eyes and splashed on the mismatched tiles of the hospital. Through gritted teeth he said; “I found; ash, ember and ruin”. Blaine stood there with his fists clenched by his sides as the survivors howled in grief. Sean ran and began to pound on Blaine’s chest with his fists as tears fell down his eyes. “It cannot be, no I won’t believe they cannot be, no, no, NO!” Sean pounded and pounded and pounded as the sobs and screams died around him, just like the home he once knew.

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