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I am so sorry for the delay, but here I am. I hope you can forgive my tardiness.
No problem! Happy to have you back.

That’s an interesting take on how Pokeballs work. I honestly haven’t seen that before, using release chips. Hmm, I wonder, does a specific release chip work with only one ball? Or are they interchangeable? This has no plot relevance, but I just want to know.
I imagine they'd be somewhat interchangeable, like cell phone SD cards.

Heh, I wondered what the other inmates were thinking of Sam’s special treatment at the prison. I love little details like that. You really know how to make the world of this story seem “real” in a sense.
Thanks! I try.

Wow, that’s a powerful scene. The gravity of what Sam just did practically made Alonzo his enemy, even if he somehow wasn’t before. This solidifies it. Mr. Alonzo won’t stand for this, I know he won’t. He’ll do something that’s going to screw Sam over for good, though I’m not sure how things could get much worse for him right now.
Oh, we'll see. We'll be seeing Mr. Alonzo again somewhat soon...

Wait … What? This changes everything. In fact, I think that if my theory on who was freed from the prison is correct, then Alonzo might have been behind the attacks in the first place... His policy about acquiring legendary Pokemon seems right on track with Galactic’s.
You are, admittedly, fairly warm.

And this is where I am excited beyond measure. Why? Why must you end the chapter here?! I want to know if my guess on who this person is is correct. Dang it, I want to read on!

So, congratulations on making yet another chapter that I’m begging to read beyond the cliffhanger. I really cannot wait to see the next chapter, and I hope it comes out soon (or maybe, I can wait a little while, it’ll be a little while until I get more time to write up another review. XD).

Excellent job, Sid. Excellent job. And, again, I’m sorry for the delay in this.

Knightfall signing off...
Thank you for your thoughts as always. This is a lazy reply, but... I'm tired tonight. I really do appreciate it and enjoy reading your thoughts!

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Chapter 16

Sam's dialogue was pretty entertaining for me at some points this chapter. "spoiler alert--you lost." I did feel a bit bad for Carlos, he seemed pretty legit in the fact he was trying to help and not scare away the Lake Trio. I imagine his view of Sam isn't very friendly anymore due to the constant egging on, let's not forget before Carlos did joke with Sam with his "Do you yield." line. I think Yes, his anger was justified after being lied to by Barry and having Carlos and his crew screw up his attempts at getting the Lake Trio. He just came off as unlikable in that instance to me, I have a theory on that due to Sam's sarcastic, witty nature I found it a tad hard to really feel for him in that instance. I feel like we haven't really seen a dent in his armor due to his witty nature sorta overtaking him in a way, we haven't seen him in a true moment of intense weakness aside from his Tommy scenes.
Nothing wrong with this line, I just really like how those two Pokemon are compared to wrecking balls here. :P
Sam was under a lot of stress here, and was just starting the long hike down the mountain of being a self-centered jerk. We'll be seeing more of Carlos in the future...

Nice characterization on Bree wanting to fight the likes of Garchomp, you linked it to Barry's Pokemon too which was a nice little moment. I wonder what the cryptic call from Professor Rowan was about, something involving Barry apparently. I have a feeling something big is gonna be revealed when they make it to the company.
By any chance is Hoennese based off Spanish or German? I like how you portray it stereo typically in such a realistic way. I mean, I scold myself for this, but we've all thought something of that similar way in real life at some point.
I don't have a particular language in mind for Hoenese, I just tend to think the most foreign languages sound "angry" to non-native speakers.

Regarding the Pokemon, I wonder when Chispa is actually going to be worth something. She seems to do nothing but do toddler-esque things all the time and doesn't seem any stronger or more mature than she was when Sam caught her. I kinda wonder what was the point in her being caught since she hasn't been of any use at all really, unlike Vlam and Bree who at least contributed to something story-wise with the former being the Pokemon of Sam's bro and the latter his own. Both have battled as well, Chispa's just sorta there to do cutesy stuff.
Oh, yeah, that's right Sam's Pokemon are all girls. I almost forgot that.
I know... poor Chispa hasn't contributed much. But she has a lot of potential? Heh.

I did not expect the reactions we got from Barry's Pokemon upon being released, I thought they would be an uproar from being away from their trainer. Unless they were unaware they were pretty much stolen. Overall, this was a solid chapter. I'll try to get another review in tomorrow.
Thanks for your thoughts, and I look forward to your future reviews!