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    Default Magnet Risers

    ***Welcome To The Magnet Risers Clan***

    We will strive to Rise above all others


    What rules? Obey the forum rules, have fun, and respect others. Should be self-explanitory, no?

    Application form

    PO or Wifi name:
    Why you want to join:
    Any personal info:
    Rate yourself as a battler:
    Referrer (if any):

    Leader Ranks


    Albyness OU Tutor

    Albyness OU Tutor




    Member Ranks

    Trickster44 08/05/2012

    illogical Enigma Founder

    GameMaster10 Founder
    Iceboi Founder
    HoboJak Founder
    Pyruvia Founder

    Ampharos_Dude 25/06/2012
    Necro101 09/05/2012
    Regiultima Founder (Holiday)
    SasoriSand 19/06/2012
    WillieNelson 08/05/2012

    BBBBomberman 18/07/2012
    Empoleon4625 08/05/12
    JessicaPowPow 28/04/2012
    MetamonKerudio 08/05/2012
    Mike_Kun 09/05/2012
    Prestonscott89 21/05/2012
    Scizor64 20/05/2012
    Ttar's stone edge 15/04/12
    NO.XIII 02/05/2012

    AfterEffect 13/05/2012
    Legacy-Of-Hate 03/08/2012
    Drkmstr77 07/05/2012
    Gamerator1 19/06/2012

    Absol 4ever 14/06/2012
    battlemaster123 08/07/2011
    Djqubi 27/07/2012
    Muzic 18/07/2012
    Princess-Beach 21/07/2012
    Winkledink 18/07/2012

    The Unrisen

    Bliz 12/06/2012
    BlueEyesWhiteReshiram 03/07/2012
    Darksanctuarymawile 14/06/2012
    Donesparce 11/07/2012
    Drdj11 16/07/2012
    Farfan 19/06/2012
    Ketriell 01/07/2011
    The Light Ruler 17/06/2012
    Royal Arcanine 11/07/2012
    SoulDialga 21/06/2012
    Spencer 16/07/2012
    Tavo_Zx 07/07/2012
    UK Sparkz28/06/2012
    Zoroark1089 09/07/2012

    Member Spreadsheet:
    Credit to PokeSonic for making it look so great!

    After your test battle, preferably on Pokemon Online, you will be advanced above the unassigned ranks and start your ascension to glory

    **Members are responsible of telling me in thread, by PM, or any other way that they need a rank up. Please make sure you do this- I will try and rank you up anyway, but please let me know to ensure I see you require it**

    Forfulling any of these conditions gets you +1 extra rank, capped at the highest rank

    -- Be a founding member (A)
    -- Be in the clan 1 week (B)
    -- Be in the clan 1 month (C)
    -- Recruit at least 3 members (D)
    -- Be on the war team (stays if removed) (E)
    -- Be an active member (now not removable) (F)
    -- Best Rockstar in a best of 3 OU match (G)
    -- Best Albyness in a best of 3 OU match (H)
    -- Best Aenea in a best of 3 OU match (I)
    -- Best Aenea in a best of 3 UU match (J)

    Permaban List

    Jeffdavid102 - Insults/Sabotage
    Rairyan - Trolling/Sabotage/Insults
    Shayde - Team Walrus/Trolling
    D_Bray - Insults/Trolling

    Credits: MagicMochi for the top banner, Extroph for the Memberlist and Rank Up banners, and Pkmnfn for the userbars. Thankyou all.
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    Sig credit: Extroph. I still love you Azu!! And pkmnfn for the userbar :3

    Psychotic Revolution Xat

    (01:20:25) *** Your rank in Standard OU is 139/49693 [1341 points / 99 battles]! *I suck at laddering*

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