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Whats good pocket monster fans im jay, by the way im in need of some help the thing is my computer doesnt have adobe flash player so i cant enter the dream world to obtain some pokemon with hidden abilities. ill post a list of some im interested in if your willing to help me let me know well discuss on a trade how to trade recognize one another in the game my trainers name is "JAY" im a pkBreeder id # is 16900 i got good offers or jst work with me ill owe you big time.
Most of us are already trying collect any DW Pokemon we're missing. You can Breed many of the Females, which will pass on the abilites.

If your computer doesn't support Adobe Flash player and will not upgrade, All I can suggest is that you try Chrome as it has an built in Flash and is higher version than Linux can use other wise. If you can't get that, I strongly suggest you upgrade your computer, or stop using a Tablet.

If it's family computer and you are on a restricted account. Windows Vista, 7 and possibly 8, can allow the owner to let other users install stuff.

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heres a list of pokemon i want ill give away my shinies for em with hidden abilities tell me how we can get in contact...heres the list

ponyta ♀ voltorb abra ♂ gloom ♀ vileplume ♂ growlithe ♂ bellsprout goldeen ♀ seaking ♂ carvanha ♂ exeggcute ♂ froslass shuppet corphish ♂ tropius ♂ whismur ♂ ledian ♂ wailord ♂ cacnea ♂ shelgon ♂ trapinch ♂ croagunk ♂ natu ♂ ampharos ♂ bonsly ♂ sudowoodo ♂ linoone ♂ teddiursa ♂ munchlax ♂ swinub ♂ houndour ♂ azurill ♂ girafarig stantler miltank and lilligant.
Pleas do not use this subforum for Trades. We have a sub- forum for this: http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdi...20-Trade-Forum

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