Hey, I've looked all around for documentation on what actually happens when you do this glitch, but I haven't found anything besides "Your game will be corrupted"

When I tried this, I got some interesting results. I traded a slowpoke from japanese red for a missingno [why not] from english red. [Side note, whoever I bought the japanese red from had a very extensive collection of pokemon]

In the english red, I got a glitch pokemon named "7777777." I wish I had pictures, but I restarted the game due to other problems. The game has random effects when I used him, like it would pretend it was asleep, or it would say it had attacks with 0 PP. I don't remember much else.

In the japanese game, I have a 2 character pokemon [sorry, idk japanese] with a really long HP bar who is poisoned. He has really high stats other than Defense [0], and I can't read the OT to see what it says. It has some characters as its type. It has no moves. He is also lvl3. The game freezes when I use him in battle.

Anyway, is there any documentation on this type of glitch, and the effects it makes? This may be a way to find some cool glitches =D