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    Chapter 1

    Things to know before reading:
        Spoiler:- Read before:

    Tebow was not the average Snapper, although he was around the age of other Snappers, there was something special about him.His parents died ironically on his 18th birthday. Here, he was just on his way back to his house, coming back from the Swamp, the special base for Snappers. He had left his brothers Matt and Jorge back at his house alone, they both were to young, around age 10, to be in the Snappers. So Tebow went back to his house and found Matt and Jorge being attacked by Nidorina's. Tebow helped them out and chased the enemies out.

    Tebow: What when did he come in here? How did he get in?
    Jorge: They came in, i dont know, 10 minutes ago. I think they saw that the lock was broken and decided to attack us.
    Tebow: What? I didn't even know the lock was broken! Man im sorry this happened.
    Jorge: They really messed up Matt badly, he is the youngest and got banged up a lot. I think he might be poisined.
    Tebow: Let me see.

    Tebow examined Matt.

    Matt: I'm fine. *Cough*
    Tebow: Well he did bang you up a lot, but i dont think your poisined.
    Matt: I'll be alright.
    Tebow: I'll get the lock fixed by tomorrow, i promise never to leave you guys alone in the house again.
    Jorge: Fine.
    Matt: So we can come and meet your friends.
    Tebow: Just don't embarrass me.

    Tebow fixed the lock that day and the next morning tebow brought Matt and Jorge to his friends.
    Tebows main gang members are:

    Cole: Snapper member, nicknamed Cole, a bit of a wise cracker and a late night rocker. Tebow's best friend. Croconaw. He was jumped at a young age like Tebow's brothers.

    Chomps: Snapper co-leader, dare-devil, brave. Stubborn, persistant. Feraligtr

    Slasher: Snapper co-leader, wise and full of wisdom, not that brave. Feraligtr

    Fangs: Snapper leader, dangerous and fierce. Oldest member. Feraligtr. A player.

    Cole: Sup Tebow, im sorry about what happened to your brothers. Life would be a whole lot easier if those rotten Royals would stay on the west side.
    Tebow: Yeah, to bad they dont.
    Fangs: Hey guys, wanna come to the pool together to play Water Marco Polo (Water marco polo is a game invented just for Feraligatr's)
    Cole:Sure i'll come
    Tebow: I would come, but i can't go to the pool with my brothers, its too far out of the neighborhood.
    Fangs: Just come on, your brothers met Slasher even before they came here, they know him well enough to trust him, and you know him well enough to know he will do his best to protect them.
    Tebow: Fine, but make sure he has backup with him
    Fangs: I'll make sure of it.

    So everything worked out, and Cole, Fangs and Tebow went to the pool.
    They started to play water marco polo, as two lovely Nidoqueens started to watch.

    Fangs: Oh hey there. Woo, damn you girls are pretty.
    ???:Back off were taken.
    Fangs: Don't get mad. Hey, i wanted to ask you if you have the time..... to go out with me sometime.
    ???: I said BACK OFF.
    Fangs: Fine whatever...... i gotta go do something anyways.

    Fangs went away.

    Cole: Sorry about that, my friend over there is crazy, but hes cool if you get to know him.
    ???: Yeah ok. What are both of yours name?
    Cole: I'm Cole and this is Tebow.
    Nathalie: Oh ok. I'm Nathalie and this is Tatty.
    Tatty:What are you guys doing hanging out with a disrespectful man like him?
    Tebow: He's our friend, we're Snappers.

    They both got quiet. In a moment Fangs was back.

    Fangs: Alright i got you two some drinks.... Thats some pretty hair you have there..
    Nathalie: Didn't i already tell you to back off?
    Fangs: Didn't you already know that we belong together.

    Everything turned silent for a moment.

    Fangs: What. What did you say you piece of Sh*t. Fine i'll leave. I'll see you guys later im going back to the gang.

    Fangs left.

    Nathalie: Whew i thought he would never leave. Hey, why don't you two boys come walk us home.
    Tatty:So you can protect us like you just did now.
    Tebow and Cole: Fine, sure.

    They walked down the pool and past the park onto and empty looking street. They talked about whats it's like to be on both gangs, Tebows brothers and how Cole got jumped. All of a sudden Chomps comes up.

    Chomps: What are you guys doing here?
    Tebow: What are YOU doing here?
    Chomps: Came looking for Fangs, i heard he robbed more food from that old man. Now what are you guys doing.
    Tebow: We were playing water marco polo and then these two fine ladies met us and now were walking them home.
    Chomps: Mind if i join?
    Cole: Why not. Tatty this is Chomps, and Nathalie this is Chomps.
    Chomps: Nice to meet you.

    They continued walking, they were way out Snapper terroritory and into Royal terrortory. Tebow already knew that he was madly in love with Nathalie. He knew that he would go to the end of time for her. But something happened, a group of royals came up and stopped.

    Tatty: Oh boy get ready for trouble.
    Chapter 1 over
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    Chapter 2
    They Royals came up to Tebow, Cole, Chomps, Tatty and Nathalie. There were two of them, but there were 3 more behind them.

    Nathalie: What are you doing here? I told you i want nothing to do with you anymore
    ???:Nathalie what are you doing? Why are you hanging out with these Snappers.
    Cole: Who are these people.....
    ???:Who are you? Get away from my girl.
    J: I am J, and this is my friend Zackaree.
    Zackaree: Now get away from my girl Nathalie you dumb snappers.
    Tebow: I think that Nathalie wants nothing to do with you!
    Zackaree: Listen, there are 3 more of us, we will fight if we have to.
    Chomps: Then fight we will! We'll kick ur rich a $ ses out of town!
    Nathalie: STOP! I hate fighting! Stop it! Zack i'll go with you. Just don't fight i hate fighting.

    Things turned silent. Then Nathalie spoke up:

    Nathalie: I'll be with you in a second, Tebow can i talk to you privately?
    Tebow: What is it?
    Nathalie: I'm sorry that these two morons came to ruin our day. It's just that Zack is my boyfriend... he's a good guy if you get to know him. I really like you Tebow, i kinda hoped we could be together, but it won't happen.
    Tebow: I wouldn't fight him

    Nathalie and Tatty left.

    Chomps: Those were some good looking girls. I think that Nathalie one was really into you especially, Tebow.
    Tebow: Yeah, but too bad there is this whole gang and Zackaree thing.
    Chomps: I gotta go now, i'll be at your house Tebow, i have nowhere else to sleep tonight: Parents locked me out tonight for slashing a couple trees in the swamp.
    Cole: See ya. I have to go as well.

    Chomps left and Tebow walked with Cole to his house.

    Cole: See ya Tebow.....
    Tebow: Bye

    Cole went to his house. His parents were fighting so he came out and said

    Cole: Lets go to the park, i hate when my folks are fighting.
    Tebow: Lets go.

    They went to the park and talked like they always did. Pretty soon they fell asleep. Tebow got up first and woke Cole.

    Tebow: Man what time is it i need to go and check on Matt and Jorge.
    Cole: I don't know, you go to your house i'll be here
    Tebow: Come to my house if you get cold.
    Cole: Aight.

    Tebow went to Slashers house. They were asleep. Everyone but Slasher.

    Slasher: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!
    Tebow: Fell asleep at the park. Sorry about that.
    Slasher: Well come in and sleep. It's late
    Tebow: I'm gonna go and tell Cole something first.
    Slasher: Ok, don't be gone too long.
    Tebow: Ok then.

    Tebow went back to the park. He woke Cole up.

    Cole: Your back
    Tebow: Yeah, i was bored with only Slasher there. And i didn't wanna sleep.
    Cole: Yeah. Oh man. Looks like the Royals are back.
    Tebow: Be ready to fight if we have to.

    Zackaree, Nathalie's boyfriend and J, Tatty's boyfriend came up with 5 more Royals. They looked drunk. Tebow felt that something bad was gonna happen.

    Zackaree: Oh look here, this is the 2 boys that have been flirting with our girls.
    J: Oh yeah, we should teach them a lesson.

    Cole and Tebow was sure they were drunk now.

    Zackaree: Hey you know what Snappers are? Stupid blue thrash that act tuff.

    Everyone laughed.

    Tebow: You know what Royals are?
    J: What?
    Tebow: Stupid purple thrash that think they're rich.

    Cole spat at them and they ran. Zack, J and the others caught up to them and they were fighting now.
    Cole was knocked down and left alone because the others couldn't take Tebow's power. They all grabbed him and let Zack smack him around. Cole came up and took a knife he owns and stabbed a royal. The others ran, but Tebow took Zack and drowned him in the fountain nearby. 2 Royals, including Zack was dead. Tebow past out.

    Chapter 2 over
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