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    Default Kaiju BakuSenshi [PG-14]

        Spoiler:- About the story:

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    [ 怪獣 ]

    The year is 2020 Common Empire. The place is Tokyo City [ 東京 ], Japan [ 日本 ].

    If someone happened to pick up a radiation-measurement device - for example one of the newer Hakkounters - and did a radiation check anywhere in Tokyo, there was an approximate 84.697% chance of the device going haywire. There was 14.6 - forget the decimals, there was a 15% chanceit would overheat trying to calculate the radiation level. And there was about a 0.98% chance the device would explode like a firecracker.

    The reason for this was simple.

    They were called [ 大怪獣 ] sometimes, the prefix dai- affixed to their class. It literally meant strange creature, unkown creature. Westerners believed they were monsters. All these words meant only one thing.

    [ 怪獣 ]


    These titans, for lack of a better word, rampaged worldwide. In Beijing, [ キングシーサー ]. King Caesar, it was called, pronounced 'Shee-sa'. The lion/dog humanoid destroyed the 2008 Olympics stadium, the Bird's Nest, and brought down hundreds of skyscrapers before racing at huge speeds to the sea where it appeared to vanish underwater.

    In Paris, it was the garguantan mantis [ カマキラス ] Kamacuras, who slashed it way through the suburbs and nearly reached the Eiffel Tower before collapsing when a swarm of unmanned drones collided into it.

    [ エビラ ], more commonly known as Ebirah, the titanic shrimp - yes, shrimp - crawled out of the sea and began demolishing Sydney and nearly brought down the Opera House with his pincers, although it retreated into the ocean within 72 hours.

    Mayhem and panic was on the mind of everyone in Arizona when the huge tarantula [ クモンガ ] or Kumonga first appeared, barreling through a trailer park and smashing people with its eight, ten-metre long legs. It finally burrowed deep into the earth, appearing to hibernate.

    All these monsters were referred to as 'it' as there was no obvious way of discerning their gender. However, there was one monsters whose name was synonymous with 'chaos' and 'fear' who was given a moniker relating to his gender. Tokyo had seen the wrath of this so-called 'King of Monsters' and almost all Tokyo dwellers agreed that this kaiju was truly a monarch of demons, a regal agent of destruction. Thus was this King of Monsters given a fitting name. No one knew for sure how it came to be, but it was most probably a combination of [ ゴリラ ], which meant gorilla, and [ クジラ ], the English whale.

    [ ゴジラ ] was the King of Monsters. But most everyone just called him Godzilla.
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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    From above, the isle was just ... normal. Star-shaped and covered with lush and verdant greenery, it looked quite peaceful. Even the cave in the centre, although topped with sinister spine-like rocks that jutted out of it, managed to fit into the image of peace.

    Then why, he wondered, did he feel so much ... foreboding?

    His view shifted and he was not above any more, but on the island. This had never happened before - usually he floated down above the cave and ... and ... the thought troubled him. He expelled it from mind and walked slowly, over vines and creepers, past trees almost fifteen metres tall. Finally, it came into view, the thing he was looking for. The cave. Usually it ended when he saw the cave but there had already been an anomaly. Why not another? Sure enough, he was still on the island.

    He looked carefully, trying to commit the cave's appearance to memory. The telltale cracked, moss-encrusted floor, the reddish-brown sand at the fore, and the crystalline stalagmites that rose up forming a row at the cave's mouth.

    The cave's mouth. Why not? It could be a monster with crystal fangs and the spiny rocks above, dorsal fins. The image of a humungous fishlike creature with hard scales appeared in his head. Perhaps an unseen-until-now kaiju. Again, he quashed his thoughts and continued, walking slowly to the cave's entrance.

    Again his view changed. It was still the same place, but he didn't feel as if he was experiencing it for himself this time. More like it was ... conveyed. Through a movie projector. He heard a low growl. Again it was as if it had been pre-recorded and was being played on cue. This feeling did nothing to lessen the sudden panic he felt

    Something was in the cave!

    Something LIVING!

    If something lived in the cave it would surely explain the reason he felt the foreboding. Especially if it was ... kaiju.

    He saw something stir. Something move. He quickly drew back although in the back of his mind, somewhere, something told him it would be all right, nothing would come out, nothing would attack him...

    Of course he was proved wrong.

    A roar rushed through the cave, slamming into him, a regal howl...


    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-

    -Chapter One-

    私たちの英雄 Our Heroes

    Tokyo International Airport Waiting room.


    The boy's scream annoyed several of those waiting for the plane. One old woman called, "Sssssh!"

    The boy grinned sheepishly, before settling back into his seat. He was 13, and his name was Suzuka Ryo [ 鈴鹿亮 ].

    "The same one?" Suzuka Kazu asked darkly. He knew the answer.

    "Yeah, Otousan, but this time...It was worse, the thing roared and came out. I saw its shadow!"

    Kazu patted Ryo's head affectionately. "Don't worry, kid, they'll stop."

    "You don't understand, Otousan, the was...I think it was kaiju but..." Ryo stopped. "I...I can't remember anything now. Just that there was a star-shaped island with a thick jungle and a cave with a monster in it. And it roared." Suddenly, his face darkened. "Otousan...I remember something else now.

    "There was more than one monster.

    Too much tokusatsu, Kazu thought, but refrained from saying it.

    Ryo was disturbed. The dark haired teen was normally friendly and mild-mannered. However, the dreams were causing him severe anxiety, and he was unable to write them off as just dreams. They had been occurring on and off for three months and began at the same time the first kaiju attack. And always, every night before or during a kaiju attack - he would find himself awake, remembering the dream in a cold sweat. These lead him to believe, secretly, and, perhaps truly, that these were no ordinary dreams. They were premonitions.

    Checking his watch, Kazu interrupted Ryo's brooding. "All right, come on. We need to pick up Yamato now. And Sakura should have picked up her cousin by now, hai?"

    "Yes, in fact, I think she said she'll call me." Right on cue, Ryo's black cellphone - a Nokia E72 - began to ring. He picked it up and answered it. "Hello? Sakura, hi! Okay, you're ready right? Hai - the plane has landed? Hai. OK, bye."

    Ryo hung up and explained, "She picked her cousin up and Yamato too. They're waiting outside."

    They reached the carpark, and found three kids and four suitcases waiting outside Kazu's silver Pontiac Solstice.

    "Sakura!" Ryo greeted with a smile, squeezing the hand of a black-haired Japanese girl. Laughingly, Sakura Motomiya [ 本宮さくら ] replied, "You act as if you haven't seen me in school at all!"

    Ryo smiled back. "Well, I haven't really. I was studying for exams until April and then they shut the school down because," his smile vanished and he grew sombre, "of the attacks."

    Sakura gave him a sympathetic look. She and Kazu - and maybe Yamato - were the only ones who really understood why he hated kaiju so much. The why was simple, childishly so, for Yamato and Kazu - they were family after all - but Sakura?

    She and him shared a huge bond from the time of their first meeting nearly seven years ago. They knew they would be BFFs from that time onwards - and it was true. They were always there for each other despite their clashing personalities and backgrounds which were worlds apart.

    Sakura - she was always a just do it sort of person with a rebellious streak. She always squeezed out as much happiness as she could from the present, just so that she never had to look back. Her family was unsupportive and didn't care much about her - if they did care about her at all. They didn't even feel anger or sadness or even shame when she decided to streak her hair every few months, ranging from cyan (which it was now) to fluoroscent orange (sixth grade) to grey (planned to be this Christmas). Ryo - he was the level-headed figure of calm who managed to keep her grounded at almost all times - even he had his limits. He looked upon his past all the time, regretting his choice of words and dwelling upon, almost obsessively sometimes, his actions and what would have happened if he had chosen to do something else.

    "Um, I think I'd better go rescue Otousan from Yamato," Ryo said, referring to Kazu's predicament - Yamato had engulfed him in a bearhug and was refusing to let go. Sakura nodded and Ryo hurried over. His brother often vented his feelings, positive or negative, in a physical and verbal outburst. In this case, Yamato had obviously enjoyed his trip to New York. Ryo reflected on how long his brother's dark brown hair had grown and the dark streak of black across the front made him smile inwardly. Maybe he just wants to look more like me. Yamato had as much in common with Kazu as Ryo and the three looked exactly like each other. However, Yamato carried their mother's brown hair and eyes and not Kazu's jet-black hair and blue-grey eyes that came from his Korean grandmother.

    Okaa-san...I miss you so much.

    Pushing aside all thoughts of his mother as he had done before in his dream, Ryo said "Hi, Yamato!"

    "Ryo-kun, how's it going? I hear you came just because your girlfriend came to pick up her kid cousin?" Yamato teased.

    "Shut up Yamato, Sakura's not my girlfriend, just my best friend," Ryo replied hotly, changing from playfully welcoming to argumentative in seconds.

    "Thanks," Sakura interjected. "Now shut up talking about me as if I'm not hearing every word you say!"

    Everyone laughed except the other boy. "What's so funny?" he queried to himself in an inaudible voice. All four turned to him.

    "Sorry, didn't catch that," Yamato said.

    "Nothing," he replied, leaning against the Pontiac's front door. He had an athlete's build and his face was framed with spiky, gelled up black hair. His ears were pierced and his eyes - they appeared to have contact lenses over them - were bright violet. He was dressed in black leather all over and even though he looked barely an year older than Sakura or Ryo, his forearms were tattooed. There was a Chinese dragon over his left forearm, its tail winding around his wrist and ending at his palm, its head ending at his forearm's elbow joint. On his right, two large Chinese characters - the exact glyphs were 伟大 - were surrounded by a ring of one word, repeated endlessly - the meaning - greatness.

    "Two things. First, who are you?" Ryo asked. "And second, are those real tattooes?"

    "Yes, they are." The boy answered the second question.

    "My first question?"

    The boy nodded to Sakura, who answered for him. "My cousin Akane Reikido from Hokkaido. At least that's who I think he is." She adressed Akane Reikido [ あかねれ い き ど ], "Rei, is that even you? I thought you were a pimply ten year old who needed his diaper changed every ten minutes. That's the impression you gave me last time four years back. And now you're a fourteen year old punk - all pun intended."

    Rei wore the barest hint of a smile.

    "Break it up, kids, let's go," Kazu said.

    "I thought the only reason my mom gave me a thousand Yen was for a taxi. Oh well, great, more pocket money for me," Sakura said.

    "Carpooling helps the environment, and besides, I want to show off my new Pontiac," Kazu said matter-of-factly, causing everyone to laugh."OK, jokes aside. Let's go."

    Author's Note: A thousand Yen is roughly 9-13 dollars, I'm not sure. 90 Yen is a dollar, you do the math.
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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-

    -Chapter Two-

    怪獣攻撃 Kaiju Attack!

    Tokyo International Airport parking lot.


    Kazu pulled out the key to the car and turned the key in the door handle. However, he was startled when screams rang out from the side of the Tokyo IA. The five looked around simultaneously - screaming men and women formed a horde rushing away from something in terror.

    "Is it just Japan or do has the temperature gone way up?" Yamato asked. "And what are they running from?"

    A high, roaring cackle of a screech was heard and the screams increased in volume and intensity.

    Everyone paled at the sound of the howl. "Forget I asked," Yamato muttered.

    "Maybe we should too," Sakura suggested.

    "Why run," Kazu began, twisting the key in the door, "...when you can drive."

    "Good idea, Otousan," Ryo said, giving his father a pat on the back and climbing into the back seat, where Rei and Sakura were already waiting. Yamato hoisted himself into the front passenger seat alongside Kazu.

    "Suzuka-san, step on it!" Sakura said in fear as another cackling howl was heard.

    "Just a minute, just a minute..." Kazu pulled the gear to D and slammed down the clutch. "OK, we're out of here! Sayonara airport!"

    Kazu drove recklessly past a row of cars. All at once a blast of heat engulfed the parking lot and a bolt of crackling golden lightning struck the cars at the far end, transforming them into piles of burnt metal and cracked glass within seconds.

    "CRAP!" Kazu swore loudly as a lightning blast smashed into a car a few metres away from the Pontiac.

    "TREMBLE IN FEAR NINGEN! THIS IS THE TRUE WRATH OF KAIJU!" The same roar sounded, but it was less of a scream. The words were rough and mercilessly tore through the air like a leopard's sawing growl.

    "What unholy person could do this?" whispered Sakura upon hearing the words.

    Ryo spoke abruptly, feeling his hair stand on end. "It's not a person.

    "It's a kaiju."

    "How do you know?" demanded Yamato.

    "I...I just know, it's a feeling. Sort of like how you know you're going to have a bad day, no matter what."

    "Too vague," pressed Yamato. "How, Ryo, how?"

    Ryo began to speak but suddenly gazed upwards. "It's here. The kaiju. It's has to be..." His eyes frantically searched the sky until with a low moan of "It's him, I know it is...", he slumped back and passed out on the seat.


    Rei was the only one not to shout the boy's name.

    "I hate to break it to you now, at such a touching moment," the boy from Hokkaido interjected, still using a monotonous voice, "but he's right. Look." All eyes switched to where he pointed upwards to the point Ryo had looked at last.

    A reptilian being - a kaiju - was climbing the side of the ruined Tokyo IA. It looked suspiciously like St. George's dragon of lore, complete with golden scales and fearsome fangs - but much worse. This entity had not one or even two, but three heads. Its tail resembled a serpent, with darkened scales for eyes. The tip knifed out and forked exactly like a snake's tongue.

    "Crap! What on earth is that? I've never seen that kaiju!" Sakura asked, trembling as it slashed the building and unleashed more lightning bolts on the cars nearby, all the while cackling, "Ningen, this is what you get for attacking our brethren!"

    One man in a uniform, bravely standing up, screamed up to the monster with a megaphone, "Kaiju! Cease your attack upon this building or I, Lieutenant-General Hiroyama Kosuke of the GDF, will be forced to order your execution by aerial assault!"

    Lt.-General Hiroyama Kosuke [ 廣山祐 ] of the Global Defense Force seemed to be an average man at first. Immaculate black suit, carefully brushed back salt-and-pepper hair, perfectly trimmed grey moustache. Sure, he was tall - 6' 5'', 6' 6''. That would seem to be the only abnormal thing about him. Next you might notice the lightweight bio-mechanic prosthetic lower legs. But his coworkers - especially his secretary and immediate superiors - soon noticed his peculiar habits - and having a personal assistant for making him green tea was the least of it.

    Hiroyama had a habit of scratching at the deep scar, gouged across his left cheeck in the shape of a rough crescent many years ago. He would insist he got the scar and lost his legs in an assasination attempt made upon him a few months before the kaiju attacks and it had been covered up. However, there were more holes in the story than in a platter of Swiss cheese, as anyone would have noticed if they cared to study his story well enough. He had hired seven bodyguards led by the eighth, Tachibana Daisuke [ 立花大輔 ] , dubbed the 'Silent Men' by newspapers as they tended to speak for Hiroyama and his actions and nearly always gave only one answer: "No comment". Hiroyama, liking the name , selected it as their official name. There was only one more of his abnormalities: he was ever-determined to kill each and every one of the kaiju, whether they were beasts, women or children. Hiroyama always called kaiju 'abominations'. His huge hatred of the freaks of nature was well hidden, but sometimes his facade slipped and he laughed it off, saying he merely hated them for ruining his 'beatiful Earth'. But the truth about the mutilated man was much, much darker.

    Hiroyama had been at the airport to greet Senator Lucio Bellucci, an Italian politician, along with the Silent Men, when the monster-dragon attacked. Immediately, Tachibana had hustled Hiroyama out. The only thing Tachibana had told Hiroyama was "Belluci is dead, Hiroyama-sama." Hiroyama ordered Tachibana, "Give me a megaphone." Tachibana procured one from one of the Silent Men and Hiroyama roared out his words.

    " think I will stand and wait for your useless mosquitoes-with-blades!" growled the kaiju derisively, referring to the helicopters that had already begun to assemble. "I, the great Grand King Ghidorah! I will not cease! Destoroya!"

    A second kaiju appeared suddenly, as if from nowhere, racing at the helicopters and razing through them with three-clawed hands. The kaiju, Destoroya, resembled a humanoid komodo dragon upon four legs and two arms with aforementioned claws. A large floral pattern, clashing wildly with his reptilian, demonic appearance, was engraved across his chest like a scar. His tail extended into yet another hand with three pincer-like claws. Four large, bony bat-wings exploded from his side, with thin red membrane covering his wings. A blood red horn, nearly a metre long, thrust out from the top of his head.

    "Ghidorah-sama!" Destoroya saluted Grand King Ghidorah as he landed on the roof of the ruined airport, causing further bits to crumble down. "You called?"

    "Destoroya! Teach these ningen a lesson and then withdraw with me!" Ghidorah ordered, spreading out two large golden wings and taking flight...

    Author's Note: In case you're wondering the Japanese kanji in the title translate to the English name of the chapter. Here, 'Kaiju Attack'='Kaiju Kogeki'. Use Google Translate to figure out what the others are - it usually ends up saying 'monster' for kaiju. The Ghidorah here is a composite of many of Ghidorah's forms, and is named 'Grand King Ghidorah' due to this.

    Destoroya is the spelling I'm going with - I like it better without the 'h' at the end. In the end I was down to 'Destroya' or 'Destoroya' and the former just didn't seem right. Yes, all the other monsters mentioned in the prologue will appear eventually and yes, all kaiju can talk - they just don't speak to humans that much. (`) will be used instead of (") for marking speech when kaiju speak to each other, e.g: `This is a test`, Ghidorah said. (You know, I always thought kaiju spoke in movies - I only learnt that they didn't use languages a couple of years ago.) For the previous chapter and this one, a Japanese dictionary.

    hai - yes
    kun - sometimes suffixed to names when a senior speaks to his junior. Also used by anyone when speaking to male children/teens.
    ningen - humans
    Okaasan - mother
    Otousan - father
    sama - suffixed to show great respect, similar to 'Sir' or 'Master' in the West
    san - suffixed to show respect. "Mr Smith"="Smith-san"
    sayonara - goodbye
    shimatta - a swear word equivalent to 'damn it'
    tokusatsu - Japanese TV shows like Ultraman and Super Sentai
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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-

    -Chapter Three-

    謎の声 A Mysterious Voice

    Tokyo International Airport parking lot.


    "Destoroya! Teach these ningen a lesson and then withdraw with me!"

    Ghidorah's unearthly roar brought Ryo back to consciousness. "Urgh...What happened?" he slurred, lifting his head weakly. "And who are those kaiju?"

    "The chicken-lizard calls himself Grand King Ghidorah and bone head is Destoroya," Sakura explained succintly.

    "Ghi...Ghidorah?" Ryo looked up. Ghidorah, perched on the building, let loose another lightning bolt, smashing into the ground and creating a huge ten-foot-deep crater a few metres away from Hiroyama, who was pulled away by two men in black suits seconds later.

    Destoroya roared in triumph, as a long sword-like beam burst from his horn and sliced apart more helicopters and cars. `Ghidorah-sama, I sense something!` he suddenly growled, turning to Ghidorah.

    `You too Destoroya? I felt something - many auras of great magnitude emanating from this lowly place.`The two were communicating in low roars, growls and gestures now, not using human languages.

    "Are they ... talking?" Kazu murmured.

    "Possibly," Rei said smoothly, picking at a stray strand of gelled hair.

    Ghidorah stiffened slowly. `I believe I know what these auras are...` With a slight sniff at the air, Ghidorah spread his wings and uttered a loud scream from all three maws. `BakuSenshi!`

    `BakuSenshi? Here of all places?` Destoroya roared in surprise. Ghidorah curled his left head and lowered his middle one. `Yes! It is too risky for me to continue attacking! Destoroya, enjoy yourself a bit more and then we shall retreat.`

    "That is acceptable, Ghidorah-sama." Destoroya resumed speaking in words the humans could understand, and suddenly released his horn's beam/sword again, chopping a row of cars neatly in half.

    "Were they speaking in some sort of exclusive kaiju language?" Yamato wondered.

    Destoroya roared with malice, spreading chaos with his wandering beam/sword and slashing claws. "GRRRRAAAH!" All of a sudden he returned to the 'kaiju dialect'. `Ghidorah-sama! Is it time already?` he growled, disappointed, as he reached up and shoved a burning helicopter to the ground.

    `Yes! Withdraw!` Ghidorah roared, unfolding his wings. Smoke burst from Destoroya's mouth as he literally swallowed the flaming helicopter! `DESTOROYA! WITHDRAW! I COMMAND IT!`

    `A little more panic, please Ghidorah-sama...`Destoroya seemed to plead as he chewed wildly on the helicopter blades, paying no heed to the screams of the men inside. "Yes, little ningen, scream in fear!"

    "Destoroya." Ghidorah took on a menacing tone. "I shall be forced to kill you if you continue disobeying me."

    Destoroya immediately spat out the helicopter's remains, crushing the man with his claws. Blood leaked out onto the reptilian's palm. "Of course Ghidorah-sama. I meant no disrespect. Just a little take-away for the road..."

    Ghidorah snorted, a stream of smoke drifting from his nostrils. "If you must."

    Destoroya leaned over. His beady eyes searched the ruined arport, roved the parking lot...

    ...and fell upon the Pontiac. "Perfect!"

    "If you must, take only two," warned Ghidorah.

    "Hai." Destoroya ripped out the car's roof. Terror-struck, Sakura and Ryo cowered, leaning against the seat, hoping against hope that Destoroya would leave immediately with Ghidorah...

    "Begone foul kaiju!"

    A noble, dignified voice rang from nowhere. It wasn't Hiroyama again - the voice seemed to echo from nowhere. Ghidorah let out a deep hiss. "It is him. Destoroya! COME NOW!"

    Destoroya reached into the car...



    ...and snatched Kazu and Rei.

    Rei made no attempt to struggle, unlike Kazu who furiously tried to escape. But he stopped within a few seconds, knowing it was hopeless.

    "Otousan," Yamato and Ryo whispered together, united in grief. A teardrop fell from Sakura's eyes.

    Ghidorah began to glow golden, and Destoroya, red. Both kaiju dissolved into large portals, vortexes that seemed to twist space itself, distorting the area around the two like pebbes in a rippling pond.

    "Come with me..."

    The echoing voice sounded again, and this time it was soothing and quiet. Quiet. As if only three certain children could hear it, as if only they were meant to hear it...

    Those three children vanished, seeming to haze into nothingness.

    Author's Note: If you're wondering, Ghidorah usually speaks with his middle head. So now that's three chapters up, the rest'll come after a couple of reviews.
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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-

    -Chapter Four-

    到着!モンスター島とばくせんし の秘密 Arrival! Monster Island and the Secret of the BakuSenshi
    (Part One)

    Unidentified location.


    Yamato was the first to wake. He looked around, spotting Sakura and Ryo lying on the sandy beach, both of them still asleep. He walked over to them, making sure they were all right. Nothing seemed amiss, so he squinted against the bright sun and looked around.

    The trio of children were on an island. Sandy beaches covered the coast, and waves gently lapped up to the shore. Schools of silvery fish glimmered in the distance under the glow of the sun. Behind them, a wide expanse of tropical forest reached out, enclosing the interior. The coast was jagged, in a peculiar way. It would curve gently out, ending in a wide tip, then curve slowly back in.

    If seen from above, the island might have looked like a star.

    Ryo roused himself last. He found Yamato and Sakura in the water. Yamato appeared to have stripped to his boxers and was washing himself, while Sakura, sitting on a pile of sand, was skipping rocks.

    "What happened?" he asked.

    "Nothing much. Except someone pulled us through miles of sea to an island in the middle of nowhere," Yamato shouted back cynically.

    Ryo managed a grin, but pulled it back a few seconds later. This was no laughing matter. They were stranded on, as Yamato had put it, 'an island in the middle of nowhere '. He looked around, examining the coast and caught his breath when he came to the conclusion Yamato did.

    "I've been here," he said, wading out to join his brother. "In a dream, actually. Always in dreams."

    Yamato looked at him with ill-concealed surprise. "You too?"

    "What do you mean, 'you too'? You've been having dreams, too?"

    "Your girlfriend too, apparently. According to her, she sees a giant -"

    "I thought we discussed our relationship?" Sakura interrupted loudly. "Anyway, what I see is a giant sea monster, like a dinosaur, throw a, a humungous spider, like a giant tarantula into the sea. Then the sea monster ... sort of sees me. Looks at me. And I wake up."

    Yamato continued. "Well, I se a swarm of car-sized dragonflies attack this huge, levitating robot with a fin on his head. The 'bot starts spinning and makes this tornado shield thing. The dragonflies all group up and make a giant dragonfly kaiju and this one gives the 'bot a huge whack. The 'bot is cracking up - breaking, I mean - and breathes a huge stream of fire onto the dragonfly. The flaming dragonfly dives on the 'bot and he dies. Except before he dies, the robot seems to give me a look. Then I wake up."

    Ryo hesitated and decided not to tell them of his suspicions that came to fruition. "To me, I'm looking at the island from above, then the view moves all the way down into the middle of the jungle. And there's this cave, and there's like, a huge, creepy kaiju in it. Except I never see the thing itself, only its shadow."

    "It's useless trying to wonder about dreams," Sakura said firmly. "I say we take a whole bunch of branches, light them up, and make a smoke signal."

    "How do we light them?" Yamato pointed out a glaring flaw in her plan. "If your cousin was here, we could've used his cigarette lighter - I bet he smokes."

    "If we had a magnifying glass, I could do it," Ryo said.

    "But we don't." Yamato stepped out of the water, pulling back on his green hooded tee and shorts. As the others tried to think of a plan, the oldest teen played his trump card. "I have an idea. We could make our way to the cave Ryo saw in his dream, then take shelter there until we make further plans."

    "Have you lost your mind? The kaiju could be there!" Ryo exclaimed.

    Yamato gave him a stern look. "Ryo, they were all dreams. There's no kaiju in that cave, if the cave even exists. Come on, let's go."

    There seemed to be a set path through the forest. They stumbled upon a trail cleared of bush which led farther within the woods. Yamato (who seemed to have assumed leadership as the oldest) took the decision to continue on the trail. Within a rigorous half hour, they reached a clearing. It was nearing twilight. Ryo's watch said it was a quarter to six, Japan time.

    "Let's stop for a while," begged Sakura. "Please?"

    "Let's," agreed Yamato. "Ryo?"

    Ryo didn't seem to have heard him. He was gazing upwards. In a clear but quiet voice, he asked, "Guys, was there a pteranodon in your dreams?"

    "No," Yamato said.

    "Never," answered Sakura, adding, "Why'd you ask?"

    "Because," Ryo answered, still speaking in a low tone, "there's one flying up there."

    There was; a red-scaled pterosaurian kaiju was gliding above, looking curiously at them. It let out a throaty warble and hovered down on a log a few metres away. It had an eagle's head with two blunt horns. Its underside was pale, creamy off-white with light yellow mottled scales. Its intelligent eyes had black rings around a golden iris. It warbled again, cocked it head to the right and spoke.

    "She is Rodan."

    The voice was less shrill and and shrieking than Rodan's cry. The words blended together musically. It was also unmistakeably feminine.

    "She is Rodan. That is, you are Rodan," said Yamato, clearly lost. Rodan let out a trilling cry that seemed to fly out of her throat; a laugh. "Yes she is. She would like you to come with her."

    "Where?" asked Sakura, finding her voice at last.

    "Nowhere unsafe, she assures you. She will take you to the Lord of Monster Island." Rodan lowered her wings, placing them in front of the teens like ramps.

    "Lord? Monster Island?" repeated Yamato in complete astonishment.

    "She's telling the truth," said Ryo suddenly, speaking in the same dazed tone he had used before Ghidorah's attack. He climbed up her wing in seconds, gently caressing her neck. Rodan laughed again. "That tickles."

    "We can trust her," Ryo insisted, still dazed. He blinked a couple of times, then asked, "You guys coming up or not?"
    Shoot Confirmed.

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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-

    -Chapter Five-

    到着!モンスター島とばくせんし の秘密 Arrival! Monster Island and the Secret of the BakuSenshi
    (Part Two)

    Monster Island.


    Flying on Rodan's back was exhilerating, to say the least. It was the ultimate experience, sitting on the back of a giant pterosaur, feeling the wind blow your hair away and whip your words into the sky, melding them with the noise of flapping wings. It was long enough for them to savour the experience but short enough not to bore them. Within half an hour, Rodan had effortlessly led them to the centre of the island.

    The cave.

    It was exactly like Ryo had imagined it. Obsidian black with rock formations that resembled razor spines chopping through the air. Crystal stalagmites bursting from the ground. Moss covering the floor. Red sand scattered at the entrance. In real life it was much, much bigger, with a nearly 400-foot tall entrance.

    "She brings to the attention of the Lord of Monster Island these newcomers!" Rodan announced, and the stalagmites begin to vibrate, changing colour from translucent green to bright, opaque cyan. "You will have to be tested to see the Lord," Rodan explained. "You may all enter to take the test."

    "Ladies first," Yamato said, making a mock chivalrous bow. Sakura kicked him in the shin contemptuously before entering. Ryo and Yamato followed suit.

    Sakura was not nervous. Afraid she would fail? Yes. Nervous? No. She would take whatever she got.

    "What are your names?" rang out two voices at once. They were controlled and exhibited minimal emotion, ringing clear like bells.

    Sakura stifled a gasp and turned to see two identical, olive-skinned young women, dressed in two pieces of red cloth, one across the chest, one over the middle. There were golden bands around their bare upper arms. Their hair was tied into a single ponytail that swung to their heels, held with another gold band. There were two extremely unnerving things about them.

    One, they had eyes like no ordinary human being. They had two completely black irises.

    Two, they were barely eight inches tall.

    "Sakura is my name," she said. Yamato and Ryo introduced themselves.

    "We are Shobijin," the women replied instantly. "We shall inform you and the other humans of your tests."

    "You speak as if you're not human," Sakura said, confused.

    "We are not. However, our species is a matter for another time." One of the Shobijin gestured to the inner dark cave. "Your task is to reach the other side."

    "That sounds way too easy."

    " Alive."

    "Now it sounds morbid," Yamato moaned.

    They stepped forward, and everything they could see vanished.

    Darkness masked the area. Occasionally, the sea of shadows rippled, and sending a wave of fear crashing down upon Ryo's mind. It reminded him of things better off unmentioned, things like that fateful day...

    South Nagoya.


    "Kaiju attacks have been continuing in Nagoya. The giant chelonian Kamoebas and lobster-thing Ganimes have destroyed the eastern sector completely, and the western sector has been assaulted continually for thirty-eight hours by Ohkondol, the giant bird of prey. The northern sector was evacuated in time, allowing residents to escape from the mutant duo, fire-breathing Obsidius and crystal-bodied Krystalak. No news yet from the south sector as it appears to have experienced total blackout."

    The newsreader vanished as Kazu turned off the power of the TV on the counter.

    "Well, you're wrong about that last bit," Kazu said grimly. "It's not a total blackout. We still have power and can receive your transmissions. You just don't get ours."

    What was originally planned as a fun, month-long winter vacation turned into a nightmare. The Suzukas had planned their vacation to Nagoya carefully - but the kaiju intervened. Their hotel in the southern sector had been destroyed as they were out at an amusement park. By nightfall, they were forced to take shelter in a completely abandoned electronics store. The newsreaders described the situation as 'total panic' with 'mayhem everywhere'. It was much, much worse. They didn't even know which kaiju had attacked. All they saw was something huge with a long neck and a terrifying, unearthly cackling shriek flying in the darkness, setting things on fire.

    Yamato and Ryo, twelve and eight at the time respectively, were with Kazu, helping him cook bowls of instant noodles for themselves and the few other 'refugees' who had stumbled upon the makeshift shelter. Their mother, Suzuka Momoe [ 鈴鹿百恵 ] , had gone out to the supermarket down the street in hopes of salvaging more water and packets of ramen. Suddenly, they heard it again - that evil howl, sounding like a demented hyena.


    Kazu's loud yell was justified. He knew it as he hoped against hope that it wouldn't be. He ran out, hoping to see his wife safe and sound, but to no avail. The supermarket was on fire.

    "Otousan," young Ryo asked, tugging at Kazu's shirt. "Otousan, is Okaasan safe?"

    When no answer was forthcoming, Ryo burst into tears.

    No. No ... I can't bring myself to move on ... I can't forget her ... Okaasan ...

    He heard her gentle voice, felt her touch his mind. Ryo stopped, unable to move. She wouldn't have wanted me to be like this. She would have told me to wake up, not to live in the past. Sakura always does. Women!...

    Forced to accept the bitter truth that he would never see Momoe again - at least not tangibly - Ryo suddenly felt a weight fall off his mind. He was free, no longer chained to his past. He weakly began to laugh.

    The shadows of the cave hung upon Yamato like the shadows of the past. He remembered that day. The day he let himself get out of hand ...

    Tokyo City, Suzuka residence.


    "Nii-san, can you come with me? Please nii-san, I want to buy the new Samurai Kiyuki manga - they've released the new compilation. Please nii-san?" six-year-old Ryo asked excitedly, prodding his older brother.

    "I told you tomorrow!" snapped Yamato, reaching for a charcoal pencil. He took his drawing classes very seriously and was driving himself to practice still life in the summer while there was no class. "I don't see how you could devour that crap about a samurai and kitsune and kappa and all those other yokai - it's unhealthy and superstitious."

    "Nii-san, you said the c-word!" giggled Ryo, before protesting, "But it's fun! And I want to see how Kiyuki-san defeats the Evil King of Oni and the Yuki-onna sorceress and -"

    "BE QUIET!" roared Yamato, bringing down his hand; WHAP!

    Ryo rubbed the place where Yamato had slapped him, shell-shocked; then he began to cry.

    Ryo ... I can never forgive myself for that day ... for letting my emotions get the better of me ... but I'm afraid ... I'm afraid you'll reject my apology ... I don't have your nerve and never will, little bro ... but ... I'll have to force myself to do it now. After all, better late than never.

    Hearing Ryo laugh, Yamato tapped his shoulder.


    "Ryo," Yamato whispered, "remember that day you wanted to get the new compilation of some manga while I was doing my drawing practice?"

    "Yeah - Samurai Kiyuki. I can't believe I actually liked that crap about a samurai and kitsune and kappa and all those other yokai." Ryo smiled at the memory. Yamato noticed his brother had used almost the exact same words as he himself had done, seven years ago.

    "And remember I ... I hit you?"

    "Yeah ... so what? You're not feeling guilty about that, are you? Not after so many years?" Ryo looked at him incredulously.

    Yamato smiled, forgetting his tension. "Well, I just decided to say, well," he took a deep breath, "I'm sorry."

    "Apology accepted. Would have been done way back if you'd asked," Ryo replied.

    Yamato felt his mind be unburdened slowly. He was free from this matter ... no more sleepless nights, wondering if he would once more let his emotions get out of control. No more outbursts.

    The curling curtains of cavernous shadows crept up to Sakura's mind. The putrid sense of decaying memories perched in her mind, forcing her to envision a day she would have rather forgotten...

    Tokyo City, Motomiya ancestral residence.


    Seven-year-old Sakura wandered the dark, dusty, and unaturally crowded hallways of her grandfather's house. It was three days until Christmas - three days of absolute hell.

    Three days of family reunion.

    Unlike regular family reunions, with backslapping, openly warm and cheerful relatives, the Motomiya reunions had backstabbing relatives who hid their menace behind a facade of forced cheer who were decidedly cheerless. This was in most part due to the enormous 100000000Y+ fortune hoarded away by Motomiya Kenjiro [ 本宮健次郎 ] - the patriarch. And Sakura's grandfather. The octogenarian (read: 'old geezer') was a huge tightwad who, Sakura expected, would suffer cardiac arrest if his monthly expenditures came upto more than 100Y.

    "SAKURA! Come here, girl! Can't you even tell me whenever you decide to wander off?" Motomiya Kotone [ 山田琴 ] rushed in followed by her husband Motomiya Hibiki [ 本宮響 ] - Sakura's parents. Behind them trooped in a surprisingly tall young man of about twenty and a slouched teenage girl in dark shades, her mouth smeared with a blood-red shade of lipstick. These were Sakura's older siblings, Katsuro and Sora.

    "Why do you worry about me so much?" Sakura groaned as Kotone attempted to drag her away from a sundial in a glass case, one of the many souvenirs Kenjiro had acquired during his extensive globetrotting in his youth.

    "You really want to know? It's because Ojii-san is a zombie who'll have you for lunch if you go too far away from us," snapped Katsuro, looking angry. "Okaasan, I'll handle this devil. You go supervise the caterers."

    As Kotone rushed away, looking harried, Hibiki and Sora dispersed, vanishing in opposite directions. Katsuro leant down and spoke quietly and fiercely to Sakura. "Look. Okaasan might give a damn as to what you want to do, but these people don't care," he ended with a general gesture around, indicating the people in the room.

    "But this is a family reunion ... shouldn't we be talking to all the Onee-sans and Onii-sans and making friends with them?"

    "Not here. Here, all these people want money, which is one thing Ojii-san has a lot of. And they certainly won't like you - because Otousan is Ojii-san's eldest son, he gets all of Ojii-san's money after the old man dies and because we are Otousan's kids, we will get his money after he dies. Got it?"

    "So ... no making friends with the people?"

    Katsuro looked exasperated. "That's what I've been trying to tell you." With a low growl, he loped into the next room to yell at someone who had dropped a ceramic plate.

    What Onii-san said that day prevented me from following my heart and trying to make peace amongst our family members like I thought I could. What he said ... after it I could never really look at my family in a friendly way. But now ... I realise what he was really talking about. He meant that those people were good people ... but the love of money turned them into wolves, like in that Latin proverb last year ... Sakura's mind burned a neon trail. The velocity of her thoughts would not have been out of place in a NASCAR championship statistics website. Now ... I understand ... He didn't stop me from trying to befriend them, he was trying to warn me of how risky it could be if I were to try ...

    As all three of the teens' minds clicked, as they came to peace with themselves, a burst of light shot out and a faint hole could be made out.

    "Welcome back, BakuSenshi."

    An echoing, noble voice burned through the darkness, literally. The cave walls were lit up in sea blue light emanating from the large crystals on the walls. The hole was revealed, a large opening that could have easily admitted an elephant.

    "Wha...?" Yamato, for once, was lost for words.

    "All your questions will be answered. But first, please leave the cavern."

    Ryo clambered through the hole, followed by his brother and friend. They were on a huge floating rock, gently levitating four or five metres above a bizarre lake filled with clear water that was tinted in a dark blue hue and large turtles and even a dolphin-like creature. Neon tubes filled with orange or green liquid slowly revolved a few feet away from the edges of the rock. It seemed almost twilight

    The dolphin-like beast leaped into the sky, and clicked out a series of ... clicks, also revealing a mouth full of razor-sharp triangular teeth. Up close, its blue-grey skin appeared to be shimmering like aluminium foil.

    "That's an Ichthyosaurus. And those turtles are, um, I think Archelon. But these are all ... prehistoric. And they didn't exist at the same time," Ryo said in confusion.

    "No, they didn't. But they were here when we came, and we leave them be." The voice was considerably closer this time, but still echoed. The teenagers spun around to find a young man walking to them. A strange contraption, like a metal oxygen mask built only to fit over the mouth, was strapped over his lower face. He sported long, brown hair pulled into a short ponytail. He looked about twenty-five years, or maybe older. It was hard to place his nationality - he had narrow eyes like a Japanese, but his complexion was tanned considerably like an Australian.

    "BakuSenshi. I'm - oh, sorry." He began to speak in, but pulled off the mask halfway through, continuing in English. "This is a voice disrupter plus long-range megaphone. It also doubles as my inhaler. You can call me Achilles. I don't know if that's my name, and to be honest, I don't give a damn if it is." His real voice was accented and lilting. It sounded European - if Ryo had to guess, he would have said Icelandic or Swedish.

    "And you are the Lord of Monster Island?" Yamato inquired.

    "I guess so. And you?" 'Achilles' had lapsed back into Japanese, and here his accent was more pronounced. He sounded unsure, as if it was more of a hobby-language.

    "Suzuka Yamato, and this is my little brother Ryo and his girl - I mean, his friend Motomiya Sakura." Yamato, returning to Japanese too, hastily avoided Sakura's glare.

    Rodan swooped from the sky, carrying a couple of huge fish in her mouth, each at least as long as Ryo's arm. "She presents the Lord Achilles his requested fish."

    "Ah, yes. Thank you, Rodan." He held out a plastick bucket into which the fish tumbled. "Mmm. I do wish we weren't out of wasabi." Achilles turned to the teens. "I'm afraid you'll be here for a while. It doesn't have to be a bad time though. How does salmon tempura doused in barbecue sauce sound for dinner?"

    "Unusual," Sakura said truthfully.

    "I suppose it does," Achilles replied. "You should have come last week - creamed spinach and barbecued turtle salad in ranch dressing."

    "Who is the cook?" asked Yamato.

    "Me," Achilles revealed with a grin. "Okay, I'll get the salmon ready. You guys think of your questions."

    "Actually, I have one question for you right now," Ryo snapped, stepping forward. "Who the hell are you?"

    "Sorry, fack after dinner."

    "Did he just ...?" Sakura muttered.

    "What? Isn't that how you say it, fack? I'm not culturally retarded, I know it sounds like ... something else. You know, F-A-Q?"

    "Frequently Asked Questions, you mean," Sakura said, realising what he meant.

    "Yeah, that." Achilles turned and for the first time, the teens saw a large, horseshoe-shaped house. "Come on in."

    Achilles' house was ... normal. Except for being huge. "For Rodan," he explained. The female kaiju had followed them in. Achilles' tempura tasted amazing. He had even sliced off the singed bits and mashed them with cream to form a sort of smoked-salmon-tasting dip. As for the barbecue-sauce part, he had actually gone and poured some on the raw salmon after skinning it, so the flavour had blended well.

    "And now for fah ... FAQ," Achilles amended. "Ryo was first, so I'll say this. I have no idea who I am. Washed up here four or five years ago. Rodan tended to my wounds - she's like a mom." He stroked Rodan's beak. "This place is the Bermuda Triangle, by the way. The missing planes were all - well, you'll see."

    "What about my cousin and Suzuka-san?" Sakura demanded. "I've never seen Destoroya and Ghidorah before but I have seen King Caesar on TV, and if they're AK47s, he's a water pistol. Who are they?"

    "Destoroya and Ghidorah are the leading members of the Opressors. They're a faction of kaiju dedicated to wiping out the human race altogether. And we, the Unitists, believe living together in peace with humans is possible. A stretch, but possible."

    "Kaiju politics, huh?" Yamato murmured flippantly. Sakura and Ryo ignored him.

    "Sounds like your party's outnumbered. Every kaiju I know of is a rampaging killer dedicated to wiping out the human race ," Yamato commented drily.

    "Actually, no. We were all Unitists as one before 2020, when we rampaged. And that was for a good reason, may I say. We foresaw nuclear war in the near future, within two years. So we panicked. We wanted to divert attention away from nuclear weapon testing. So we did something rash, heroic, and ultimately, unadmirable. We came in full force, destroying cities, to make sure governments were more preoccupied with the kaiju situation. But after we finally withdrew, a new group came forward. They called themselves the KSA - Kaiju Supremacy Association - but we call them Opressors." Achilles' voice rose explosively. "And they were a bunch of bloody kaiju who got high on killing humans!"

    "Calm down," Rodan piped up.

    Achilles pulled down the mask, breathing deeply for a few seconds. After a while, he sighed. "Sorry. I just feel like a total loser for allowing the Unitists to lose. The KSA took control of our previous base, Atlantis - don't interrupt, yes, it is real and we created it underwater on purpose - within two months and drove the few of us who survived here. Those Opressors are way more in number than us ... And there's one more important question, related to Sakura's question about Rei and Kazu." No one questioned how he knew the abducted duo's names.

    "I know it," Yamato spoke up. "What's a BakuSenshi?"

    "That's the one I was lookin' for!" exclaimed Achilles. "Now, you understand two kaiju would normally kill each other in a fight. But since our forces are few and we can't afford to lose any kaiju, we came up with a plan and a name. The name - BakuSenshi. The explosive soldier. Now, you may not believe this but kaiju and humans share a certain amount of DNA - the emotional part. Like people smash up things, go ragin' around when they get mad, when kaiju get really worked up, they use what we call a Rage Vent. Rage Vents are super-destructive abilities. It would be easier if you looked at it as a video game. Take Ghidorah. His normal abilities - say, the 'A' and 'B' buttons on your Xbox controller - are lightning bolts and flight. Say 'Y' is his 'defending' ability, his block. He can generate a force-field - most kaiju can - to protect himself. Now, when Ghidorah gets angry enough, his 'rage meter' fills up and he gets powered up with so much emotion. He lets it loose with the 'X' button move, the Rage Vent. I haven't been unfortunate enough to know what his Rage Vent is, but I'm told most can't survive it.

    "Now, the emotional DNA humans and kaiju share has a quirk. If any human shares even a single bit of DNA, a tiny, microscopic piece, with a kaiju, well, these two are bonded. For life. The kaiju and human can sync thoughts after practice. The kaiju's power is raised. The human becomes more physically powerful and a bit of martial arts - a sort of hybrid form - gets imprinted into their brain for use at will. But the most important thing is this." All five - Rodan included - leaned forwards. Achilles spoke.

    "The human controls the kaiju's Rage Vent. Well, incompletely. When a strong need arises for the Rage Vent, the bonded human can sync this great need with the kaiju to perform a controllable form of the kaiju's Rage Vent. It's the Rage Vent minus the rage, with the emotion of need replacing anger. We call it the Pseudoemotionally Activated Indigence Neuroweapon."

    "You mean, pain," interjected Yamato.

    "No, I mean Pseudoemotionally -"

    "No, I mean you mean pain. P-A-I-N. Make an acronym. It works."

    "Ohh. That is cool," Achilles said, finally seeing what Yamato meant. "Anyway, to continue - we decided to search genetically for anyone who could partner with volunteers for our BakuSenshi program. And we found you five." He stood.

    "Suzuka Ryo. Suzuka Yamato. Motomiya Sakura. Suzuka Kazu. And Akane Rei. You five are our BakuSenshi right now."
    Shoot Confirmed.

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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-
    -Chapter Six-
    運命のパートナー会 Meeting of the Destined Partners

    Monster Island.

    "What the bleep?" Yamato exclaimed.

    "Hm?" Achilles raised an eyebrow.

    "Self inflicted profanity filter. I was going to say hell, but then I remembered that Ryo only watches G-rated movies ..." Yamato teased.

    "For your information, I saw Inception 2 when I was nine, and that was rated PG-13!" Ryo socked Yamato in the gut.

    "Enough clowning around," Achilles broke in. "Time to sleep. Tomorrow you meet your kaiju partners!"

    "I hope I at least get a girl ..." Sakura murmured. "Someone who understands boys better than me." Her eyes lit up. "Hey, is mine Rodan?"

    "Unfortunately for you, no," Achilles answered.


    The next morning, Ryo woke up to find Sakura's head resting in the crook of his arm. There was only one king-size bed and Yamato had volunteered to crash on the floor on a pile of blankets - for the sake of, as he added, letting the 'lovebirds' share a bed as 'practice for when they married'. Ryo wondered if his brother's ribs had stopped hurting yet from the pillows and punches thrown from both sides. Reddening, he gently eased his arm away, then rose in time to see the sun rise over Monster Island, dotting the lake with orange, red, crimson and ochre. The 'dawning', as Kazu had once called sunrise, was followed by Rodan, flying over the lake and perching back in her nest, a gigantic tree near the mouth of the cave.

    "Come on, wake up, wake up! It's scrambled fish eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast, and I'll get some miso soup if I can find some!" Achilles roared, banging something loudly outside the bedroom. This awoke Sakura easily enough, while Yamato snored away. Ryo reached for his pillow. Yamato's ribcage would never be the same.

    Ten minutes later

    "Thanks for the bruises. I bet I can give up all chances of joining the school swim team next year." Yamato glared at his brother, who was helping himself to the hashbrowns and stuffed tomatoes. (Strangely enough, Achilles and Rodan were the only ones eating the scrambled fish eggs.)

    Once all five had finished breakfast, Achilles stood up, leading the others outside. "Rodan, mind giving us a lift?"

    "She refuses to bear your weight," Rodan informed Achilles, "but agrees to give a lift to the others."

    "Fine, I'll take the cool way," Achilles smirked. He put his fingers to his lips and whistled a tune.

    "Is that Summer of '69?" Yamato muttered incredulously.

    "Shut up," Achilles said, removing his fingers. A huge turtle leapt out of the air and Achilles leapt onto its shell, pulling on his mask/inhaler as he did. The turtle, hitting the lake, swam towards the centre, to the bottom of the island. "COWABUNGA, DUDE!"
    "He's such a showoff," Sakura muttered.

    "She is ready to leave." Rodan lowered her wings, and the teens climbed up. As soon as they were in place, she took off, swooping down, gliding gently with her wings motionless. As they neared the lake surface, she warned, "Hold on tight," and swooped sharply, narrowly missing a couple of surfacing turtles. As they neared the centre, a wide green-tinted tube came into view. "Hold your breath!" Rodan dove and fly/swam to the bottom of the tube, then glided smoothly up, her wingtips nearly grazing the tube's glass. The tube reached up through the core of the rock, and that was where Rodan was speeding to.

    They shot out of the tube at lower speeds, landing on a steel floor. Ryo looked around. The inside of the floating rock had been carved into a wide, expansive room with fluoroscent lighting panels on the top. It appeared to be a lab of sorts. Achilles was by a circular steel door.

    "Welcome to the Lab Rynthe. You know, lab, labyrinth ... whatever. And the lake is called Lake Tenmei and the floating rock is called Fudo Iwa. Now come on, you need to meet your partners!" He gestured for Sakura to get in. "Ladies first."

    Sakura stepped in and the air rippled. She vanished.

    "What'dya do to her?" demanded Ryo, but Achilles simply smirked. "It's my own design. A teleportation door. I applied for a patent last year and they told me to go fly a kite," explained the latter. "Get in, go on." He almost pushed Yamato in, and Ryo stepped in before the man could push him too.

    "... Meh." Achilles grabbed the mask before heading into the teleporter ...

    Ryo stepped onto the beach. The fishy scent of the ocean assaulted his sinuses. He didn't recognize the rocky outcrop they stood on - it was unfamiliar in its bleakness. Achilles appeared besides him. "Ssh. Wait for it," he whispered to the teens, as if he was saying something that made sense.

    So they waited. For thirty seconds. A minute. A minute and forty-five. Two minutes.

    A disturbance seemed to spread out from the ocean. Fish swam away from the epicentre of the circular anomaly. Something had seriously spooked those salmon ...


    The massive, blue-grey head was the first part of the kaiju to surface. The four-metre-long, lizardlike face had a certain bestial grace, with two rows of brutal spikes arising from the neck with artistic symmetry, marching down past the thick neck with a large skin-flap, down over the horizontal spine with the outline of ribs prominent over the abdomen and on the side, and finally, down the tail, a twenty-metre-long structure, tapering down to a narrow, sharp and erect tip, like the nose of a drill.

    "Suzuka Yamato, BakuSenshi. Meet your partner, Zilla, the one born from the sea, he of the Great Tail." Achilles was speaking formally again, through his mask. Then, pulling it down, he added cheekily, "Also called GINO."

    Zilla snarled, apparently in mock anger. "Shut up, yo. I'm not the one named after someone who died 'cause of a boo-boo in his heel, yo." The iguana-like kaiju's voice was raspy, low and seemed as if Zilla had gargled the words before speaking.

    "Har-di-har-har, yo," Achilles mimicked, before continuing with his mask pulled back on. "Sakura, you must be up next. Ah, here she is now."

    A low humming sound was heard, melodious and rising gradually. Sakura spun around, searching for the origin of the voice. A titanic moth with glowing blue eyes was flying, about 15m high. The blue irises were ringed by white, lightly hairy scales, which blended into the black body. White rings were placed on the lower abdomen and the beating, yellow wings, seemed to produce light, glittery yellow dust which blew back with the wind.

    "Motomiya Sakura, BakuSenshi. Meet your partner, Mothra, the one who glides, she who commands the winds." This time, Achilles made no attempt to needle Mothra.

    Mothra landed, and for the first time, long tube-like feet unfolded from the side of her body. "My destined partner. At last, we meet. What is your name?"

    "Um, Sakura," Sakura replied. "You're Mothra, right?"

    "Indeed, that is my name."

    Meanwhile, Yamato was attempting to scratch Zilla's tail, while the reptilian repeatedly tried to move his tail but stopped for fear of hurting Yamato. "Oh come on, that tickles, yo!"

    "Yeah, right. You goof, you're enjoying this as much as a spa day, ain't you?"

    "Yeah, you're right, yo. Probably."

    In the mean time, Ryo was looking around. "Achilles, what about my partner? Hello?" He sweatdropped, seeing Achilles chomping on a slice of sushi. "Hey!" Ryo delivered a sound whack to Achilles' head, causing the man swallow his wasabi whole.

    "Yaoooooooooooowwww!" Once Achilles had calmed down, Ryo whacked him again. "Hey!"

    "Okay, okay, I got it. Your partner's sort of ... dead."


    "I kid, don't worry. He's coming, he just wants to chomp down a couple of subs."

    "And by sub, you mean, Subway subs, right?"

    "Nah, submarines." Seeing Ryo's mortified expression, Achilles laughed. "Kidding, again. He might not be, but if he does, you gotta live with it. He's that kind of guy ... and here he is, right now." Achilles pulled on the mask.

    "Suzuka Ryo, BakuSenshi. Meet your partner Godzilla, the one who destroys, he who is the King of Monsters."

    A gigantic, 50-metre-tall figure was rising from the ocean, a humanoid, rough-scaled charcoal grey beast. Huge grey spikes, shaped like maple leaves, erupted from his back, slicing through the air. Sheer brutal force was embodied in his great, fiery yellow pupils and his still, too-heavy-to-move tail of epic proportions boasted of his invincible bulk. It was as if Godzilla had been built as the perfect killing machine.

    "Feh." A noise escaped his throat. "So ... you're my new partner, now. I hope you're ready to take a risk. Or," Godzilla flexed his neck, "you'll have that lesson beaten into you."

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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-
    -Chapter Seven-
    ばくせんし! 最初の戦いの絶対パワー BakuSenshi! The First Fight is for Absolute Power

    Requiem Tower, Atlantis

    Kazu slowly opened his eyes. He was in a huge, starkly decorated (read 'empty) stone room, lying on the icy marble floor. Rei was nearby, sitting on a brick and doing something on his iPod.

    `So ... they're awake.` The whistling sound arose from the throat of a kaiju, perched on the balcony at the top of the room. `Khekhekhekhekhe ...` The beast's head was flat and rounded, somewhat resembling a manta-ray's body with a protruding curved 'face' wielding two neon purple eyes and a mouth shaped oddly, like a set of eight gills or ribs. Four two-fingered tentacles waved, each one about forty metres long. The abomination's total height was about fifty-five metres.

    Millennian swooped away, generating soft clicking sounds continually.

    Kazu stood, his eyes sweeping over the room. "Damn ... no doors, no windows, not even a vent!" Rei ignored his outburst and stood up, stretching as he put away the electronic device.

    "They do have free wi-fi," Rei pointed out a seemingly useless fact.

    "So what?"

    "Do you have an iPhone or a BlackBerry with a Maps app?"

    Kazu's eyes lit up. "I get it." He quickly whipped out a BlackBerry and opened the Maps app he had, selecting the locator feature. The screen went grey for a second, reading 'LOADING' over a progress bar. In twenty seconds, the screen reappeared, pinpointing the phone's location. Kazu whooped. "YES! It works!" But when he took a closer look, his frown returned. "Wait a second ... this can't be right. This is screwed up. Don't ask why, shut up and let me talk. It's messed up because according to the map ...

    "We're in the middle of the Celtic Shelf."

    Monster Island
    Ryo was completely taken aback at the size of Godzilla. While Mothra and Rodan were about 80 metres and Zilla about 50 metres, Godzilla was at least a hundred metres tall! The titan's brutal gaze met Ryo's and for a second, Ryo experienced the 'thought sync' Achilles had spoken of. Godzilla's emotions were animalistic, but complex. His thoughts collided violently, more images than words, more inexpressible beliefs than concrete feelings. He had the true mind of a beast, simply giving priority to what he needed most at the moment. Shaken, Ryo broke off the mind link, amazed at the murky, yet simple mind of the 'King of Monsters'.

    Achilles suddenly frowned. "Wait a sec, guys. Something's wrong. I get live feed from ten news channels in Japan and eight of them are covering a kaiju attack from a huge UFO-headed monster." Breathing heavily, he pulled his mask on. "I guess you'll have to go into action before getting a chance to hang out. Teleporter initializing, get ready. 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Go!"

    City Plaza, Tokyo City

    "Are we on?" the reporter asked breathlessly, an unattractive brunette in a plain grey shirt and jeans.

    "Live in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ..." The cameraman clicked the button.

    "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, this is Takeda Haruna from M-4 News live at City Plaza, where a never-before-seen kaiju is hovering sinisterly over the plaza while destroying buildings with its tentacles. The monster, announcing itself as Millennian, appears to have two hostages, a man and a teenage boy. So far, the kaiju has not made its intentions clear. The GDF have assembled their new anti-kaiju weapons which they announced the building of last year. These weapons are codenamed MOGUERA, an acronym for Mobile Operation Geo-traveller, Universal Extermination Robot Aeronaut, and are part of GDF's Project Mecha-Monster or P2M. The four MOGUERA units currently ready for battle have been assembled and will intervene should Millennian show hostility. Oh, what's that? There appears to be a disturbance on the rooftop of the Plaza. Three individuals have appeared amidst the GDF soldiers, appearing to be dressed in - hey! Hey, get away from - what are you doing?"

    A GDF soldier in camouflage gear had just thrown the camera to the ground, smashing the lens. "This is a restricted area. Non-GDF not allowed beyond this point," he said, ignoring their protests as he shooed them away.

    City Plaza rooftop, Tokyo City

    Ryo stared at the GDF soldiers. They stared back.

    He looked at the others and sweatdropped. Both were wearing metallic-coloured jumpsuits, Yamato blue-grey, Sakura turquoise green, with white shoulder pads, gloves and boots, and sleek motorcycle helmets in their respective colours, complete with tinted visors and mics. He looked down and found himself dressed the same with a black colour scheme. Confused, Ryo muttered, "What the hell just happened?"

    He nearly jumped out of his skin when Achilles' voice came through the mic earphone.

    "Teleported you to the site of battle. Your kaiju are coming. For now, tell your friends to shut up and take care of the military. Whisper into your mic to speak to the others and me."

    A man walked upto them. Ryo recognized him - Hiroyama, the GDF Lt.-General from the airport. Where everything changed. "Identify yourselves," he said in English, before trying Japanese.

    "Um, do you come in peace? He's our leader," one of the men ventured. Hiroyama threw him a glare. Ryo just barely managed to hold back a laugh. They think we're aliens! Oh, this really is a YouTube moment.

    "We are human," Ryo spoke. "We are the BakuSenshi. We were chosen to fight the kaiju."

    "Chosen by whom? As far as I know, the Japanese government has authorised no such 'BakuSenshi'," Hiroyama barked.

    "The kaiju are divided. Some wish to wipe out the human race. Others only want peace. We are representatives of the peaceful kaiju," Ryo explained.

    "Peaceful? Ha! Kaiju are bloodthirsty killers! And what about your friends? Are they mute?" To his men, Hiroyama commanded, "Men! Take custody of them!"

    Ryo nearly panicked. Then he remembered Achilles' words. The human becomes more physically powerful and a bit of martial arts gets imprinted into their brain for use at will. As four of the men approached him warily, rifles held out, he moved, faster than he was ever in his wildest dreams, and kicked the men backwards, simultaneously grabbing their weapons. "Come on guys, we can take 'em!" he encouraged through the mic.
    Following his example, Yamato and Sakura executed several impressive moves, twisting and punching, high-jumping and gut-elbowing. Finally, the men were all lying on the rooftop, and Hiroyama was nowhere to be seen.

    "That skunk, where'd he go?" Yamato looked around. Suddenly he looked up. "Millennian! The kaiju!"

    Hiroyama's voice rang out, magnified and tinny. "All MOGUERA units, move out! Eliminate the threat!" Suddenly, four huge robots burst from the ground. Each one was exactly the same - steel, with a circular torso, cubical neck, and large hips, with a steel drill-nose - except for the colour of the eyes and the Roman numerals on the forehead. Unit One had green eyes, Unit Two, yellow, Unit Three, blue and Unit Four, black.

    Thrusters located on the leg-sides activated, and the flying mole-bots shot at Millennian, who swatted them away with his tentacles. Sparks flew everywhere.

    All of a sudden, three simultaneous roars rang out. Three very familiar kaiju appeared, in vortexes of swirling grey, turquoise and blue-grey.

    Godzilla was the first to charge into battle, lumbering ahead, holding his tail still. "Come on, jellyfish. You're gonna have an Unidentified Fried Object for a head once I'm done with you!" he roared in his gravelly howl. A blue fireball appeared in his mouth, streaming out into a blue beam. "One Millenian steak coming up, well done and seared with our trademark Atomic Ray!" Sparks burst from Millennian's tentacles and he unleashed a high-pitched whistle ...

    Meanwhile, Ryo held his breath. I heard that newsreader say something about two hostages ... Otousan, I'm coming! He ran, from the edge of the rooftop, to the opposite end, gaining momentum, and jumped ...

    ... landing safely on the other side. That was one huge leap of faith ... He continued, gaining momentum, and with his third kick-off, he crossed over the next rooftop to the one adjacent, a few metres away. Now he could clearly make out Rei and Kazu, tied together and gagged. Otousan! Ryo shot like a bullet across the rooftop and landed on the other side, ripping the ropes open with superhuman strength. "Otousan! It's me, Ryo!"

    "Ryo?" Kazu said in amazement, painfully getting up and rubbing his wrists, while Rei did the same. "You look different, and you're as tall as me. And why are you and how did you -"

    "I'll explain later. Right now you gotta get to safety. Head downstairs and wait for me at the ground level. I'll be there in twenty minutes." When Kazu looked mutinous, as if he wouldn't take orders from his son even if they were the same height, Ryo drew on Godzilla's mind. "You gotta get there now! I'll meet you! Just GO!" he commanded, with an element of power in his much stronger voice. As they hurried down the stairs, Ryo blinked. Wow ... I did it again.

    Just a few buildings away, the battle royale was continuing.

    `Khekhekhekhe! You're no match for my paralyse breath!` Millennian fired a yellow streaking beam from his mouth. In response, Godzilla opened his mouth and literally swallowed the whole beam. Smoke erupted from his nostrils and he appeared to stiffen. `I warned you!` The UFO-headed kaiju cackled, waving its tentacles and slashing at Godzilla, who suddenly lashed out, snatching Orga's tentacles. `Haven't you heard of playing dead, shithead? Well, now you're gonna learn to be dead!` Godzilla rasped, swinging Millennian at Zilla, who swung his tail, shouting, `Heads up, Mothra, yo!` Mothra flapped her wings, sending a gale crashing into Millennian, who collapsed onto the ground.

    "Who's gonna finish the shithead off?" Godzilla challenged.

    "I'll do it, yo - Zilla gets to inflict some major PAIN!" his doppelganger replied with a grin. "Yamato, you ready?" The older Suzuka leapt onto Zilla's back and replied in a magnified voice, "Any time, partner! Let's do this!" A network of hidden cables forming intricate patterns under Yamato's suit glowed bright white, and he grinned through his visor. This is gonna be fun.

    Both partners spoke simultaneously. "Execute PAIN! Flame Breath, hyaa!" Zilla opened his mouth, a huge beam like Godzilla's Atomic Ray, but made of white-hot flames and ringed with spiral energy. The devastating blast crashed into Millennian and the alien-like kaiju emitted a high, shrill whistling cry of agony as sparks burst all over. Zilla shut his mouth and the cables dimmed, as the Flame Breath died away.

    Steam hissed from Millennian's body. Angry welts, each one to two metres in diametre, had sprang up all over him. Millennian, still whistling, fluted out in rage, `I'll get you, you bloody reptile. Just you wait. Millennian will have his revenge! But for now ... I will retreat!` A purple vortex stretched suddenly behind him.

    `Oh no you won't! Get back here, extraterrestrial scum!` Godzilla snarled, and reached out, crunching on a tentacle. Sparks flew up both Millennian's tentacle and Godzilla's fins, and the saurian let go. Millennian vanished, disappearing into the portal.

    "Good work, guys! That's one-nil for us, and we're going to crush those Opressors!" Achilles cheered through the earphones. "Get ready, I'm teleporting you back in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Go!" As all six BakuSenshi and partners vanished, Kazu and Rei felt a tingling in their spine before they, too, were snatched away through space ...

    Requiem Tower, Atlantis

    A smoking, welt-covered Millennian re-emerged from the vortex, collapsing on the floor of the room, right in front of Destoroya. The latter smirked. `So you carried out an unauthorized terror spree, huh? And you lost. Ghidorah-sama won't be too happy to hear of this. Actually, he knew the minute you activated a teleporter vortex without contacting him first. Did you forget he has limited psionic power while in Atlantis?`

    `Shut up. I bet you went and dropped a very subtle hint to Ghidorah-sama, suggesting he check the vortex signals,` accused Millennian. `Besides, I did find something very important out. The so-called Lord of Monster Island,` saying the title with dripping contempt, `has managed to build them nanofibre battle suits for optimum levels of power control and use. And,` he grew grim, `one of them used the bonded version of the Rage Vent on me.`

    `Really? Heh ... they really have become powerful in such a short time. Only about 14 hours on Monster Island. Our lead scientists said it would take at least forty-eight hours. Which one, by the way?`

    `I'm not telling.`

    `It was the lizard, wasn't it?`

    `How could you tell?`

    `You have burn marks in places I wouldn't like to mention - the trademark of Flame Breath. But there's one more thing ... you seem to stink of,` Destoroya sniffed the air, `radiation.` He held Millennian's gaze curiously for a second, before adding, `No matter. I'll be on my way now. And I'll be sure not to mention to anyone - particularly not Ghidorah-sama - that you were roasted by a mutant iguana.`
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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    Recap - Discovering they are held at Atlantis, in the Celtic Shelf, Kazu and Rei are forced hostage by the new enemy, the alien monster Millennian. The GDF's anti-kaiju MOGUERA units prove to be no match for Millennian, who is defeated by Zilla's Flame Breath PAIN attack and is bit by Godzilla before he escapes. Meanwhile the BakuSenshi take out the GDF's soldiers and Ryo rescues Kazu and Rei. Later, it is revealed to Millennian that his attack did not go under Ghidorah's radar as he planned due to Destoroya informing Ghidorah.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-
    -Chapter Eight-
    海の戦士のデビュー! The Sea Warriors' Debut!

    City Plaza, Tokyo City.

    So far, no one had noticed that the 'hostages' had vanished, even a day after the attack - right now, all the attention was focused on who the BakuSenshi were and how they could affect anti-kaiju warfare. Several people were crowding around the display of a Sony store, watching the news channel on the TVs on display.

    "The MOGUERA units from the battle of yesterday had short-circuited from the effects of Millennian's tentacles' shock power, and are currently undergoing repair. Will we have to give up our only protection against kaiju? Happily, no. Yesterday's mess also revealed a trio dressed in strange suits who appeared to have superhuman powers. Identifying themselves as BakuSenshi - which can be interpreted as 'Explosive Soldiers' - they made several outrageous claims, detailed by my associate Domon Yu. This is Takeda Haruna signing out, and you're watching M-4 News."

    The woman disappeared, replaced by a forty-ish man in a baggy suit and polka-dotted tie. "Thank you, Haruna. Domon Yu here live at City Plaza. Our most interesting factor is that while these BakuSenshi had superhuman powers, like moving at high speeds and exhibiting unusually high jumping abilities, they did claim to be human." A short clip played beside him, detailing Ryo in his black BakuSenshi suit speaking to Hiroyama. "We are human," he said. "We are the BakuSenshi. We were chosen to fight the kaiju."
    "What a load of nonsense," Domon said as the clip cut off. "But could it be true? Especially after this." Another clip began, this one showing Yamato and Zilla performing their PAIN move, the Flame Breath. "Let's call these BakuSenshi after their colours for simplicity's sake. Grey showed control over this kaiju. Why not over Millennian? Over King Ghidorah, the lightning dragon who caused havoc just three days ago? The BakuSenshi might have exerted their control over all kaiju who have rampaged worldwide for the past five years. These vigilantes, for lack of a better word, could be the masterminds behind a conspiracy to achieve - what? What could their true goal be if this theory is proved right? I personally believe there's something suspicious about the BakuSenshi. But I'm not important - you, the viewer, are. What do you think? SMS theory space kaiju to 813-444-200 and you could be on this show, presenting your view! This is Domon Yu signing off for today on M-4 News." A commercial for a soda began, and gradually people began to drift away.

    Monster Island.

    "Bloody hell! Is that guy serious?" Yamato sent a soda can flying across the Rynthe from his chair at the widescreen TV, which hit the power button with perfect aim. "Senile old geezer."

    "People only go senile when they're older than sixty, I think. This 'geezer' doesn't look a day over forty." Sakura popped a handful of popcorn in her mouth. "Forty centuries, that is. He's a spaz, I swear."

    Ryo got up from the recliner. "Come on. They should be coming through in a minute," he said, watching the tube entrance, referring to Rei and Kazu, who were gong through the whole explanation with Achilles. Sure enough, Rodan flew up the tube with Kazu, Rei and Achilles on her back.

    "Ryo, Yamato." Kazu dismounted, walking to his sons. "I ... I couldn't care for you properly. I let Destoroya capture me, without putting up a fight. I left you alone ..." Then he suddenly laughed. "And I should do it more often! Look at you! I get kidnapped for two days and you start beating up GDF officers on your own! You've grown, boys - you're no longer just kids. You're young men now - young men with nerves of steel!"
    "Yeah, yeah, get on with it. Do you want to meet your partner or not?" Achilles interrupted. Rei answered with a nod. "Yeah, come on. Let's get it over with."

    Rei, Kazu and Achilles, in that order, stepped through the door. Ryo, Yamato and Sakura followed a second later.

    Monster Island.

    This time, the place was different - they were on a boat, at a pier somewhere at one of the tips of the island.

    "Welcome to Lazuli Cove, 'lubbers," Achilles exclaimed, "and that seaworthy gal there be called the Lady Rodan - and she's called that only because her namesake, ah, threatened to eat me if I called her the Lord Achilles. But today, we ain't going nere her, no sir. We're gonna stay right here until - ah, here they come! Who's first, me lads?"

    "I'll do it," Kazu said, adding under his breath, "if only to shut you up."

    "Sorry to disappoint you, Otousan, but that's the one thing he can't do," Yamato whispered back.

    "I'll need your full name, first."

    "Suzuka Kazuto," Kazu offered.

    "Suzuka Kazuto, BakuSenshi. Meet your partner, Gamera, the one of the elements, he who uses fire, water and air."

    A gigantic wave swelled up, about twenty metres away, building up, then sweeping down, washing over the body of Gamera. The kaiju's appearance could be summed up in three words - 'humungous', 'turtle' and 'tusks'. The huge chelonian rose to about eighty metres tall and sported two six-metre sabertoothed tusks that sliced up from his lower jaw. His eyes were brutally intelligent, glowing with green fire. His very essence seemed to be contained in the symbol on his chest, a large cross which tapered outwards at the vertical edges and had three horizontal lines instead of one.

    "Gamera's the name," rumbled Gamera. "You are Kazuto, I take it."

    "That's right," Kazu replied, still awestruck with his partner's size.

    "Next up, come on. Full name?"

    Rei stepped up. "Akane Reikido," he muttered.

    "Akane Reikido, BakuSenshi. Meet your partner, Manda, the one of legends, he who wrecks seacraft."

    First, nothing. Then, a second later, a ripple arose, about twenty metres away. A greater one, just about fifteen metres away. Then, the barest, sharp tip of something ten metres away. Suddenly, something rose upwards at the edge of the dock. A gigantic Chinese dragon, a perfect replica of the one tattooed on Rei's left arm, towering upto 80 metres tall, burst from the water. His icy blue eyes were cold and emotionless. Long, flowing three metre-long barbed spikes arose at certain points on his body and three pairs of fins, each about fifteen metres apart, were held absolutely still. Rei rubbed his left arm, right on the dragon's tail. The resemblance between the sea serpent and the dragon was uncanny.

    "Well! It looks like both of our new BakuSenshi have water-based kaiju. This calls for one thing - a nickname!" Achilles thought for a second, before speaking. "Got it. From now on you guys and your partners are ...

    ... the Sea Warriors."
    Shoot Confirmed.

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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the kaiju mentioned in this story.

    Recap - Due to the rumours spread by Domon Yu, a newscaster, the public begins to believe that the BakuSenshi might be able to control the evil kaiju too. Meanwhile on Monster Island, Achilles introduces Kazu and Rei to their partners. Rei is joint with the vicious loner, the sea serpent Manda and Kazu's new partner is the fierce soldier, the warrior turtle Gamera.

    -Kaiju BakuSenshi-
    -Chapter Nine-
    戦闘訓練 Combat Training

    Hatchery, Biotechnological Research Complex, Atlantis.
    2025 - Ten months ago

    `We've recovered another, Doctor,` Destoroya rumbled. `An unborn radiated gecko egg. At the temperature we found it - it was in a blast furnace in a factory in Bangladesh - it should have fried, but the yolk appeared to have seeped out and formed a slime coating to protect itself. It's nowhere near hatching time and I doubt if the embryo would survive the combination of heat and radiation.`

    He was standing in a huge metallic laboratory, dimly lit to emphasize the burgundy glow of large stacks of egg-like items in spheres, conversing with a silhoutted kaiju.

    `It's dead,` the 'Doctor', a shadowed, rasping figure about 70 metres tall, replied. He was chunky, with wedge like arms that spawned several slim, long tendril-fingers, each simultaneously typing on keyboards, drawing charts, or tapping a touch-screen. The Doctor's bulbuous head split, forming two large semi-spherical structures, each possesing a single, goat-eyed, bloodred pupil. His voice was more of a vibrating series of sounds than true words spoken from a mouth, a facility he didn't possess. `But valuable. I could work a seven-month extractive transplant, plus a month and a half for treating any possible genetic malfunctions and adjusting brain patterns. However,` he fixed Destoroya with a meaningful glare, `I will not work with human samples. What we need is a cyborg kaiju, not an android. I fully intend to use myself as the donor for Experiment 24496-B. Tell that to Ghidorah-sama.`

    As Destoroya strode out of the door, he heard his name called. `Destoroya. Also tell Ghidorah-sama this: while kaiju are well available, and in great numbers, the humans will still feel the BakuSenshi are failing to keep them down.` As if his message wasn't strange enough, the Doctor added a cryptic mutter. `A perfect distraction with an interesting reaction.`

    Requiem Tower, Atlantis.




    `Ah, Doctor.` Ghidorah ceased clacking his toe-claws. `Experiment 24496-B, alias The Spawn. I presume you have it ready.` His left head flexed in anticipation.

    `Hai.`The Doctor stepped out, for the first time, revealing himself. His entire body was deep purple, twisted and pulpy, like raw, aged bone marrow. His horizontal red pupils glowed, staring through, not at, anything that fell under their ugly gaze. His tendrilous fingers spiralled and merged, forming various shapes for single instants, before morphing into new ones. `The Spawn is hatched and grown but unable to make, ahem, intelligent speech. It is still in a primitive stage. The nanotechnology I implanted makes sure we can control those parts but the reflexes, the major thinking processes - those are all still under the control of the organic brain.`

    `Tell me. How strong is this Spawn?`Millennian whistled, cutting in with interest.
    A horizontal slit appeared, below the Doctor's eyes, curling, like a mouth, into a sinister smirk. `How could you, Millenian, doubt the strength of one possessing genetic treatment from the DNA of the great Doctor of Atlantis himself? You, who were once my - ah-how-shall-I-put? - my noobish apprentice? A rookie scientist, but a scientist nevertheless?`

    Millennian's neon purple eyes attained a reddish, embarrassed colour for a second before reverting. `Of course, Doctor. I do apologise for my impudence.`

    `Your sincere apology is accepted. But now, Ghidorah-sama, let us move on! As I said, some parts are still organic. I haven't worked out all the kinks yet. The Spawn's base is a swarm of techno-organic nanites in a rigid, set form except for the upper limbs, forming a layer over an organicast - using a robot body would create unecessary complications in the future. I set the entire body in my image, then implanted nanotechnology which linked to the brain, through nanite-filled nerves, and the computer in the control centre in the Biotechnological Research Complex, via Generation Eighteen Bluetooth Wireless Communication. Ghidorah-sama, I present to you, the artificial life, my cyborg masterpiece - THE SPAWN!`

    Lab Rynthe, Monster Island.

    "OK, so I know you guys want to go back home to Tokyo but -" Achilles began, but Sakura cut in.

    "Nuh-u. Not me and Rei. He's supposed to live with me and my family doesn't bloody give a damn if I have a heart stroke or if I disappear."

    "Well, old man, we have a life, you understand? We can't afford to sit around beating up monsters. I have a nice job with a nice location in a nice city - and you just came in and stole my whole life!" Kazu roared at Achilles.

    "That's just your life - this is your destiny! And who'rya calling old man?"

    "Destiny schmestiny, get outta my way. Rodan, help me out. I am going home with my sons and this shithead gotta get outta my way."

    Rodan shook her head. "This is not a matter in which she will take part."

    "Nor will we," Mothra added, much to the surprise of both humans and kaiju.

    "What's all the **** about?" Godzilla roared, entering the argument suddenly. "Can't I even eat my Icthyosaurus sushi in peace?"

    "Red bean sauce or pea curry sides?" Achilles ventured.

    Godzilla glared at him. "My sides are gonna be your bone marrow if you don't shut up!"

    Achilles promptly shut up.

    "Ryo," Yamato whispered to his brother, "I think your partner scares the *** off Achilles."

    Godzilla, still chewing, flexed his neck, causing a loud creak, then cracked his knuckles.

    "Ready for the training, ningen?" he growled roughly.

    "What?" Rei looked interested. "Combat sims?"

    "I put together a set of personalized training sims with 3D and lazer-touch interface," Achilles explained, and would have continued explaining how he built each and every string of code if Godzilla hadn't given him a warning look. "Ah, well, see for yourself." He spoke to the computer. "Computer, open folder Combat Training Simulations from Local Disk C, open to folder Level One, and execute all files. Open on systems one through four. Guys, into the simrooms, please." Achilles waved at the rooms behind the row of computers.

    Lab Rynthe, Monster Island.

    "Training, ha!" scoffed Kazu. "You called that measly bunch 'SWAT Team' and the big lobster "Crustaceous Rex"? Come on!"

    "The lobster fried in an instant," Yamato added.

    "It wasss deliciousss," Manda hissed.

    "How could you eat a training sim?" Sakura asked in interest.

    "The SWATs must've been loaded with blanks 'cause we didn't even lose a single hit point," Godzilla said gruffly. "What a bore."

    "Oh, come on, that was Level One and there are another 86 more! And even I can't force the comp to skip levels without rewriting the whole thing," Achilles protested. "Get back in, you're doing upto Level Twenty-five at least today." His face darkned suddenly. "Or maybe not. Get ready. Kaiju at Shiba Arcade - a walking slimeball. We picked up his radiation levels and they're amazingly low, but he's loaded with power. I suspect it's the Opressor's lead scientist - he's a mangy old monster. Okay, guys, get ready. Teleporter initializing. 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... go!"
    Shoot Confirmed.

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