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    Default Best movie idea

    So me and some friends were talking, we were discussing the best thing to put in a movie. After a while we came up with it. In the movie, show a random murder or a crime scene. Don't follow up on it just have it there for a short while. And it has nothing to do with the movie at all.

    This would work anywhere in the movie. Beginning because they would think it has something to do with the movie. Middle because it would just mess with people. End because they'd think its with a sequel.

    I think it would be fun just to hear them go insane trying to figure it out. See all of the speculations.

    There is my awesome movie idea.

    Now it's your turn feel free to post your ideas.
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    I would do that but I'd have it end up being a completely inconsequential thing, plot-wise, like how the plane crash was foreshadowed in Breaking Bad for 2 seasons running but it never resulted in any main character's deaths
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    @idea one: yes, because the audience would love that. You'd need a committed fan base to stir any positive reaction ...

    @idea two: never seen Breaking Bad.


    Not so much as an idea, (well, neither were those) but to have a plotline so elaborate that, in the end, you don't know who was bad, good, etc.; or even something so confusing (but logical) that depending on what you think, or are biased towards, the plot changes. (In your opinion because the actual plot's too hard to decipher.)

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