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    It was really a bad day. I saw something bad, heard something bad and did something bad. I am guilty for what happened. It's really hard to do a bad thing, it's like our moral values are poking us and saying not to do. But at the end of the day, there were two incidents. First, while I was sitting in a bus, there was a disput going on. It was for an Old lady. The seat was reserved for Senior Citizens and a rude man said the man to get up and let that lady sit. The man ignored it and then the other guy started to shout. They both were fighting and the old lady said that to stop this. I thought for a moment, my stop is going to come so I got up and let that lady to sit there. Everyone was appriciating me and those men were redfaced. :P

    What good/bad has happened to you? Post yours.

    Bold = Actually that bad thing happened to me at the start of the day but at Evening, I did something good.
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