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    There's a plethora of shippings available in pokemon, which leave it open for some interesting discussions. Unfortunately a lot of the threads about obscure pairings die pretty quickly, sometimes get bumped and unfortunately have to be closed. Never met pairings are also hard to discuss on it's own thread, especially if there's a lack of material. So any pairing that dosen't have an active thread, is free to be discussed here. This is now your chance to express your love to your favourite obscure pairings. All terms and conditions from the forums apply. :3

    Best place to talk about Pokemon x Pokemon pair is this thread. and the Best place to talk about pokemon x human pairs would be here. But I'll let you discuss them here.

    Here's some questions to get the ball rolling.
    Which shipping do you feel is severely underrated and why?

    I think Egoshipping is very underrated because the two of them have such interesting personalities and I've been impressed by the fan art and fics I've seen of them.

    Which two characters do you think would be an instant hit if the two met in the canon universe?
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