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Thread: Ask the girl with a broken smile (PG13) (Wishful Shipping)

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    Default Ask the girl with a broken smile (PG13) (Wishful Shipping)

    Overall Rating: PG-13
    Pairings: Wishful Shipping (IrisxCilan)
    Author's note: Just wanted to start off with a simple shipping that most people on this forum that hang out in the Shipping forums and Anime will know. Hoping for this to a decent first fic. (Oneshot)
    Sidenote: First Shipping fic so they will improve!

    -----------Ask the girl with a broken Smile-----------
    ------------Wishful Shipping (IrisxCilan)-----------

    Iris was with her Dragon Master, the most feared trainer after the Elite 4 and most experienced trainer in all of Unova, Drayden. Drayden`s Son Draken who was also training with his father noticed her depressed.

    “What’s wrong?” Draken asked Iris.

    “Nothing” she sighed. Knowing there was. Draken decided to call Iris`s boy bestfriend Cilan.

    “Hi Cilan” Draken said. Due to being Drayden`s son, the 17 year old had access to all of the gym leaders in Unova and in nearby Sinnoh. “Anything Wrong” Cilan asked.

    “Have you been with Iris lately?”

    “No Draken why do you ask?”

    “I think she is depressed. You better go see her”

    After hearing the news. Cilan bolted over to see her 15 year old best friend in Opelucid City. Iris was laying in her bed depressed as Cilan knew that Draken wasn`t just getting him stirred up.

    “Hi Iris” Cilan said trying to make her feel better. Hearing that voice made Iris smile, smile a lot.

    “Hi Cilan!” Iris said hugging him.

    “Why were you depressed?”

    “Because of how long it has been before we saw each other.”

    “Do you want to go see a movie tonight?” Cilan asked. “We could catch up?”

    “Yes please.” Iris said looking very happy that he would say that. “I heard Make Out was coming out soon if you wanted to go see that.” Iris asked to Cilan.

    “Yeah sure!” Cilan said looking a bit nervous. Cilan was thinking about how young he was for a successful relationship with a girl. He was 2 years older than Iris so the age difference would be very awkward for him. He hoped that she wouldn`t ask him out as a relationship duo.

    It was 9:30PM local time. Iris and Cilan were in their cinema seats as the movie previews began.

    “Do you know what this movie is about?” Cilan asked nervously.

    “No I just liked the name” Iris said quietly so the other viewers wouldn`t get annoyed. Cilan gasped in his head. It turned about to be one of the chick flicks with a very large family and a rich handsome boy and a girl that feels neglected in life. It was quite similar to the Titanic with the large family and without a boat. However something strange happened to Cilan. He had felt more ready for a relationship during Make Out and his love interest peaked after the movie.

    “How was the movie?” Iris asked to Cilan.

    “Best movie I have ever saw” Cilan said heart pumping.

    “One of the greatest I have seen aswell.” Then Iris asked Cilan a question that would change his life.

    “Do you want to go out to a restaurant as a couple?” Cilan could only say one word.

    “Yes!” he said resoundingly.

    “Great!” Iris said happy that he wanted to. They went to the Sweet Dreams restaurant in Nimbasa City. It was there that Cilan would get kissed by a girl for the first time in the 17 years that he had been living in. He had kissed a few boys and one FOB but that was it. Cilan also found it suprising that Iris wasn`t attracted to all of the hot FOB kids at their school of Pokémon Mastery. They had a great dinner which was mainly consisted of Fish, something you would see at Olivine in Johto`s west. Cilan and Iris had experienced a magical date. Kisses and hugs were being thrown at them like debris from a hurricane.

    3 Years passed on and they had gotten married and rented an apartment in Castelia City for at least 6 months with options to increase the amount of time. Cilan could not ask for a better partner and Iris couldn`t either. They also couldn`t have seen a better movie that Make Out was and couldn`t have a better life that they were living. The End.
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    I'm not sure if anyone has said it, but welcome to the forums. I think it's quite good for a first fic because it's quite cute and innocent. The ending could have been expanded a bit more in my opinion, but since it's just a one shot it might not have mattered. I'd have liked to have known more about Draken, from what I can tell he seems pretty caring and relaxed.

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