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Thread: If you were a Gym Leader or Elite Four, what type of pokemon would you use?

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    Although I like a lot of types, really, maybe i'll go for an electric type team with Pikachu, Jolteon (is that a bit harsh? xD; he can be pretty swift...), Raichu, and Pachirissu, maybe Emolga and/or Pichu, too.

    Electric types are fun^^ My favorites tend to be the cuties, But one's like Manetric, Zebstrika, and, Luxray are cool, too^^

    Hmn, I like Luxray out of those 3. I like lions. But who to replace with him...

    I also like Elekid. I know his evolutions are a bit stronger, but, I think he looks really cool and neat^^ Maybe the cuteness makes him kinda more badarse looking to me (I seem attracted to the 'eons for pretty much the same reason :3). Small, cute body. But a pair of tough little eyes. Win <3
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    Riku from kingdom hearts is so hot :P

    ^ rawr :P ITS A LION ADD THING. XD

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