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    Firstly, I'd like to welcome you to our shop, Nibblez' & Surprise's Emporium. Everything we have here is legit until proven otherwise, and if it is you can expect a full refund with an apologetic freebie.

    NOTE: My shop is now closed. Unsure if I'll be re-opening it. I'm sorry to those who liked this shop. I truly apologise, I enjoyed my time here and I hope everyone keeps on enjoying themselves trading xD

    1. All of Serebii's rules apply here, as with everywhere else.

    2. Do not trade me hacked. If I found out one was hacked and it was known by the trader, I will demand a refund or a blacklisting will happen.

    3. Clones are done here, let that be known. If you don't approve, then I would refrain from this shop.

    4. RNG abusing for Pokémon is fine by me, and so are some of mine in this shop. Again, if you don't approve then you should refrain from here.

    5. Feel free to leave an offer in the thread or PM me. PMs may take longer but should still be fairly quick.

    6. I do accept NON-REDIS Pokémon and will fully abide this contact. I expect the same under the rare circumstances I give my ones out.

    7. As a rule of thumb, I am not interested in non-flawless unless it's an event or near-flawless. By near I mean the lowest is 29.

    8. Do not lie in your offers, do not say that something is legit and it isn't or say something is flawless and it isn't. This will not bode well with me.

    9. Be polite and curtious on the thread, no reason not to be.

    10. I am on GMT, just for time based trades to be sceduled.

    The Ratio will be equal to both parties.
    1 Shiny = 1 Shiny or 1 Event
    1 Flawless Shiny = 2 Shinies or Flawless Shiny or Flawless Shiny Event
    1 Event = 1 Event or 1 Shiny
    * These are all subject to change dependant on the individual deal but this gives a rough idea.

        Spoiler:- Whitelist:

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:

        Spoiler:- Wants:

        Spoiler:- Dont Want:

        Spoiler:- Trophy Case - NFT:

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    I hope you enjoyed our shop and look forward to seeing your posts in the thread ^_^

    Nibblez FC - 3139-1457-1085
    Surprise FC - 2881-4688-0319
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