for a laugh heres a pre-evo corner suggestion

Ability-honey gather(move tutor moves currently illegal with hustle)
item-focus sash
air cutter/bug bite/swift
ominous wind
tailwind/string shot

basic idea behind this gimmick set is you use endeavor when combee is taken down to 1hp(focus sash) assuming stealth rock isn't out.if you actually get a second attack against you opponent you use either air cutter/bug bite/swift or ominous wind (combees only way of boosting).tailwind/string shot is generally just so combee can do something supporting. Tailwind would probably be better .

other options( or the only other moves it can learn lol)
sweet scent- decreases evasion might be of use.
mud slap-hits steels and rock types and may lower accuracy but still only has a power of 20 so not too useful
snore-not useful as most don't bother putting it to sleep.
gust-weaker than air cutter

Not a good movepool but it is a way to use any male combee you've got.