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    Default SPPF Weekly Graphic Challenge

    Welcome visitor to the SPPF Weekly Graphic Challenge thread! Here you can participate with other graphic designers and create a certain digital work assigned every week.

    There are some rules and regulations to joining so please read everything below if this is your first time.

    + Challenge will be posted every Sunday, at 1 PM EST. If you live in another timezone, please check what time this thread was posted. That is when the new challenge will be posted every week.

    + The posted challenge is open to all graphic designers, beginning or advanced, for 5 days. That's 120 hours after the challenge post.

    + After 120 hours have passed, the 6th day will be critique day. Here, anyone is free to give critique to the participants' work.

    + This is not a contest, despite the similarities to the old Weekly Banner Contest. So there is no prize nor competition. This is just a place for fun and trying out different things and receive feedback on it.

    + You are free to send me a private message on what themes or tasks you hope to see in the future. Each theme/task combination is picked randomly.

    + If participating, you are only allowed to submit one entry. You are free to edit the entry or change it until the 6th day.

    + To participate, make your entry and then post it here! No sign ups or preparation required. Prevent from making posts like "Joining! I'll edit this later with my entry" or you'll be marked for spamming.

    + You can only participate in the current challenge. You cannot submit an entry for a past challenge or make up your own.

    + The theme posted is up to your interpretation. You may use any style and any render from real life, anime or manga, cartoons, video games, celebrities, etc in your entry.

    + The task must be followed at all costs. Nothing bigger or smaller than the requirements.

    + By entering, you have accepted the fact that your entry will be given critique and various comments on how to improve. Please act maturely to these posts and report any bad criticism to either me or Skiyomi.

    Giving Critique
    + By posting critique, comments must be given to ALL participants.

    + By kind when giving critique. Negative and pointless comments will land you an infraction.

    + Refer to this guide if you are stuck on giving criticism.

    + Don't rush your critique. If you don't have time to give good critiques to everybody, don't bother posting.

    + You do not have to give critique on your own entry. You may if you really want to or you can use your spot in your critique post to answer to other critiques that you have received.

    Current Challenge
    Theme: Fantasy
    Task: Create a vertical banner. Any size is permitted.

    Have fun and let's improve!
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