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These are the Shiny Pokemon I have that I can trade to you:
Near Flawless Shiny Adamant Chimchar (31,31,31,--,31,31)
Flawless Shiny Bold Feebas
Flawless Shiny Adamant Terrakion
Shiny Near Flawless Eevee
Shiny Flawless Adamant Mudkip

I am interested in your Shiny Near Flawless Adamant DW Bagon, Shiny Near Flawless Deino, Shiny Near Flawless Scizor, Shiny Flawless DW Poliwag, Shiny Flawless DW Dratini
Can you tell me the OTs of the Feebas, Terrakion, Eevee and Mudkip and the nature of the Eevee?