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Thread: Pokepark 2: Behind the Scenes

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    Default Pokepark 2: Behind the Scenes

    I'm about to start my first ever fanfic! I'll start it within a week probably. This fanfic is going to be based off Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond, but I'll add some funny scenes that aren't in the game to keep you interested. Stay tuned!
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    Please read the Fan fiction Rules before posting in the section. It's great that you want to write a fan fic, but you may only create a new thread if you actually have part of the story within the first post. We do not need every member creating threads just to say "I'll be writing something at some point."

    Also, please note that when you do start writing, using your phone won't cut it. You should be saving your work on Microsoft Word or a similar program.

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