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Thread: Best Fire Red team?

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    I'm currently playing FireRed and it is possibly the best team so far (on FireRed).


    I hope this brings any ideas to anyone.
    EDIT: I just realized that this is a LeafGreen team, so just use Vileplume.
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    After a lot of consideration and countless playthroughs, here is my ultimate team

    #1: Dragonite, although I would've liked it to keep the skill from dragonair (shed skin which removes status ailments almost straight away),
    it's still such a badass! I'm not gunna reel off every stat for every pokemon but with 134 base attack, there's not many pokemon that can stand up to it's might. It can learn attacks from nearly every element (maybe every, not tried it out) and never flinches. Always number one it my team and always the first to reach level 60. Beast.

    #2 Mewtwo, Gengar (if you can trade) Hypno (before you get mewtwo without trading).
    Every decent team needs a psychic pokemon in my eyes. Mewtwo is hands down the most powerful of all the pyschics but it's not really relevant early on in the game so we'll cancel that out for now, gengar with hypnosis, dream eater, nightmare and pyschic will put anything down, huge sp. att, and many attacks will not even affect it. Only problem is the trading part which most people can't do so we'll take a look at hypno, a much tankier version of gengar, and although the stats aren't very amazing you slap dream eater hypnosis and pyschic on him he'll still chop most pokemon down in a pinch

    #3 Lapras, Vaporeon
    Both pretty much the same, lapras can use a wider range of elements but doesn't hit as hard as vaporeon, I personally use vaporeon but if you get a nature that puts sp. att down then i'd say go for lapras they're both very beast-mode DO NOT get gyarados as your water pokemon, aquatics are meant to have massive health and high sp. att (because many elements are weak to either water or ice and vaporeon with hydro pump/surf and blizzard/icebeam will destroy them all)

    #4 Moltres, entei (national dex)

    I see a lot of charizard and arcanine in other peoples teams, the fact is charizard is weak, so lets put that one away. Arcanine isn't all that bad but moltres wipes the floor with it. Especially at higher levels where it learns sky attack and heatwave (insanely good moves) a moltress with flamethrower, fire blast, hyperbeam, and fly will be a very good edition to your team

    #5 Tyranitar, Rhydon

    Tyranitar is my second favourite next to dragonite, with the same base attack as dragonite and every other stat at 100 or very close, it's a total machine. earthquake, flamethrower, crunch, and aerial ace will cover pretty much every weakness of every element and 1-shot most elite 4 memebers with ease. Again you don't have access to tyranitar until very late in the game so i suggest picking up and rhydon. Go all-out ground/normal attack moves with high power and it should be a breeze (alternative to rhydon would be to use golem if you can trade)

    #6 Nidoking

    The coolest looking HM slave in the game in my opinion. rock smash, cut, strength, and some other move that's good if you actually want to use it in a fighting situation. Stats are low in all fairness, but it looks MUCH better than a sandshrew or any other poopoo pokemon you want to teach all your HMs

    So there you go, no suggestions are welcome because it's all down to preference at the end of the day i suppose. But if you want massive stats, you should refer to this guide

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    Venasuar, Rhydon, Arcanine, Jolteon, Lapras, Dragonite/Alakazam/Snorlax/Gengar
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    Party variant 1:

    Golduck - Psychic(egg move)/Surf/Ice Beam(TM)/Calm Mind(TM)
    Machamp - Rock Slide(move tutor)/Brick Break(TM)/Earthquake(TM)/Bulk Up(TM)
    Nidoqueen - Aerial Ace(TM)/Thunderbolt(TM)/Shadowball(TM)/Toxic(TM)

    Party variant 2:

    Primeape - Rock Slide(move tutor)/Earthquake(TM)/Brick Break(TM)/Aerial Ace(TM)
    Electabuzz - Ice Punch(egg move)/Thunderbolt(TM)/Thunderwave(move tutor)/Focus Punch(TM)
    Slowking - Surf/Psychic/Yawn/Swagger

    Party variant 3:

    Kangaskhan - Aerial Ace(TM)/Brick Break(TM)/Earthquake(TM)/Rock Slide(move tutor)
    Misdreavus - Psychic(TM)/Thunderbolt(TM)/Confuse Ray/Thunderwave(move tutor)
    Vaporeon - Surf/Ice Beam/Bite/Toxic

    Party variant 4:

    Dragonite - Surf/Fly/Ice Beam(TM)/Thunderbolt(TM)
    Tyranitar - Rock Slide/Earthquake/Brick Break(TM)/Crunch
    Yanma - Sunny Day(TM)/Solarbeam(TM)/Psychic(TM)/Hypnosis
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    I'm planning to have this team in my JPN FR once I get my Charmander shone:
    Shiny Charmander
    Shiny Vaporeon (trade over shiny Eevee from JPN LG)
    Shiny Gengar
    Shiny Hitmonchan
    Shiny Kabutops
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    Quote Originally Posted by *=Pichu=* View Post
    What would someone recommend for a newbie's team? I am starting on Fire Red tonight.
    Can't go wrong with nidoking/queen. Even if you can't trade, machoke is great. Marowak's good. arcanine is one of the best pokemon in the game, and you can get a fire stone fairly early in, and right next to the casino for tms. What starter?
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    I'm playing through this game with a mixure of beastly and underrated pokemon (with the exception of Nidoking as he's a beast)

    The names Jonny, and I hunt shinies. That's about all you need to know xD

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    I just defeated Blaine and am about to go up against the Elite 4:

    - Charizard (Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Blast Burn, Flamethrower)
    - Gengar (Shadow Ball, Psychic, Night Shade, Giga Drain)
    - Aerodactyl (Double-Edge, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Earthquake)
    - Hitmonlee (Seismic Toss, Reversal, Brick Break, Hi Jump Kick)
    - Gyarados (Hyper Beam, Surf, Hydro Pump, Bite [I will change to Body Slam])
    - Jolteon (Thunderbolt, Thunder, Toxic, Thunderwave)

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    -Vaporeon/Lapras (I would go with Vaporeon, since it's tankier than Lapras and has higher Sp.Att.)
    -Electrode/Jolteon (Pretty much a requirement, since you won't be able to beat Lorelei without an electric type)
    -Alakazam or Kadabra (Need this for Agatha's Gengar. Alakazam is faster and can land 1-hit KO Psychics on her Gengar/Haunter)
    -Venusaur/Vileplume (If you picked Charizard, then go with Vileplume)

    Your grass and water types are your tanks, everything else are range from squishy to normal sweepers.

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    I had a







    P.s these were all out lvl. 80. I had a lvl. 65 dodrio lvl. 71. Mr.Mime (and jynx) In another team i had venasuar, nidoking, gyrados, primape,flareon and wigglytuff

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    Also Snorlax pidgeot hitmonchan and vileplume were great additions to my team as well as hypno

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    My best team on Fire Red?

    SNORLAX, level 82. End of story, (well, other than HM slaves)

    >goes to 4chan

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    well i didn't decide yet of my team, I got the 3 starters but i don't know witch 3 should i raise too between :

    Any ideas ????

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    There is no "best" fire red team unless we are talking competitively. The best pokemon teams consist of pokemon that the trainer likes but can still succeed with.
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    You should use:


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    Exeggutor, Crobat, Steelix, Scizor, Porygon 2, and Lapras.(You can use Venusaur to replace Exeggutor.)
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    My team is
    Venusaur frenzy plant solarbeam cut and razor leaf.
    Dragonite slam and i don't remember the rest
    Zapdos thunder thunder wave agility and drill peck
    Typhlosion ember flame wheel quick attack and swift
    Snorlax Surf fire blast yawn earthquake
    Pidgeot fly steel wing quick attack and wing attack
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    I know nobody really likes Blastoise anymore....but my team that completely swept was:

    Blastoise- Surf-Ice Beam-Hydropump-Skull Bash.......Modest
    Flareon- Flamethrower-Sunny Day-Shadow Ball-Fire Blast...... Modest
    Raichu- Thunderbolt-Thunder-Rain Dance-Quick Attack.......Timid
    Snorlax- Body Slam- Earthquake- Rest- Sleep Talk......Careful
    Aerodactyl- Rock Slide-Earthquake-Aerial Ace-Double Edge (Rock Head).......Adamant
    Machamp- Dynamic Punch-Crosschop-Revenge-Strength........Jolly

    Ya don't need a Grass type
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    Default My Team

    Doesnt matter how many times I played this game or how many pokemons I catch my team was and will ALWAYS be:

    1- Charmander / Charmeleon / Charizard
    2- Eevee / Jolteon
    3- Nidoran / Nidorino / Nidoking
    4- Gastly / Haunter / Gengar
    5- Scyther
    6- Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath

    This team never fail me
    beside Legendary pokemons are fun to catch but no fun to use
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    Default Is there a "best team"?

    I think there's no best team, it depends of your battling style, are you defensive, neutral or attacking? Do you only like attack moves, or do you like moves that poisons, sleeps, paralyzes, burns or freezes your opponent?
    This is my current team, and it was really easy to beat the game:
    Venusaur (I have Charizard, but you wanted to start with Bulbasaur )
    Articuno (is legendary, but it's strong, you could choose another ice type)
    Rhydon (He can really resist much attacks, i hated to fight Rhydon, so i choose him)
    Magmar (He is Fire-Type, but can learn Thunderpunch, so can fight water pokemon)
    Lapras (Another ice type)
    Sceptile (i have traded it from Emerald, Frenzy plant and Leaf Blade really recomended)

    You could delete Articuno, and replace it for a Raichu, because then you have got a real Electric type, Lapras is a ice type so you can delete Articuno.

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    Psychic-type is a must! (Beats 8 of the 26 Pokémon, including ALL of Agatha's)
    Electric beats 4 of Lorelei's Pokémon, 2 of Lance's and 2 of Gary's.
    Fire beats Jynx and Exeggutor/Blastoise
    Water beats Bruno's Onix x2 and 2 of Gary's Pokémon
    Ice beats 3 of Lance's

    Gary's Alakazam? Since there are no Dark types until after the Elite Four, preferably get a dual-typed Psychic type and hit Kaz with the other type.

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