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    Quote Originally Posted by hol123 View Post
    The thing that bugs me is that they were once again sooo close to succeeding.
    True, but again, this is a kids show. The most we'll get is the villains winning in all the build-up to the big events, but even if they come close, they'll fail in the big event themselves. That's what happened here with Team Rocket (succeeded in stealing the date of the fossil revival machine in BW39 and succeeded in getting away with rocks of Chargestone Cave in BW64, but ultimately failed in this two-parter). It's happened with other villains in the past too, like Team Galactic (success up to a point, but then ultimate failure.)

    Quote Originally Posted by thunderblade12 View Post
    Its because this seriously didn't need to be a two-parter. All it was is another Team Rocket-centric filler that we've been accustomed to since Johto.

    1. Team Rocket have a plan to steal pokemon X for reason Y - Ash and co. conveniently meet Pokemon X (and sometimes its trainer also)
    2. Team Rocket make up some devious plan to capture pokemon X that fails
    3. They then have to resort to taking it by force and show how pathetically weak their pokemon are compared to the main group's
    4. Pokemon X aids in preventing its capture somehow and the battle ends most often with a Thunderbolt from Pikachu
    5. Happy ending for Pokemon X
    First off, in what way was this comedic? Seriously?

    Secondly, I'm going to deconstruct this:

    1. Team Rocket's plan was partially to REVIVE the Pokemon; Ash and co. never would have met it if TR hadn't taken action first.
    2. Except their plan did NOT fail; they revived the Pokemon and the Door of Time was opened exactly as they'd planned.
    3. They already HAD the Pokemon when they battle Ash and co., and their Pokemon put up a heck of a fight and weren't "pathetically weak".
    4. This is the only one you got right, but again, this is the Pokemon anime. You ought to be expecting things like this.
    5. Happy ending? Carracosta had to go back to it's own time and seperated forever from it's human friend. That's bittersweet, but not happy.

    So yeah, only ONE part of that formula holds true to this two-parter.

    And again, you think one episode could effictively establish the CotD and Pokemon, tell their backstory, have Ash meet Dr. Zager, have past TR appearances fully explained and tied in to this, have the Pokemon in question revived, have a big battle, have a complicated process like opening the Door of Time take place, and be wrapped up in a satisfying manner?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spider-Phoenix View Post
    I'm amazed with how sudden a fossil pokemon can get an evolution. It has to be something in the water lol.
    I assume it might have been near ready to evolve before it got fossilized, and just picked up where it left off once it got revived.
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