Oh my god Agent Pierce, why do you care? It's a thread for posting opinions and some people didn't like the episode. Get over it. I don't see you calling people out on things non-TR related.

Literally nothing happend in these episodes. It was a generic, boring plot that could easily have fit into one episode. The climax of the episode was the same Pikachu vs Team Rocket that we've been seeing for the last fifteen years. And please don't give me that "Ash met Zager OMG" bull, that means nothing. Their interactions were nothing exceptional.

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Sad to see they squandered the chance to properly use the built-up tension and plot they first set in motion in the Archeos ep, almost 8-9 months ago....
Agreed, that was one of my main problems. If they were going to bother a building up the plot, I think they should have had something better at the culmination of it.