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    Yes, I have posted this on fanfiction, figured I'd post it here as well. Chapters have been pre-written, but I will be updating as I see fit.

    This fic takes place sometime during the Unova journey (Which I unfortunately have not been following.) I got this idea after I beat Red on Mt. Silver in Soul Silver, (As you can see, I'm a bit behind Pokémon wise)

    Rated K

    Chapter 1: Tragic Surprise

    May found herself on Route 1, heading down to Pallet Town. After a long journey through Johto and Shinnoh, she had finally taken some time off to see her family. And as happy as they were to see her, she was ready to hit the road once again. After staying in Petalburg City for about a week, she packed up again, ready to set off on another new adventure.

    But where would she go next?

    May had gone through Kanto and Hoenn with her friends Ash, Brock, and her little brother Max, and gone through Johto and Sinnoh with her rivals Drew, Harley, and Solidad. May had felt ready to take a break from her rivals, mostly because of Harley. Drew and Solidad were fine to travel with, but Harley made most trips miserable. In fact, May couldn't even express her relief when she heard about the Wallace Cup and traveled to Sinnoh, finally ready to take a break from Harley.

    Imagine how she suffered afterwards.

    Harley never forgot the fact that May lost to a rookie like Dawn. May actually was afraid of going back to Johto because she knew she would never hear the end of it. From then on out, before every contest, Harley would get her down in the dumps, reminding her of that embarrassing loss. His big, stupid mouth cost her a few ribbons.

    Her travels with her rivals had prevented her from thinking too big of herself though, which probably prevented some embarrassment, but she was definitely more than ready to be rid of Harley, and travel without her rivals for a while.

    A long, long while.

    That's when Ash came to mind, she hadn't seen him in a long time. Now that she thought about it, they hadn't even talked for a long time. She grew anxious as she approached the little town Ash had lived in before he began his journey.

    I wonder if he'll remember me, May thought to herself, he has so many friends, I wonder how he keeps track of them all. May suddenly had an urge to walk faster, as if she had to get the town before he forgot, and every minute counted.

    Calm down, May thought to herself, You're just visiting an old friend, maybe going with him to a new region. No biggie, no rush...

    ... Unless he's about to leave! May broke into a sprint, small puffs of dust rose from the dirt road as she dashed down the path. Her brown hair flew wildly in the wind as she gained speed.

    Please be home, please be home, please be home! May thought as she ran, I've come way too far for you not to be home...

    May ran past a sign that read "Welcome to Pallet Town! Home of the world famous Professor Oak!" May ignored the sign and ran around the town, trying to remember how she found Ash's house last time.

    Last time...

    That was a long time ago, May thought. She and her brother had just finished their journey through Hoenn, and had returned home, separating from Ash and Brock, the second saddest moment in her life, only time that had been worse than that was after she and her friends had gone through Kanto, when she knew she wouldn't see Ash or Brock for a very long time. After her travels through Hoenn, she and Max returned home. But she quickly left and went back to Pallet Town in hopes to travel with Ash yet again.

    And now history was repeating itself.

    Except this time she couldn't find the house. She remembered it being well kept and cheerful. She looked back and forth, from house to house, trying to find the house she faintly remembered.

    Suddenly she stopped. She looked at a particular house, remembering the house she had seen long ago., but something was wrong. it wasn't well kept and cheerful anymore. The garden was gone, the grass was extremely long, and the paint on the walls was peeling. May blinked and shook her head looking at the house, but nothing changed.

    Maybe they moved? May thought to herself, suddenly dreading she would never be able to find Ash. She slowly approached to house, quietly walking up the stepped to the front door, which didn't look much better than the rest of the house. She put her hand up to the door, preparing to knock, but stopped herself. What if a total stranger lives here? What if the house had been abandoned and was now inhabited by ghost Pokémon? She shivered at the thought of the door being answered by a huge Gengar or Dusclops.

    "Only one way to find out," May said, knocking on the door. She waited a few seconds. Her heart almost leapt out of her throat when she heard footsteps behind the door. She had half a mind to run when she saw the doorknob jiggle, but managed to hold her ground. The door swung open.


    Startled, May fell backwards and down the steps. She hit the ground with a loud thud and let out a groaned in pain.

    "Oh my gosh! May? Is that you?"

    May lift her head and saw-

    "Mrs. Ketchum?" May asked, inspecting the woman. She hasn't the same, cheerful young woman she had met before, she now had a few wrinkles and grey hairs, and she had gained a little weight. She wore a pink fluffy bathrobe, and had dark circles under her eyes.

    Mrs. Ketchum bent over giving May a hand, helping the girl up. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry! I thought-" Mrs. Ketchum began.

    "No, it's okay, I'm fine, really," May said, brushing herself off.

    "Oh, what am I doing leaving you out here in the cold, come in! Come in!" Mrs. Ketchum said, motioning May to come in. May nodded and stepped inside, still wondering what was going on and where Ash was.

    "Have a seat! I'll pour you a glass of milk!" Mrs. Ketchum exclaimed from the kitchen, May heard the fridge creak as it was opened. She sat down on the couch, in the same place she had sat when Ash had asked her if she wanted to join him though Kanto. She looked around the room, and saw the inside hadn't been kept or cleaned at all, just like the outside. The coffee table and couches had thick layers of dust; May silently wrote her name and drew a heart on the coffee table.

    "It's so nice to have a visitor, I can't remember the last time I had one," Mrs. Ketchum said, walking in with two cups of milk, setting them down on the coffee table. She looked around the room and took notice of all the dust, and May's name and the heart on the coffee table.

    "Sorry I didn't tidy up. Had I known you were coming I would have baked you a cake," Mrs. Ketchum said. May laughed and took a sip of her milk, making an odd face as it touched her tongue.

    It was sour…

    … Very sour.

    May forced herself to swallow the old, yucky milk she had in her mouth, not wanting to make a scene in front of Mrs. Ketchum.

    "So, did you have fun in Johto?" Mrs. Ketchum asked, "That's where I heard you went last."

    May nodded and smiled, "It was fun, but I actually also went through the Sinnoh region as well."

    "Oh, how nice! Did you catch any new Pokémon?" Mrs. Ketchum asked. May tilted her head, noting that she had yet to bring up Ash.

    "Yeah, I got a few new ones," May said, preparing to bring up the question she had formed since she entered the house.

    "So... Where's Ash? Is he not here?" May asked. Mrs. Ketchum looked at her for a minute, not moving, her lip began to quiver, and suddenly the woman burst into tears.

    "Mrs. Ketchum! What's wrong?" May exclaimed, standing up and hurrying to the balling woman.

    "H-have you not h-heard?" Mrs. Ketchum asked.

    "Heard what? I don't know what you're talking about," May said, beginning to dread the worst.

    "Ash's... Gone!" Mrs. Ketchum blurted, crying even harder. May's heart hunk and water began to form in her eyes.

    Suddenly, everything made sense. The un-kept house, the lack of communication with Ash, Mrs. Ketchum's sudden ageing…

    "F-for-forever?" she barely asked, "D-dead?" Mrs. Ketchum took several deep breaths, trying her best to regain her composer.

    "A while back," She began, "Ash was in Unova, where he was collecting badges, but, something happened and he... He just disappeared... Without a trace... The last time anyone had heard from him was a brief conversation he had with Dawn months ago over the television phones..."

    May sniffed and wiped her eyes, so there was still hope. Just because he disappeared doesn't mean he's dead, she thought. She too, began to take deep breaths to regain her composer.

    "I don't know what to do!" Mrs. Ketchum said, "It's been so many months since it happened, I'm beginning to... To lose hope..."

    May put a reassuring hand on the woman's shoulder, "Don't lose hope, Ash would want you to stay strong," May said quietly.

    "I-I know," Mrs. Ketchum said, running her eyes, "I have been trying to, but I'm reaching the end of my sanity..." she reached over and grabbed her milk, taking a sip. Her eyes suddenly bulged and she quickly spit it out.

    May now found herself walking through Pallet Town, thinking and worrying about Ash. Mrs. Ketchum had gone out grocery shopping, mainly to get some good milk. May was lost in her thoughts, a blank, but sad look on her face as she quietly walked down the paved road.

    If Ash isn't dead, then where is he? It's not like him to wordlessly disappear and fail to communicate with others, May thought, what would make him disappear like that?

    May stopped short when she heard a growl. She looked down at her stomach, suddenly realizing how hungry she was. She looked left and right, spotting a small deli. She walked over and stepped inside, hoping to fill her empty stomach. The deli was fairly empty; only one table was occupied by a girl brown hair and a huge white hat with a red bow, and a boy who also had brown hair, which spiked all in every direction and a lab coat. May walked up to the counter where a large man stood, rubbing a plate with a rag. She took her order and sat down at a table, waiting for her food.

    "My Pokémon are super strong!"

    May looked over and saw that the boy and the girl were having a conversation.

    "Just don't think too big of yourself, Lyra," the boy said. 'Lyra' let out a huff.

    "Please, I have battled so many different trainers and seen so many Pokémon. My epic team is unstoppable!" Lyra said, before making a face, "except..." but her voice trailed off.

    "Except what?" the boy asked, curious about what she was going to say.

    "Here is your meal."

    May snapped out of her thoughts and looked up to see the man holding a tray with her food. May smiled and took the tray, placing it on the table in front of her, and began to eat.

    "I don't want to talk about it, you would just tease me to death, Gary," Lyra said, 'Gary' let out a laughed.

    "I promise I won't tease you about it... This one time..." Gary assured her. Lyra sighed and rolled her eyes.

    "Except for this one trainer..." she said quietly, barely above a whisper, May could barely hear what she said.

    "Oh?" Gary asked.

    "I went up to Mount Silver to train for a while, hoping to make my Pokémon even more unstoppable than before," Lyra said, "I had reached the peak, where I had planned on training, but there was someone already there..."

    Gary leaned forward, rather intrigued, May also found herself leaning in their direction, interested in their conversation.

    "I didn't get it, there was a strong snow storm blowing about like crazy, and this person stood out there with his Pikachu, and he wasn't wearing anything but a red vest, jeans, and a red cap. He stood like a statue and his back was facing me," Lyra said, "I figured he hadn't heard me, so I planned to just find somewhere else to train, but his Pikachu noticed me."

    "And then?" Gary asked.

    "I'm getting there! I'm getting there! Anyways, the Pikachu that had been on his shoulder noticed me and got the person's attention." Lyra said, "He wordlessly turned around looked at me, his eyes seemed empty and emotionless, he slowly grabbed a Pokéball and released out a huge Snorlax."

    "Yeah? What happened next?"

    Lyra and Gary turned and looked at May, who quickly covered her mouth with her hand; she hadn't meant to ask that question aloud, she hadn't wanted them to know she had been listening to them.

    "Have you been listening?" Lyra asked, May sighed and nodded. Lyra and Gary exchanged glances before Lyra motioned for her to join them. Although surprised, May picked up her tray of food and placed it on their table, scooting a chair over to continue listening.

    "Sorry," May said.

    "It's no biggie," Lyra said, "It's an intriguing story." She was right about that.

    "Now where was I?" Lyra said, Thinking for a moment, "Oh yeah, anyways, he pulled out his Snorlax, I figured that he must have wanted to battle, so I pulled out a Pokémon and battled him."

    "And you lost?" Gary asked.

    "No, worse," Lyra said, "It wasn't over when he defeated my first Pokémon, I had originally thought that it was a one on one battle, but he stood there, waiting for me to call out my next Pokémon."

    Lyra sighed and took a bite of her food, enjoying the fact that she had been keeping Gary and May in suspense.

    "What's your name?" Lyra asked, May pointed to herself, making sure Lyra had been referring to her.

    "My name is May," May said, Lyra nodded and shook her hand.

    "I'm Lyra, and this is Gary, he's the grandson of the great Professor Oak!" Lyra said, May nodded to Gary, acknowledging his existence. Gary looked a bit annoyed as Lyra kept them in suspense.

    "So anyways, that trainer defeated all of my team," Lyra said, "With just that Snorlax."

    "What?" Gary exclaimed, eyes wide.

    "It's crazy right?" Lyra said, "This trainer wasn't like anything I had ever seen, the weird part was, he didn't ever speak, not one word, even when we battled!" Lyra said, "I couldn't even defend myself against moves because I didn't know what Snorlax would do next. If was like the trainer had taught the Snorlax to battle by itself without any commands or help."

    "That's creepy," Gary said.

    "I've seen it one time before," May said, Gary and Lyra looked at her.

    "You have?" Lyra asked, May nodded in response.

    "Where?" Gary asked.

    May thought back to when she had been traveling through Kanto with Ash, Brock, and Max. Ash was going through challenging the Battle Frontier. He needed two more Frontier Symbols, and challenged the brain of the Battle Tower, Anabel.

    "I met a Frontier Brain named Anabel," May explained, "She developed an ability to communicate with her Pokémon without speaking aloud."

    "Wow, I wonder if this trainer on top of Mount Silver trained with someone like Anabel," Gary said, Lyra shrugged.

    "I don't know, but some day, I want to have a rematch that trainer and show him who's boss!" Lyra said, throwing her fist in air.

    May said goodbye to her new friends and started heading back to Ash's house. As she walked by she recognized the familiar Professor Oak's Laboratory.

    A visit wouldn't hurt, May thought to herself. She trudged up the tall hill to the building sitting at the top, giving the door a good knock. After a few minutes, the doorknob jiggled and Tracy opened the door.

    "Hey, I remember you; you're Max's big sister, May, aren't you?" Tracy asked her, May smiled and nodded.

    "Yep, it's good to see you again, Tracy," May said, Tracy stepped out of the way and let May in.

    "Is the Professor here today?" May asked. Tracy shook his head.

    "No, he's out doing field work," Tracy replied, the two children walk out into the fields where the Pokémon play.

    "Hey, I heard you have a Blaziken," Tracy said, May turned and looked at him.

    "Yeah, I do," she said, "Would you like to see her?" Tracy's eyes grew wide with excitement.

    "Yeah!" he said, pulling out a pencil and paper, "Do you mind if I draw her?" he asked, May shook her head and let Blaziken out. May and Tracy sat down in the cool grass as Tracy began to draw.

    "So what brings you here?" Tracy asked, not looking away from his work.

    May scratched her head and flopped down on her back, taking a deep breath, "I was coming over to visit Ash, but..." her voice trailed off. Tracy looked up and sadly glanced at May.

    "Yeah," he said quietly, "He's gone..."

    May sat up quickly, and grabbed Tracy by his shirt, "No! He's not gone! He can't be!" she yelled in his face. Suddenly realizing what she did, May let go of Tracy and stood up, taking a few steps back.

    "I-I'm sorry," she said, bowing her head and gazing at the ground, "I don't know what came over me..."

    May began to sniff, wiping her eyes, "I-it's just that, the idea of him being gone is... Is..."

    "It's okay," Tracy said, continuing to draw Blaziken, "You just had to let out your emotions somehow." May nodded and smiled sadly, sitting back down by Tracy.

    "You know," Tracy said, "Just between you and me, I'm almost one hundred percent sure Ash is still out there..." May looked up at Tracy, giving him a hopeful look.

    "Why do you say that?" May asked, Tracy gestured towards the field.

    "See the Pokémon around? How many Pokémon do you see that were Ash's?" Tracy asked. May looked around, she remembered many of the Pokémon Ash had owned, but she couldn't see any of them, not even any of his Tauros.

    "None," May said, looking at Tracy.

    "Exactly, shortly after we lost all contact with Ash, all his Pokémon seem to magically disappear as well," Tracy said, "I also made a few calls and found out that his Squirtle, Charizard, and Gliscor were also missing..."

    May turned away, mind reeling. Where could he be?

    Wait a minute, May thought, Lyra had said the boy had a Pikachu on his shoulder, and that he used a Snorlax. Maybe it's a coincidence, but it sounds like Ash.

    "Tracy, can I use your phone?" May asked.

    "Sure, go right ahead it's in the kitchen," Tracy said. May stood up and hurried into the laboratory, looking for the kitchen. She found the video phone, and after flipping through a phone book nearby, she found the phone number she had been looking for. She punched the number into the video phone and the screen lit up, making a faint humming sound.

    Answer, answer, answer! May thought impatiently.


    May looked at the screen, instantly recognizing the person on the screen.

    "Anabel!" May exclaimed.

    "May? Is that you?" Anabel asked, she head seemingly growing bigger as she got closer to the camera.

    "Yeah, it's me," May said, "Look, I have a question."

    Anabel nodded, as if already knowing what the question was, "Okay, shoot..."

    May took a deep breath, and began to explain to Anabel that Ash had disappeared, and what she had heard that day. "So my question is, have you seen Ash since he disappeared?" May finally asked, dreading Anabel's answer. Anabel sighed in relief, thankful that they had reached the main point.

    "Yes," she replied, "Yes I have." May's eyes widened and she breathed a deep sigh of relief.

    Thank Arceus, she thought, thankful that one of her best friends was not, in fact, dead.

    "He stayed with me for about a month and a half, training to have a deeper bond with each of his Pokémon, and learning to communicate with them through telepathy, but one day, he and his Pokémon left," Anabel explained.

    "So do you know where he is now?" May asked.

    Anabel shook her head, "No."

    "What? He didn't say where he was going?" May asked.

    Anabel sadly shook her head, "He didn't even say goodbye, one morning I woke up, he and his Pokémon where gone, left without a trace..." May blinked a few times, wondering why he would have done that.

    "Well, I'm going to get to the bottom of this," May said. Anabel smiled and nodded.

    "Well, I wish you good luck," Anabel said.

    The two girls said goodbye and May turned off the TV phone. He's up on Mount Silver, she concluded, He disappeared, and ran off to Mount Silver.

    She stood up and hurried outside, anxious to tell Tracy. But she stopped, suddenly realizing she didn't want to get too far ahead of herself.

    Maybe... I shouldn't tell anyone yet, May thought to herself, not sure what to do yet, she was surprised nobody had figured this out yet. She leaned up against the wall and took a deep breath. Mrs. Ketchum deserves to know, she thought, I can't leave her here all miserable. But as May continued to think she realized the consequences.

    But what if the trainer up there isn't Ash? I would get her hope up just to crush them, she would be heartbroken all over again, May thought, running her hand under her bandana and through her brown hair. This is so frustrating, she thought. She looked around, noticing some pictures hanging on the wall. She stepped up closer and looked at them; many consisted of a young boy with brown hair playing with a younger Ash. May smiled and touched the Ash on one of the pictures. He seemed so happy and cheerful.

    "Enjoying the view?"

    May almost jumped out of her skin and spun around. She saw the young man named Gary, whom had been talking to Lyra at the deli. "I-is that you in those pictures?" May stuttered, still shaken by the boy's sudden appearance.

    The boy nodded. "Yeah, but that was a long time ago," Gary said, stepping over and examining the pictures, "And this is an old friend of mine." he tapped on Ash on another one of the pictures.

    May sighed and sadly smiled, "Yeah, I used to know him," she said, beginning to recall the many memories she had shared with Ash. Gary raised a brow and flopped down on one of the sofas in the room.

    "Oh really?" he asked, "How did you know him?" May looked at the pictures one last time before sitting down on the sofa opposite of Gary.

    "We traveled through the entire Hoenn region together," May sighed, "He taught me everything I know about Pokémon."

    "Oh," Gary said, "So I take it you heard about his death."

    May rose to her feet quickly, "He's not dead!" she exclaimed frustration laced in her voice. There she went again, bursting into rage at the idea that Ash was dead. May sighed and bowed her head and gazed at the floor.

    "S-sorry," May said, "I have been having trouble controlling my emotions..." She sat down on the couch again, ashamed of shouting.

    "Eh, it's no biggie," Gary said, "In fact, from what Lyra told me, I don't think Ash is actually gone, he's up on Mount Silver... But..."

    May leaned forward in her seat, "But?" she asked, wanting him to continue.

    "I haven't figured out how he battles without talking to his Pokémon," Gary admitted. His head snapped up and he looked at May, "Say, you said you met another trainer who could do that. Was that while you were traveling with Ash?"

    May nodded, "Yep, I was about to tell you, I just called the trainer and she said Ash had stayed with her for a while, right before his disappearance, training to talk to his Pokémon through telepathy."

    Gary tilted his head nodded, "Well then I'm almost one hundred percent sure he is the trainer on Mount Silver."

    May twiddled her fingers, "I want to go up to Mount Silver and see for myself," She said, looking at Gary, "Want to come with me?"

    Gary smirked and rubbed his hands together, "I was already planning on it," he said, "I'm getting tired of always seeing Mrs. Ketchum so upset." May nodded.

    "But will you go with me?" She asked, Gary looked out the window, thinking about it.

    "Well," he said, "Seeing you're a friend of Ash's, I'll say yes, but I'm leaving tomorrow, so you need to be ready."

    May nodded and stuck out her hand for a handshake, "Deal." she said, Gary smirked, grabbed her hand, and shook it.

    May decided to stay with Mrs. Ketchum, at Ash's house, Mrs. Ketchum let May sleep in Ash's bedroom, which looked like it hadn't been touched in ages.

    May couldn't sleep though; she stood up and looked around, becoming interested in what she could find in Ash's room. The first thing that caught May's attention was Ash's set of achievements; she saw a small golden trophy, which he had earned for winning the Orange League. She saw his sets of badges from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. He had all his Frontier Symbols in a separate case, as well as his badges from the Orange League. She noted how his badges from Unova were not present.

    She looked around some more rummaging through a bookshelf, finding different books about Pokémon and battling. She noticed a photo album as well. She pulled it out and sat down on the floor and began to look through it. The first several pages consisted of his travels through Kanto and Johto with Brock, Misty, and Tracy. She let out a quiet, gentle laugh when she saw a few pictures that looked like Misty was literally about to kill Ash.

    Feeling like saving his Hoenn journey for last, May flipped to the back of the book, finding various pictures of Ash with Brock and Dawn. She even found a few of the pictures that were taken while she was visiting for the Wallace Cup.

    Flipping back to the Hoenn section, May looked through pictures of herself, Ash, Brock, and Max, recalling many of the moments the pictures had been taken. She laughed again when she saw Ash's energetic face when he won his first badge, and again when Torchic had accidentally burnt him to a crisp during a rather unfair Pokémon battle.

    May still felt bad about that moment.

    She smiled softly when she came across pictures of Manaphy, a Pokémon whom she missed dearly. With a sigh, she closed the book consisting of so many memories and put it back on the shelf. Getting back up, she walked over to Ash's closet and opened it up. Inside she found Ash's clothing from each of his journeys, even recognizing his Kanto outfit from the photo album.

    She closed the closet and strolled over to his dresser which had a few different things on it. But what caught her attention was the wooden Teddiursa that she had given Ash during his Sinnoh journey. She picked it up and brushed it with the back of her hand, it was unscratched, seemingly handling with great care. She smiled at the wooden doll and yawned, suddenly becoming tired. Realizing she had a long day getting to Johto and Mount Silver ahead of her, she decided she needed rest and laid back down in Ash's old bed, falling asleep.

    May looked out the window to see vast landscapes zipping by. She and Gary had hopped on a train that morning and were planning to hopefully reach Mt. Silver by the end of the day.

    But at the moment, May couldn't take her eyes off the window. Watching the beautiful fields pass her by. Gary was preoccupied reading a magazine about Pokémon science. The two said little, and just minded their own business. As the sun began the set, May could see the large mountain her bed friend supposedly was on rising above the landscape. She gasped at its largeness, imagining it would be a challenge to climb. The train chugged on into a forest, concealing the mountain behind the trees. May took a deep breath and tore her eyes from the window, looking a Gary.

    "So what are we going to do once we find Ash?" May asked him. Gary looked up from his magazine, looking out the window for a brief second before looking back at May.

    "I'm just going to snap him to his senses," Gary said, "Then we'll drag him back to Pallet Town." May raised a brow and tilted her head.

    "Do you think it will be that easy?" May asked, Gary chuckled and smirked, crossing his arms.

    "Ash can be stubborn, but if you hit him in the right spot, he'll listen to you," Gary assured her, "Say, did you know Gengars can play with your shadow? It's capable of playing with the light around the area to warp shadows into strange silhouettes. It says it in here." he tapped on his magazine a few times, showing her a picture of the Shadow Pokémon.

    "No, I didn't know that," May said.

    Gary shook his head and smiled, "What a fascinating Pokémon," he muttered, turning back to his magazine.

    May sat silently on the train, not wanting to disturb Gary anymore. She laid down in the booth she had been sitting in a dozed off.

    May felt someone shake her. She muttered a few mindless words and snuggled into the seat she was laying on.

    "May, wake up," Gary said, shaking her again, "Unless you don't want to go to Mount Silver."

    "Maybe tomorrow..." May said in her sleep.

    Gary chuckled, "It's now or never kiddo," he began shaking her again, a little rougher this time. May's eyes fluttered open. Slowly, she sat up, stretched and yawned.

    "Are we there yet?" May asked, Gary sweat-dropped.

    "Yeah, we're here," He said, "Now hurry up before the train leaves with us." May quickly got up and grabbed her things. The two teens stepped off the train. Noticing they were standing in the massive shadow of Mount Sliver.

    "Let's find the Pokémon Center; we'll start out climb up Mount Silver tomorrow." Gary said, May nodded as she looked around for the Pokémon Center. She found it and nudged Gary, who nodded and started walking up to it.

    The two signed in and went into their room. They were unpacking when May stomach rumbled.

    "Hungry?" Gary asked. May blushed in embarrassment and nodded. The two finished unpacking and walked around town looking for a place to eat. May noticed a noodle shop and insisted on eating there.

    "So you said you have to hit Ash in the right spot to get him to listen to you," May said, the two were sitting at a booth in the restaurant, "Where do you plan to strike?"

    Gary shrugged, "His mom," he said simply, "When he hears his Mom is a disaster, he'll be the one dragging us to Pallet Town." May nodded, it seemed like a fool proof plan, what could go wrong?

    May shook her head, looking at two sets of clothing laid out on her bed. She sighed, debating in her mind which one to pick.

    This one looks warmer, but this one is prettier, this one is lighter, but this one is less worn out, May thought.

    "Are you going to pick one? Or are we going to have to start tomorrow?" Gary asked, sitting on his bed, leaning against the wall, May glared at him and huffed.

    "Well excuse me, but this is kind of important," May told said with her hands on her hips, Gary rolled his eyes.

    "Just go with the pink one," Gary said with a wave of his hand, "The blue one would blend in more with all the snow and I would have a hard time keeping track of you."

    May looked at her jackets and thought about Gary's logic, with a nod, she grabbed the pink jacket and went into the bathroom to change. After Gary checked his watch a few times, May stepped back out with her winter suit on.

    "Ready to go," she said.

    Going up the mountain was treacherous, at least, to May it was. She struggled to keep up with Gary, almost ready to fall to her knees. But when Ash came to mind, she was given a surge of energy, keeping her going.

    I have to reach the top, she thought as she and Gary trudged up the side of the mountain. But just when they thought they were about to reach the peek...

    "A dead end!?" May exclaimed, looking around angrily at the rocks surrounding them. Gary gave a frustrated sigh and put his hands on his hips, also looking around.

    "But this doesn't make sense..." He groaned, pulling out the map he had been using. He tilted it this way and that, hoping to figure out what was going on.

    "Let's just go back and find another way," May told him.

    Gary looked up from the map, "But it's said that there is only one way to reach the peak." he said, May sighed and sat down in the snow.

    Gary approached the rock, and began to run his hand along it; he walked down, patting the rock and feeling it. He approached some bush and leaning into it, pushing away some branches, when suddenly, he was sucked in.

    "Gary?" she asked, walking up to the bush, finding there was no trace of him, she copied his previous movements and leaned into the bush, pushing away branches. She expected to hit the rock behind the bush but there was no rock. May lost her balance and fell forward, landing on something soft and warm.


    May looked down and saw she was on top of Gary.

    "Oh, thanks for breaking my fall," May said, Gary just grunted grumpily and rose to his feet. May looked around and saw she and Gary were in a cave.

    "I guess it wasn't a dead end after all," May admitted.

    "Let's keep going," Gary said, turning on a flashlight and began walking down the cave. May followed closely behind him.

    "Ash, you better be up there because getting up here has been a pain," Gary said. After a bit of walking, they saw a trace of light, as if they were reaching the end of the cave.

    "I think I see the end!" May said excitedly, she broke into a run, Gary close behind her. They reached the end of the cave and saw snow, lots of snow, it was storming.

    "Maybe we should stay in the cave until the storm slows down," Gary suggested, but May ignored him and trudged into the storm.

    "Ash!" May called out, but her voice was drowned out by the loud storm.

    "ASH!" She shouted again, continuing to walk through the storm. She squinted her eyes and saw a glimpse of red clothing. She approached it finding it was the familiar raven haired trainer she had met so long ago. Ash's back was facing her and he appeared to be looking out beyond the edge of the cliff he stood by. He wore a large red poncho to protect him from the cold.

    Unable to help herself, May lunged forward and hugged the trainer, tightly wrapping her arms around him. She must have caught him off guard because he broke free, spun around, and shoved her to the ground.

    "Oof!" May exclaimed; she saw Ash dash away, May quickly got to her feet and chased after him, not wanting to lose him in the snow storm.

    "Ash! It's me, May!" May shouted desperately, "Your friend!" but she lost him in the storm, May suddenly realized she was lost. Silently cursing herself for not listening to Gary and for her impatience, she trudged through the snow, blocking her face from the snow storm. She shivered and her teeth began to chatter, it was so cold. May looked around desperately for the cave.

    Her legs gave in.

    She fell to her hands and knees before tumbling to her side, shivering like crazy. She was tired and freezing, the former made her want to sleep but the later prevented it. She knew if she fell asleep out in the cold she could freeze to death.

    But she didn't have much a choice, before May knew it, she fell unconscious.

    Feel free to comment, I'm looking for constructive criticism.
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    This is great, I'm looking forward to chapter 2!
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    This is a really good chapter, I cant really tell where its going either which makes it even better. Is there going to be twists and turns in the story or just go down straight to the point? Im an advanceshipper, and i really cant wait for the next chapter, so far so good keep it up
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    I've read all the chapters on FF.Net and I must say that I really loved it, which I think you already know. But while I'm here, I think I'm able to review the chapter in a bit more detail than on FF.Net. I got really gripped onto this chapter because I thought it was quite strong. One thing that shocked me was how Delia wasn't keeping her house tidy which was because I picture her as someone who's very house proud. It kinda had some indirect suspense because it must have been a sign that things weren't good. I also like how Gary and May kinda do a bit of team work to try and reach to Ash. They way everyone seems to believe Ash is dead apart from May is really hard hitting. I couldn't spot any glaring mistakes apart from Tracy. Tracey would be a lot more accurate if it's the anime Tracey.

    So I won't spoil it for everyone who's not seen it on Not even going to use the spoiler tags cause it will be too tempting.

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    Thanks for the input I'm glad you enjoyed it

    I'll try to remember how to spell Tracey correctly, excuse me for my noobyness XP

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    Chapter 2: Speechless



    The smell of hot chocolate...

    May's eyes snapped open and she quickly sat up in an upright position. She looked around and saw a familiar looking Pikachu staring at her. She tilted her head.

    "Pikachu?" She asked.

    "ChuchuPi!" Pikachu exclaimed happily, rubbing a cheek against hers. May laughed and pushed the mouse away from her face, picking him up and setting him on her lap.

    May looked around and noticed the floor, walls, ceiling and most of the furniture were made of wood. If May wasn't mistaken, she was in a log cabin. May looked back down at Pikachu, who was smiling back at her.

    May rubbed the back of her head, trying to recall why she was here. She remembered seeing Ash and trying to catch him and falling unconscious in the snow storm.

    "Did Ash find me?" May asked Pikachu, scratching behind his left ear. Pikachu nodded. She lifted Pikachu off her lap and removed the thick covers lying on top of her, but quickly putting them back over herself after feeling a cold chill. She peeked under the blanket and saw her normal clothes were still on, but her jacket and thick winter pants had been removed, hung on a wooden chair on the other side of the room.

    Taking a deep breath, May removed the covers and quickly got out of bed.

    "Chu?" Pikachu asked, cocking his head.

    "I'm fine Pikachu," May said, cringing at the stinging cold. She quickly put on her warmer clothes, desperate for a little more heat.

    "Pika!" Pikachu said happily, hopping off the bed May had been lying down in and dashing out of the room. May followed him but stopped short.

    Pikachu had led her outside the cabin, which had been built in a large cavity in the mountain. There was a burning fire pit, where Ash silently sat, wearing his clothes from Unova, seeming to be cooking up hot chocolate over the fire. May wordlessly sat down beside him, still a little confused as to what was going on. May shivered, despite the warmth of the fire. Ash silently got up and grabbed a blanket, draping it over her. She smiled at him and nodded, still not understanding his silent act.

    "So," May began, coughing once before continuing, "This is where you have been staying all this time?"


    Ash didn't say a word, or even so much as nod, it was as if he was completely oblivious to the fact May had asked him a question.

    "Ash?" May asked. She waved her hand in front of his face; he blinked a few times and glanced at her, but otherwise didn't move.

    "Ash?" May asked again, laying a hand on his shoulder, which he wordlessly knocked off. May felt something tap her hip; she looked down and saw Pikachu sadly looking at his trainer, shaking his head.

    May still didn't understand, but she decided to go with it. Ash wasn't going to talk. He reached over and grabbed a mug, as well as the small pot burning over the fire, Ash slowly poured some of the hot chocolate inside the pot into the mug before handing it to May and pouring one for himself.

    "Thank you," May said.


    Not even a "You're welcome," or a "no problem." Ash stayed completely silent, not even nodding just to show that he had heard her speak. May looked out at the opening of the large cavity she was in, all she could see was white snow blowing by, the snow storm definitely had not let up since she had been knocked out.

    Ash winced slightly, adjusting in his seat. May could tell by his still movement and slow actions that he was cold. She wordlessly grabbed a blanket from the pile Ash had grabbed hers. She picked it up and draped it over Ash's shoulders. The boy seemed surprised at first, but he nodded slightly, wrapping the blanket around himself tightly.

    So he won't respond to my words, but to some of my actions, May thought to herself. She too, wrapped the blanket around her tighter and sighed. Pikachu crawled into Ash's lap and snuggled into his chest. Ash stroked Pikachu's fur and smiled.

    His smile...

    His smile brought back so many memories to May. She smiled to herself as she recalled the good times she had with Ash. Their travels through Hoenn, Kanto, and even that brief time they had met in Sinnoh. Memories flooded back to May's mind, overwhelming her, her eyes began to water. She sniffed, trying not to cry.

    And now, her best friend wouldn't even talk to her...

    May burst into tears, burying her face in her hands. Ash wordlessly watched her cry. Pikachu looked up at Ash, who nodded. Pikachu leapt off Ash's lap and into May's. She stopped crying for a minute, looking down at the Pokémon in her lap. She glanced at Ash, who didn't even look at her. She looked at the burning fire trying to control her tears.

    For a brief moment, Ash looked at her watery, sapphire eyes. The flames of the fire clearly reflected off the them as she blinked away a few tears. He felt compelled to help her, to comfort her, to make her feel better.

    But he couldn't...

    Something inside held him back...

    May sobbed a little, sniffing a few times, it was obvious to see that she was upset. Ash, who couldn't bear to see his friend cry like that, wordlessly stood up and walked away. May looked up and saw Ash walk back inside his cabin. She couldn't believe it, he hadn't said a word, tried to comfort her, or anything.

    He just got up and left me, May thought, this just made her cry more. This was not the Ash she used to know.

    "Pika pika," Pikachu said, looking up at her. May tried to stop crying and wiped away a few tears, trying her best to stay strong and not cry. She picked up her hot chocolate and took a sip, sighing deeply as the hot liquid ran through her body, warming her even more. She gazed at the fire, and scratched Pikachu behind the ears, earning a coo from the him.

    She looked down and smiled sadly at Pikachu, he was enjoying her touch as she gently rubbed his head. May swallowed hard, looking away from Pikachu watching the harsh snow storm blustering about madly.

    "Hey Pikachu," May began. She stopped scratching him and looked down at him. Pikachu looked up at her and blinked a few times, waiting for her to continue, "Does Ash ever talk audibly to you?" She asked, almost dreading a honest answer.

    Pikachu shook his head sadly, "Chuu," he squeaked, looking at the ground. In a way, May was relieved, but had to double check to make sure,

    "Honest?" She asked. Pikachu nodded, confirming what he had said before.

    May sighed, so it wasn't her. Ash wasn't just not talking to her, he wasn't talking to anybody. It was as if he had turned mute, unable to speak to anyone.

    "Why is he like this?" May asked. Pikachu frowned, blinking a few times before turning so he wasn't facing May. He laid back down and snuggled into her lap. May slowly raised a brow, whatever had happened; Pikachu didn't want to talk about it.

    May sighed again, taking another sip of her hot chocolate before beginning to gently scratch Pikachu again. She looked out at the cave entrance, watching tons of snow blow by.

    I wonder if Gary's okay, May thought to herself. I kind of just left him back there; I hope he's not out in that horrible storm looking for me.

    She looked back down at Pikachu, who was wordlessly watching the large fire. Although his face was blank, May could tell he was thinking, as if he was troubled or had a lot on his mind.

    "Are you okay, Pikachu?" May asked.

    "Pikah," Pikachu said with a nodded. May noticed his eyes were watering, and a single tear ran down his cheek. May gasped, and hugged Pikachu tightly, trying to comfort him. He obviously was not taking Ash's change very well either.

    May held him closely, gently rocking back and forth. Before she knew it, Pikachu had fallen fast stood up with Pikachu still in her arms, and carefully walked back into the cabin. She took a deep breath of relief when she was surrounded by the warmth the cabin held. She walked over to the bed she had found herself sleeping in earlier, and gently laid down Pikachu, careful not to wake him up.

    May put her hands on her hips and looked around the log cabin. It's so well built, she thought to herself, surely Ash didn't make it, he's no architect.

    May stepped out of the bedroom and saw Ash sitting at a wooden table in what she guessed was in the dining room. She tried smiling cheerfully and sat down at the table with him. They both just wordlessly looked at each other. She knew it wasn't worth talking to him, as he didn't seem to reply to anyone or anything.

    "Did you build this cabin?" she asked him anyways, not expecting an answer. Ash didn't move a muscle, aside him blinking occasionally. May gave him a sad look, leaning a little forward.

    "Ash," she began, "Why don't you say something?" May looked at him hopefully.

    "..." he didn't say a single word.

    "I know something is wrong," May told him, "Ash, please, you can tell me what the problem is." but she never got a reply.

    Ash finally looked away from her, looking into space, drumming his fingers in the table. May sighed sadly and stood up. She walked back into the room Pikachu was sleeping in, and grabbed her jacket. She wasn't planning on leaving; she just wanted to look around.

    May stepped out of the room and saw Ash hadn't moved since she had gotten up from the table. He still drummed his fingers on the table and gazed into space. May turned her back to him and opened the front door and stepped back out into the bitter cold.

    Something has seriously affected Ash, May thought to herself, stating the obvious. I wonder what happened.

    She walked around the cabin, and was surprised to see a small cave entrance in the wall of the cavity. She looked around and decided to find out where it led to. She stepped inside the small tunnel, finding that it was quite dark. Inside she heard odd noises, almost voices. They didn't sound eerie or mean, but still strange none-the-less. She reached a point where the cave forked, splitting into three separate tunnels. Curious as to where they lead to, she proceeded to step into one of the tunnels, but stopped short when something was placed on her shoulder.

    She shrieked and jumped a little. Quickly spinning around and knocking the hand off her shoulder. But it was only Ash, standing there shaking his head, as if suggesting not to go down there. May raised a brow looking back down the tunnel, but Ash wordlessly gestured for her to come out with him.

    I wonder if he's hiding something down there, May said as she stepped out. She watched Ash stroll back around the cabin and inside. With one last look at the cave, May followed Ash into the cabin. Sighing again as she stepped into the warm cabin, May took off her jacket and draped it on one of the chairs. The scent of food wafted into the room, tickling May's nose and stemming her curiosity. Following the scent, May found herself in the tiny "kitchen." although she could hardly call it that. It didn't have any cabinets or drawers; everything was out on a counter already. There were only a few cups, plates, bowls, and bottles of ketchup resting on the counter. Other than that, there was a stove and a poor looking sink, which didn't have a faucet and was filled with dirty water.

    What surprised her was the fact that Ash was standing before the stove, stirring some sort of stew that actually smelt good.

    "You learned to cook?" May asked him. Without a word, Ash poured her a bowl and handed it to her, as if saying "see for yourself." May looked at the bowl of stew before walking to the table, grabbing a spoon on the way. She sat down, looking at her stew, questioning whether or not she should eat it. Ash grabbed a bowl of stew for himself and wordlessly sat down with her at the table. May watched him dip his spoon into his bowl of stew before blowing on it to help it cool. Without any hesitation, he stuck the spoon of stew in his mouth and swallowed.

    Well, it smells nice, and he ate it, so it can't be too bad, May thought. She crossed her fingers as she also blew on the stew and tried it.

    Much to May's surprise, it tasted rather nice, in fact, it was amazing. How did Ash learn to cook this good? May thought to herself. Quickly, she downed several more spoonfuls of the stew, before picking up the bowl and drinking the rest.

    Suddenly realizing her lack of manners, May blushed in embarrassment. Ash didn't seem to notice though; he was in his own world, sipping his stew slowly.

    "The stew was great," May said with a bright smile, "I really enjoyed it." Without a word, Ash swiped her bowl from the table and walked back over to the stove. He poured her some more stew and brought it back, setting it down in front if May before proceeding to eat his own soup again.

    What a gentleman, May thought, smiling to herself. She picked up her spoon and began to eat her second bowl of stew.


    May turned and looked behind her and saw a drowsy Pikachu sleepily stumble into the room. Ash got up from the table and stood up again, grabbing one of the many bottles of ketchup off the counters. He put it down on the floor for Pikachu and sat back down again.

    "PIKA!" Pikachu exclaimed happily, suddenly snapping out of his sleepiness and popping open the bottle of ketchup. He quickly went to work, licking and slurping away at the precious ketchup in the bottle.

    May let out a giggle as she remembered Pikachu's strange love for ketchup. She noticed Ash had a small smile on his face as he watched the electric mouse hold the bottle over his head and squirt the ketchup in his mouth.

    May gazed at Ash as he smiled. While they had traveled through Hoenn and Kanto, Ash had always smiled, it was his norm. Now, Ash barely seem to smile at all, and only seem to do so when with Pikachu.

    I wish I could make him smile, May thought to herself. She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a loud belch and saw Pikachu lying on the ground patting his stomach.

    And I was embarrassed about my manners, May thought with a smirk. Pikachu slowly got up off the floor and climbed up onto Ash's lap, giving May a cheeky smile as he sat in his trainer's lap. May smiled in return and rubbed Pikachu between the ears, causing him to gently coo.

    A sudden yawn made its way out of May's mouth. She rubbed her eyes and stretched, suddenly realizing how tired she was. She stood up from the table and took her empty bowl, and placed it in the dirt water-filled sink.

    "I'm going to go to bed," May informed Ash and Pikachu, "Goodnight, you two." She said as she walked out of the kitchen.

    "Pi chu pika Pikachu, ChuchuPi," she heard Pikachu reply.

    But of course, Ash remained completely silent.


    May's eyes opened, the room was dark, so she couldn't see a thing. She slowly sat up in her bed and looked around as her stretched, glancing out the window. It was still dark out, although it looked like the horrible snow storm she had been caught in had finally died away.

    Suddenly snapping back to her main train of thoughts, she remembered she had heard a thump, like a door closing. She slowly and quietly got out of her bed, taking another glance at the window, and noticed Ash was outside the cabin, outside the cavity in the side if the mountain, now standing on the ledge of a cliff, looking far out into the darkness. May blinked a few times and rubbed her eyes, checking to make sure she wasn't seeing things. But sure enough, Ash was still there, and he hadn't moved.

    May slipped on her boots and jacket, before quietly approaching the front door. She gently grasped the cold doorknob and slowly turned it, hoping to open the cabin door as slowly as possible. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as the door gave a low creek and she pulled it open. Peeking out from behind the door, she noticed Ash hadn't seemed to notice the creaking door. May squeezed though the thin crack she had made in-between the door frame and the door itself, before slowly closing it. She turned her back to the front door and breathed a long sigh.

    That was unnecessary, she thought to herself, he'll probably hear me approach him in the snow. May began to question herself as to why she was being so quiet. She had nothing to hide, no problem with Ash knowing of her presence.

    Although she may not have thought it directly, she was sneaking around quietly in hopes that Ash indeed didn't know of her presents. Maybe... Just maybe... He'll say something if he thinks no one is around, May thought. She quietly shuffled out of the cave and through the snow, trying to be as quiet as she could. As she shortened the distance between herself and Ash, she began to hear faint whispers, as if Ash was indeed talking to something. May stopped and listened, but she couldn't seem to understand the whispers coming out of Ash's mouth.

    She slowly shuffled closer; hoping to hear better, but of course, Ash heard her approaching. He turned to face her, seeming not at all surprised she was there.

    "W-what you doing?" May asked, slowly walking through the snow until she was almost right behind Ash.

    At first, the young boy didn't reply, and just continued to stare into the darkness. Just when May was about to leave and return to the comfort and warmth of the cabin, Ash spoke up.

    "Making a wish..."

    May looked at him, he spoke! She thought, he really spoke!

    "What are you wishing about?" May asked, hoping to have a conversation with the trainer she had begun to think had gone mute.

    "Happiness..." Ash replied quietly, but firmly, "For myself, for Pikachu, for my Pokémon..."

    "... My friends..."

    May smiled slightly, "That's nice of you."

    "… Or my ex-friends..." Ash muttered.

    May tilted her head, what did he mean by that? "What makes you say that?"She asked.

    "They'll all hate me for abandoning them and staying up on the Arceus forsaken mountain," Ash sighed, his back still turned to May.

    May gave him a sad look and laid a reassuring hand in his shoulder, "Don't worry Ash," she said, "They don't hate you, they'll understand."

    "What makes you think that?" Ash asked.

    May patted his shoulder as she spoke, "I've met most of your friends Ash. Misty, Brock, Tracy, Max, and even Dawn, I know them all and know that they would be happy if you came down the mountain to see them."

    Ash lifted his head a little, glancing behind him at May, a sparkle of hope in his eyes, "You think so?" he asked.

    May smile grew larger and she nodded her head, "I know so." She reassured him.

    Ash sighed and looked back out at the darkness looming over the vast landscape. "Well, maybe I sho-"

    But he was cut off, the dirt underneath him cracked and the ground gave in from underneath him.

    "ASH NO!" May shouted as she watch the ground underneath Ash disappear and him fall down the cliff. Right before he hit the ground everything around May went black.


    May shot up in an upright position, finding she was back in her bed, safely inside the cabin. She looked around, noting the sunlight shining brightly through the frosty window.

    Oh... It was just a dream, she realized breathing a sigh of relief, I wonder what that was all about.

    May slipped out of bed and wiped away the frost from the window. She gasped and panicked when she saw Ash standing on the edge of the cliff, in the same place she had seen in her dream. She sprang up and dashed out the door, not bothering to put on her warm clothes. She dashed through the snow as fast as she could, wincing as the newly fallen snow nipped at her feet as she dashed towards Ash.

    "Ash! Get away from the ledge!" May exclaimed, Ash wordlessly turned to face her just in time to be tackled by May as she knocked him away from the cliff. She hugged him tightly as they laid in the snow.


    Ash had nothing to say. May looked at the ledge of the cliff; there were no signs of crumbling around where Ash had been standing. But none the less, May's mind was still playing through the scene Ash had fallen from the cliff, causing her to become paranoid.

    "I don't want you to do near the edge," She said, not in a demanding parent like voice, but more in a concerned, almost afraid voice.


    Ash still said nothing. May let go of him and got off of him, allowing him to standing up. The two wordlessly looked at each other. May suddenly let out a fierce shiver. She looked down at her attire and rubbed her arms, realizing she was far from dressed for snow.

    May's teeth began to chatter. "It's... Um... Cold out here," she muttered.

    "ACHU!" May let out a loud sneeze and rubbed her nose. She was sitting at the dining room table, wrapping in a thick blanket and feet a large container of warm water. From the table, Pikachu watched the shivering brunette sneeze and shiver after he watched her and Ash return to the cabin, when May looked like she would fall over.

    Luckily, Ash had quickly (and wordlessly) warmed some clean water over the stove and sat May down at the table with a blanket.

    Even if he does refuse to speak, he's still kind and selfless, May thought to herself. Ash never laughed about the situation, gave May any knowing looks, and of course, he never said anything.

    "Chu Pi pika chu, chu pika, ChuChuPi?" Pikachu asked, tilting his head slightly as he watched May.

    "I-I'll be f-fine, Pikach-chu," May assured him, "I j-just n-need to wa- ACHOO!" May sneezed in mid-sentence.

    "Ugh," she groaned, "I just need to warm up a little..." she finished. "I guess that's what I get for panicking over a dream and going out without warm clothes." May said with a sigh, and another sneeze.

    "Pika?" Pikachu asked, curious about the dream.

    "It was nothing," May said, "Just a stupid fantasy." She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Ash walk into the tiny dining room, strolling past May and plopping himself down at the table.

    May gave him an apologetic look, "Sorry about tackling you, and causing all this trouble." May said. Ash didn't seem to do anything aside from exchange glances with Pikachu.

    "Pikachu pika pika Pi... pikapi Pikachu pika Pi chu ka ChuChuPi," Pikachu squeaked, making motions with his arms as if telling May that Ash forgave her. May smiled weakly before sneezing again.


    "Bleh... Good grief..." May groaned. Ash stood up and walked over to the stove, turning it on. He grabbed a pot and walked outside.

    "Where's he going?" May asked aloud, standing up from her seat, but quickly sat back down when she sneezed. Pikachu just sat on the table and watched the front door.

    After a few minutes went by, Ash stepped back into the cabin. May noticed the pot was full of water as he walked by and set it on the stove,

    Where did he get that water? She thought, wondering if it was clean water. Ash chopped up a few berries he had pulled out of sack.

    May tilted her head as she watched the trainer throw the berries in the pot. And where did he get those berries? She thought.

    May didn't realize she had spaced put until she heard a tapping. She shook her head and snapped back to her senses and saw a bowl of warm soup before her, Pikachu had tapped the bowl a few times to get her attention.

    May looked at the bowl of soup, questioning if the water and berries Ash used were safe to eat. She decided to trust Ash and grabbed the spoon that laid next to the bowl. She dipped the spoon into the bowl and took a careful sip. She squealed a little as the hot soup touched her tongue, but poured the spoonful of soup into her mouth.

    She breathed a satisfied sigh of relief as the warm soup rushed through her body, warming her from the inside, just like the stew she had eaten last night.

    May jumped and almost dropped a hot spoonful of soup on herself when she heard a loud knock at the door.

    *knock!* *knock!* *knock!*

    Ash glanced at the door before wordlessly walking over to it and slowly opening it.

    "Well hello there, Ashy-boy," May heard a familiar voice say.

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    Great Chapter Dude! Loved it, I'm quite intrigued as to why Ash isn't talking, and what will happen now that Gary has arrived on the scene. Can't wait for Chapter 3
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