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    The third story I've posted, I'll update my others next. This is something I posted on fanfiction a while ago along with "Harley and Me", "Silent but Deadly", and a fourth story that kinda sucked... So I won't be posting that.

    Rated T

    Chapter 1: Uncertainty

    May's eyes slowly opened as sunlight poured into the room. She groaned and yawned, adjusting her position in bed. Looking around she saw Ash, her boyfriend, sleeping in the bed across the room, knocked out and unaffected by the sunlight. Pikachu was curled up into a ball by his side.

    They had been on a ferry for several days now, after getting a surprising call from Ash's mother, who revealed some wonderful news. May was still still remember it like it was yesterday.

    "Ash Ketchum, you have a phone call from Kanto," Nurse Joy said. Ash, who been sitting on the couch in the lobby, thanked her, and got up from the couch. May, who had been snuggled next to him, got up as well and followed him to the TV phone room with Pikachu.

    Ash sat down in one of the seats, pressing the power button on the TV phone. The machine turned on and hummed to life, the large screen lighting up. May stood behind him, resting her chin on his shoulder. Nurse Joy directed them to their call and a familiar face popped up on the screen.

    Ash's face brightened as a smile grew on his face. "Hey, Mom!" Ash said excitedly. "What's up?"

    Ash's mother seemed super excited, she was barely able to sit in her seat, and her face was flooded with joy. "Hey you guys," She said in a singsong voice, "You will never guess what just happened!"

    Ash and May exchanged glances. "You bought a new house?" Ash asked.

    Mrs. Ketchum shook her head. "No, even better,"

    "Did you get a new Pokémon?" May asked.

    "No, not even close," Mrs. Ketchum said.

    "Well... Then what is it?" Ash asked, giving up.

    Mrs. Ketchum's smile grew wider and she held up her hand.


    Ash scratched his head. "Um... That doesn't tell me any-"

    "Oh my gosh!" May exclaimed, interrupting Ash, "Is that an engagement ring?" She asked excitedly, there indeed was a golden ring on Mrs. Ketchum's ring finger.

    Mrs. Ketchup nodded excitedly. "Yes!" she shouted, almost a little too loudly.

    "Did Isaac propose?" May asked.

    Shortly after Ash's finished his Sinnoh journey, his mother had met a man who went by the name Isaac Mustarm. He was around Delia's age, he was quite handsome, fit, and very wealthy. He was every woman's dream man, and he and Delia got along very well. After a while, they began dating, seeming to grow very close.

    Although Ash had never met Isaac personally, he had talked to him over the TV phone twice; he seemed like a decent fellow.

    "Wow Mom..." Ash said, "That's... Great..." He was doing his best to sound happy, but May could tell something was off.

    Mrs. Ketchum was doing her best to contain her excitement, it looked like she was about to explode. "Thank you, honey!" She said, "I also wanted to tell you guys we are going to be having our wedding soon, so you three need to head down as soon as you can!"

    Ash nodded in agreement, not saying anything. "That sounds great!" May said, "We'll come down as soon as possible!"

    After saying goodbye, Ash turned off the TV phone and sighed, leaning back in his chair. "Ash, what's wrong?" May asked, spinning his chair around so he was facing her, "Aren't you happy for your mom?"

    Ash sighed and drummed his fingers on the arm rest of the chair. "I am..." he began, "But... I feel... I don't know... Left out..."

    May got down on her knees so she was at his eye level. "Left out? What do you mean?" she asked.

    Ash sighed again and ran his hands through his hair. "I barely know Isaac," he began, "And suddenly he's proposing to my mom? And is going to be my new dad?" He gazed at the floor and slumped down in his seat, "I'm going to be closely related to someone who is almost a stranger..."

    May smiled sadly and leaned forward, hugging the trainer sitting before her. "I understand," she whispered in his ear, "But give him a chance... You may end up really liking him."

    Ash smiled slightly and hugged May back, tightly holding onto his girlfriend. "I hope so..." he said.

    May sighed as she recalled the memory. The last thing she wanted was for Ash to be unhappy, so she did her best to encourage him and help him think positively about the situation. Shortly after Delia's call, Ash and May packed their bags and hopped on a ferry, which would head over to Pallet Town.

    May smiled when Ash's eyes fluttered open. He let out a long yawn and stretched. "Morning, May," Ash said sleepily, a weak smile appearing on his face.

    "Morning," she replied cheerfully. She withdrew the covers from her bed and carefully made her way over to Ash's bed. She crawled onto the bed and laid down next to him.

    "Did you sleep well?" she asked Ash, snuggling in next to him.

    "Meh... I had a weird dream... I think..." Ash said.

    May tilted her name, now curious. "Do you remember it?" she asked.

    Ash chuckled, "Heh, not really," he said, "I just remember it being strange."

    May smiled to him. "Dreams are like that," she said, "they slip through your finger's so easily..."

    Ash nodded in agreement, letting out another yawn. "So... We arrive in Pallet Town today," May said, "Thank goodness too, I was getting so bored on this ferry."

    Ash smiled, "Yeah, so was I."

    May sighed before carefully getting out of Ash's bed. She grabbed her fresh clothes for the day and stepped into the bathroom. Humming cheerfully to herself, she put on new clothes and brushed her hair before wrapping her bandanna around her head. She went through her normal morning routine before stepping out of the bathroom. She found Ash sitting up at the side of his bed, scratching Pikachu's forehead.

    "So today I'm going to meet my new soon-to-be father," Ash said, "I hope he's really great."

    May walked over to him and kissed his forehead. "I'm sure Isaac will be a fantastic dad," she assured him. "Once you get to know him, you'll love him."

    May suddenly frowned, a question arising in her mind. "Ash," she began, the Pokémon trainer looked at her, "What about you're past father? Your mom is a Mrs. Ketchum."

    Ash swallowed hard, this obviously wasn't an easy topic to talk about. May sat down on his bed next to him, patently waiting for an answer.

    "I don't remember anything about my father," Ash admitted. "Mom told me that he went off on a Pokémon journey..."

    May gave him a quizzed glance. "That's it?" she asked.

    Ash shook his head. "Apparently, it was supposed to be a short journey, he wanted to catch Moltes or something..." Ash paused for a minute, "But he never came back. Mom says he was found near Mount Silver... Dead..."

    May gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. "Ash, I'm so sorry," she said, rubbing the trainer's back.

    Ash shrugged. "I've never had a real father before, the closest person to a father figure was Professor Oak," he said, "But now that my Mom is remarrying... I'm..."

    "Nervous?" May asked.

    "Scared..." Ash said. He sighed and rubbed the back of his next, "I don't know what to expect from any of this... I just hope it turns out okay..."

    May hugged him tightly, reassuring him again. "I'm sure it will."

    Pallet Town came into view on the horizon, the boat quickly sailed towards their destination. Ash took a deep breath and gripped the rails tightly, not taking his eyes off Pallet Town.

    May stood next to him, much calmer, but still a little worried. She had never been in Ash's situation before, but she wanted to make sure she was there for him every step of the way.

    Ash impatiently drummed his fingers on the railing, anxiousness almost emitting from him. The cool breeze whipped through his hair, causing him to lay his hand down on his cap as to prevent it from flying away.

    "What if he doesn't like me," Ash said suddenly, tearing his eyes away from his hometown, and turning to May.

    May looked at him, "That's ridiculous, Ash," She told him, "he'll love you like any father would love his son."

    "You don't that for a fact," Ash pointed out.

    "No, I don't," May admitted, "But what are the odds he wouldn't like you."

    Ash shrugged, turning his attention back to Pallet Town. "I'd say fifty-fifty chance."

    May began to rub his back. "Come on, Ash," she said, "Where is that un-teetering confidence of yours?"

    Ash let out a long sigh. "This isn't like anything I have ever faced," he said, "It's this fear of the unknown..."

    "Hey you two!"

    During their conversation, the boat had approached the Pallet Town docks, where Mrs. Ketchum was excitedly waving at them. Ash's face lit up as he called out to her and waved. Isaac was nowhere to be seen, May began to wonder where he was.

    The boat docked and the railing lowered, allowing Ash to race down with Pikachu and approach his mother, giving her a hug.

    "Hey, Mom," He said, letting go of her and backing up. May walked up to them and stood next to Ash.

    "Hello Mrs. Ketchum," She said, Delia smiled and stepped forward, hugging May tightly, and throwing the girl off guard.

    "You seemed surprised?" Mrs. Ketchum asked as she let go of May.

    May scratched the back of her head and blushed in embarrassment. "Well... I just... it's just that-"

    Mrs. Ketchum smiled sweetly and waved it off. "You're part of the family now," she said cheerfully, "What else would you expect?"

    May shrugged and smiled. "I guess you're right," she replied.

    Ash and Pikachu were looking around, confused looks on their faces. "Hey, where's Isaac?" he asked.

    Mrs. Ketchum smiled, "He couldn't be here at the moment," she said, "but he has some plans for you and May this afternoon."

    Ash and Pikachu tilted their heads. "Plans?" he asked.

    "You know, bonding time," Mrs. Ketchum explained.

    Ash exchanged glances with May before shrugging. "Oh... Okay..." he said.

    "Ahh, it's good to be home," Ash said as he stepped into his house, he kicked off his shoes and walked into the living room, flopping down on the couch, sprawling out across it. May smiled, Ash seemed to be loosening up.

    Delia threw the house keys on the dining room table, waving to May. "Let me show you your room, dear," she said as she began to walk up the stairs. May complied and followed her up the stairs. Delia walked down the hall before stopping in front of the room that was across from the door labeled "Ash's Room".

    The guest room was simple. It had a double bed, a closet, a dresser, and a desk. "I cleaned it all up before you arrived," Mrs. Ketchum said.

    May smiled and thanked Delia before she stepped into the room. She unpacked her stuff and returned back down to the living room, where Ash hadn't moved. "You're so lazy," May said with a giggle, "Was standing on the ferry really that hard?"


    "Yes," Ash replied.

    May gave him a knowing look before smiling. "Okay, then you shouldn't mind me sitting down as well," she said.

    Ash shook his head, "Not at all, make yourself at h-HUH!" Ash grunted and May sat down on top of him. "That's... Not what I thought you meant," he grumbled.

    May giggled and got off of Ash, who sat up, allowing her to sit next to him. "I wonder what Isaac has planned..." May wondered.

    "I wonder what Isaac is like," Ash replied, taking a deep breath and slouching a little.

    "You make it sound like he's going to be the devil or something," May said, "You should really approach this with an open heart."

    Ash nodded. "I know..." he said, "But I liked things the way things were before."

    May raised a brow. "You would rather go through life without a dad?" she asked, "Come on, Ash, that can't be true..."

    Ash shrugged and shook his head, his gaze moved down to Pikachu, who was sitting in his lap. "I... I don't know..."

    "Look," May began, "You may seem nervous now, but I'm sure that once you meet him, you'll grow attached to him right away, and then everything will be great."

    Ash thought for a minute, scratching Pikachu's head.

    "I mean, your mom likes him," May said, "Do you really think she would fall for a heartless jerk?"

    Ash blinked a few times before smiling. "Yeah... You're right," he said, "I need to approach this more positively."

    "Hon bun! I'm back!"a masculine voice shouted as the front door opened.

    Ash and May exchanged glances. "Here goes nothing," Ash said.

    "Oh you're back!" Delia said happily as she ran up to the man, kissing him. "Ash is here too," she said.

    "Great! Where are you, sport?" the man asked. Ash and May got up from the couch, looking at the man. "Hey, and I see you brought your girlfriend too," he added.

    "Hey, Isaac," Ash said, trying to sound happy, "It's great to meet you in person."

    Ash stuck out his hand for a handshake, but Isaac wrapping his arms around Ash and hugged him. "We're family now, Sport," Isaac said when he let go of Ash.

    Isaac was a tall man, a head over Delia. He had messy blonde hair on his head and blue eyes. He was well built and fairly large, May figured he could beat her dad in an arm wrestle...

    ... No, nobody could beat her dad in an arm wrestle...

    Isaac also had a well shaven face, well trimmed nails, and pearly white teeth, and from the way he smelled, May could tell that hygiene was an important aspect to him.

    "And if it isn't May..." Isaac said, approaching the brunette.

    "Hello, Mr. Mustarm," May said, sticking her hand out.

    "Oh please, call me Isaac," he said, shaking her hand firmly. May couldn't help but sigh when she looked into his eyes; he was every woman's dream man. Of course, she wouldn't trade Ash for anyone.

    "Nice to meet you M- err... Isaac," May corrected herself, Isaac smiled and let go of her hand.

    "Man do I have some fun things planned for you two," Isaac said, "We should head out right away."

    Within a minute, Ash and May found themselves trailing behind Isaac, who lead them towards town.

    "So, if you're Mom marries this guy, will your last name change to Mustarm?" May whispered, "Because you know that would mean that my last name would be Mustarm one day too..."

    Ash smirked, "May Mustarm," he said quietly, making May shiver. "Has a nice ring to it," he whispered back.

    "You have got to be kidding me, right?" May asked, "May Ketchum sounds a lot better!" she said in a hushed voice.

    "Well one, you are thinking waaaaaay too far ahead," Ash whispered, "Second, I plan to keep my last name as Ketchum... If possible."

    May breathed a sigh of relief. "Hey, you two, here it is," Isaac said, stopping in front of a diner. "I hear they cook a killer Feebas."

    Ash licked his lips at the mentioning of food. "Awesome, let's try it!" He said, with that, the three, along with Pikachu, stepped inside.

    They sat down at a table and a waiter quickly gave them menus. Ash still felt a little awkward and nervous around Isaac. He was thankful that May and Pikachu was there, they always made him feel better.

    "So Ash," Isaac began, "What are you into again? Soccer?"

    Ash exchanged glances with May. "No..." he said, "I'm a Pokémon trainer..."

    "Oh," Isaac said, "You're one of those kids who ditched school early for an empty dream."

    Ash raised a brow. "N-no..." he stammered, "I do dream, but I also do fairly well as a trainer."

    "Ash is an amazing battler," May spoke up. "He even made top four in the Sinnoh league."

    Isaac nodded, "Eh, that's not too bad, I guess," he said, "What's your favorite Pokémon?"

    Ash smiled and looked down at Pikachu, "That's easy, Pikachu of course!"

    "Pika pika!" Pikachu chirped.

    Isaac nodded, "I'm more into Gengars, they are tough, and virtually unstoppable!"

    Ash and Isaac talked a little bit about Pokémon, which seemed to perk him up. Isaac seemed friendly enough, although he spoke his mind.

    "So Mr. Mus-I mean-Isaac," May spoke up at one point, "What do you do or a living?"

    Isaac shrugged. "I'm unemployed, I don't work," he said.

    May tilted her head, "But you're so wealthy," she said, even now he was wearing a leather jacket that screamed "I'm rich".

    Isaac thought for a moment. "Um... My father's inheritance," he said, "Yeah, he left a truck load of money for me after he passed away."

    May nodded. "So what are you into, May?" Isaac asked.

    May's face lit up. "I'm a coordinator, I specialize in Pokémon beauty," she said proudly.

    Ash smiled and patted her back. "And she's really good at it," he said, May blushed at his compliment.

    "A coordinator, eh? Has she won any Grand Festivals?" he asked.

    May's heart sunk and face dropped at the question. "Uh... No..." she said quietly.

    "But she puts her full heart into it," Ash said, "And that's what matters the most!"

    Isaac sighed, "Yeah, I guess..." he mumbled.

    Ash then asked a question. "Hey, do you have any Pokémon?"

    Isaac shook his head, "I used to have a Gengar, but it grew too attached to a girl I was dating," he said, "When we broke up, Gengar got mad and decided to stay with her."

    Ash frowned. "Oh, that's too bad," He said sadly.


    There was an awkward silence before May decided to speak up again. "So, how do you manage to live only off of your dad's inheritance?" she asked.

    Isaac looked at her for a moment, seeming annoyed. "You ask a lot of questions," he stated.

    May shifted uncomfortably in her seat, "Well... I'm just trying to start a conversation," she said.

    Isaac laughed and patted Ash on the back. "You got a good taste in women, sport," he said, "She's a keeper."

    Ash smiled at May, who was blushing in embarrassment from the compliment. "Yeah, she's awesome," Ash agreed, making May blush more.

    May found herself at the local bowling alley, watching Pikachu struggling over to the lane, dragging a large bowling ball. When he reached the lane, he used his hind legs to shove the bowling ball off. The ball slowly rolled down the lane and into the gutter.

    Pikachu's face darkened with anger and his cheeks began to spark. "PiiikaaaaCHUUUUU!" he exclaimed, sending a thunderbolt flying at the pins, hitting them and knocking them all over. Up on the score board a flashing X appeared, signaling he had gotten a strike.

    "Pikachu!" Pikachu said happily. May laughed and clapped for him.

    Ash walked up to the lane next, a bowling ball in his hand. Isaac sat in front of the screen, watching the score, a bottle of beer in his hand.

    Ash had never bowled before, and he clumsily chucked the ball into the lane. May winced at the heavy ball hit the lane with a loud thud, and rolled down the lane, it went straight down the middle and knocked eight of the pins over, leave the two in the back.

    "Ouch, a split," Isaac said. Ash shrugged and rolled another ball down the lane, missing both pins completely.

    May grabbed a ball and walked up to the lane. She held the ball in between her legs and rolled it down the lane. The ball curved and hit three pins on the right side.

    "Alright, chitlins, heres how it's done," Isaac said, he set down the beer bottle and grabbed a ball. He ran at the lane and gracefully rolled the ball into the lane with one hand, hitting the pins slight to the right of the center, knocking all the balls down.

    "Whoa!" Ash said, throwing his hands up. "Awesome!"

    "Piiikaaaa," Pikachu gaped.

    Isaac proudly brushed his hands together and sat back down.

    "How did you do that?" Ash asked, "Can you show me?"

    May smiled as Ash and Isaac talked, the older man trying to explain the process. It was great to see that Ash had finally gotten over the fear of meeting him; the two seemed to get along pretty well. Although Isaac wasn't perfect, May figured he would still be a great father for Ash.

    They'll do great together, she thought.

    "Hon bun, we're home!" Isaac called out as he opened the front door.

    Mrs. Ketchum approached him and slowly wrapped her arms around him. "I missed you," she said.

    "I missed you more," Isaac replied.

    The two went back and forth, saying they missed the other more, before finally ending in a deep kissing session.

    Ash averted him eyes and groaned in disgust, hurrying up the stairs to his room with Pikachu. May figured she had nothing better to do than watch Delia and Isaac boarder line French kissing, which grossed her out as well, so she followed him up the stairs and into his room.

    "Ugh, that was gross," Ash said, a shiver running down his spine. "I've never seen Mom like that before..."

    Ash sat down on his bed, lying down with his legs hanging over the sides. May picked up Pikachu and laid down next to Ash, setting the electric mouse down on her stomach.

    "I think she's really excited," May said, "All these years of being alone, and then you went off on your adventure, she needs someone to keep her company."

    Ash put his hands under his head, sighing. "She has Mr. Mime," he reminded May.

    May rolled her eyes and gave Ash a knowing look. "Like that enough," she said, "she needs to be around someone who can say more than just their name."

    Ash gazed at the ceiling, thinking it over. "I guess you're right," he said, "I'm just glad that she's happy."

    May nudged him. "And it seems like you were worried over nothing," May said with a giggle, "Isaac is a great guy."

    Ash chuckled, rolled his head to his side and looking at May. "Yeah, I guess you were right all along," he said.

    May smiled again and nuzzled Ash's nose with her own. "I'm always right," she said.

    After talking for a little while, they heard a knock on the door. "Come in," Ash said.

    The door knob jiggled and Mrs. Ketchum's head popped in. "Hey you three," she said, "Did guys have a good time with Isaac?"

    Ash nodded, "Yeah, we had fun."

    "It was a blast," May assured her.

    "Pika pi Pikachu chu pika!" Pikachu added.

    Ash rolled his eyes, "For the last time, you didn't win that bowling game fairly," he told Pikachu, making the mouse's face light up as his cheeks sparked threateningly.

    "May, could I talk to you for a second?" Mrs. Ketchum asked. Ash and May exchanged glances before May nodded and got up off the bed. She followed her into the guest room.

    "So did Ash warm up to Isaac well?" Mrs. Ketchum asked.

    May tilted her head, confused with why she would be asking her that. "Yeah..." she said.

    Mrs. Ketchum let out a sigh of relief. "Good," she said, "I didn't want to ask Ash, he would have just said yes, no matter what."

    May smiled and nodded. "I understand, sometimes he forgets to think about himself," she said.

    Mrs. Ketchum laughed and nodded. "Yes, he does," she said, "So what did you think of Isaac."

    May thought for a minute before grinning and flashing Mrs. Ketchum a thumbs up. "He's a keeper," she said, "You're one lucky woman."

    Mrs. Ketchum smiled and nodded, "And Ash is one lucky boy having a girlfriend like you," she said.

    May couldn't help but blush at yet another compliment.

    My focus on this story was to have a plot that wasn't only focusing on advanceshipping, but to make sure there were plenty of advanceshipping moments.

    Tell me what you think.
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