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    Default PokÚdex Entry Contest V4

    Welcome to the PokÚdex Entry Contest. Apparently there have been three of these already, but the only one I could find was the third one, started by CorkaCola. Apparently there was a previous version by Sunraichu as well. But my rules will be slightly different.

    Each round, I will post one Pokemon, and people will create entries for it. At the end, I'll add the best entries into three PokÚdexes in the OP.

    Here is the golden rule of this thread:

    Your entries should not be too long or too short. Careful, I may not accept your entry if it's any longer than this line of text that you are reading right now.

    ^When I say it must be shorter than the above sentence, I mean the physical length of the sentence, not the number of words or anything like that. If you want, you can copy and paste the above line to compare it side-by-side with your entry before you post it.

    Also, the maximum font size is 5. Don't go over it.

    There is no limit to how many you can enter, but please don't go overboard.

    In your post with your entries, you may also make one suggestion for a PokÚmon to be in the next round. I will then choose the PokÚmon to be in the next set from the list of suggestions made. The winners of the round get priority, so I will choose the next PokÚmon from the winners' suggestions, but I will look at non-winners' suggestions if none of the winners made any. If you post more than one suggestion per round, I will only look at your first one, and I will ignore the rest.

    If you don't submit any entries, you can still make a suggestion in that round, but people who actually submit entries get priority. If you make a suggestion without submitting an entry, I will only look at yours if I didn't get any suggestions from people who submitted.

    There will be a Regular PokÚdex, a Funny PokÚdex, and a WTF PokÚdex. At the end, there will be three winning entries, one per PokÚdex. They will be added to the PokÚdexes in the OP.

    I will also include leaderboards in the OP. One Per PokÚdex, and one overall leaderboard.

    In addition, if you manage to win in all three categories in one round, then you score a Perfect Game. This is a very prestigious honor and the Hall of Fame will be included in this post.

        Spoiler:- Regular PokÚdex:

        Spoiler:- Funny PokÚdex:

        Spoiler:- WTF PokÚdex:

        Spoiler:- Perfect Game Hall of Fame:

        Spoiler:- Overall Leaderboard:
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