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    A little bit of info, this is a story I've been writing on and is currently still in progress. The early chapters were written while I was still learning how to put more detail in my stories, I'll do the best I can to fix errors I made and put detail in when I can. Also if you spot errors with Ash's Unova pokemon please tell me as this was being written while he was still in Unova so I had to make guesses about his pokemon, and some of them were wrong.

    Chapter 1

    A New Challenge

    It had been quite the journey to this special place in the Unova Region called the Battle Royale. Having already finished his journey to the Unova leage with Iris and Cilian and parting ways witht hem the young trainer Ash Ketchm who's 13 years old at least and his best friend Pikachu headed for this place alone. Ash was wearing a white and blue jacket, blue pants, and a white and red hat, he also had a green backpack, black hair and brown eyes. Ash and Pikachu were traveling to the first island of the Battle Royal known as red island. Ash was told that he could only use six pokemon for this and that aside from his first pokemon would all have to be from the Unova region. Ash had already sent his Unova pokemon to professor oaks lab but now he knows he'll need at least his Pignite and Oshwatt to get started. After what seemed like days Ash and Pikachu finally reached Red island.

    They got off the boat and headed for the pokemon center. They got inside and saw Nurse Joy at the counter waiting to help anyone who needed it.

    "Hello Nurse Joy can you please check my Pikachu?" Ash asked,

    "Sure no problem." Joy smiled.

    She took Pikachu and Ash got on the video phone to call Proffesor Oak back in Pallet Town. Oak looked like he was in his fourties or fifties, he had a white lab coat on, a red long sleeve shirt under it, and brown pants. The Video Phone was located to the left of the counter.

    "Hello Ash what can I do for you?" Oak asked,

    "Professor I need you to send my Oshwatt and my Pignite to me right away." Ash explained

    "Sure Ash this'll just take a second."

    In a moment Oshwatt's pokeball appeared in the transfer slot and Pignite's followed after that. He placed both pokeballs on his belt, and then looked back at the screen.

    "Thanks professor wish me luck in the Battle Royale." Ash smiled.

    "I will and I'll tell your mother too." Oak assured.

    Ash hung up and looked around the center until a familiar voice called to him.

    "long time no see Ash." A Female voice said.

    Ash looked to where it was coming from and could'nt belive his eyes. It was none other than his old friend Misty from Cerulan City. Misty had Red hair, blue eyes, white skin, she had on a blue no sleeve shirt, and light blue shorts.

    "Misty is that really you?" Ash asked in shock.

    "The one and only how have you been Ash?" Misty asked,

    "I've been great." Ash assured

    A sound meant that Nurse Joy was done As soon as Pikachu saw her he jumped into her arms and she held him.

    "Pikachu Pi." Pikachu said.

    "Nice to see you again Pikachu." Misty said.

    They sat down on a bench near a glass window. The glass went from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. About three windows down to the left of where they were sitting was a glass sliding door.

    "So what are you doing all the way out here?" Ash asked.

    "Well Tracy told me that you were headed for the Battle Royale and Daisy said that she'd take over the gym so I can come here and join you on your journey."

    "So that means we're traveling together again?" Ash asked excitedly.

    "Yep it'll be like old times well almost we won't have Brock wih us."


    "Pikachu." Pikachu said.

    They heard the sound of two pokemon battling each other and looked out the window. One kid had a Scissor and the other trainer had a Blazekin. The kid with the Blazekin had a red short sleeved flannel shirt on. A red T-shirt under it, blue pants, white skin, brown curly hair. The Trainer looked like he was 16 years old.

    "Don't give up yet Blazekin let's turn up the heat use Overheat now." The kid ordered.

    His Blazekin fired a big blast of fire at the Scissor and hit it head on. Ash was amazed by how strong the attack was. The other kid seemed confused.

    "Wait you've used that Overheat attack three times already so how come your Blazekin isn't losing strength?" the opponent asked.

    "Well I've trained my Blazekin so well that it does'nt lose any of it's strength when I use Overheat repedatley." The kid explained.

    Scissor fell to the ground unable to battle. The kid brought out a poke ball.

    "Great battle as usual Blazekin take a well deserved rest." The kid said,

    With that a red beam hit Blazekin and he was called back to his poke ball.

    "Great match dude." The kid smiled,

    "Yeah same with you." The opponent said,

    The opponent called back his Scissor and went into the pokemon center and Ash and Misty came out of the Center.The kid saw them and walked to them.

    "Hello were you two watching that?" The Kid asked.

    "Yeah that was pretty impressive!" Ash exclaimed,

    "Heh well thanks but Blazekin deserves the credit oh my name is Anthony nice to meet you." The kid smiled,

    "Thanks I'm Ash Ketchm from Pallet Town." Ash said,

    "Pika Pikachu." Pikachu said,

    "I'm Misty I'm from Cerluan City." Misty said,

    "Uh do you mind if I hold your Pikachu Ash Pikachu's always been my faviorte pokemon out of all of them." Anthony said.

    "Sure why not." Ash said.

    Anthony took Pikachu and petted it's head. The yellow mouse smiles from this adoring it.

    "Wow this guy seems really strong it must've been in some pretty tough battles." Anthony noticed.

    "Well yeah how can you tell?" Ash asked,

    "I can tell by how relaxed a pokemon is around a stranger." Anthony explained.

    Pikachu giggled cause he accidently stroked his neck and got a playful smirk. Pikachu get's a nervous yet playful smile on his face knowing what Anthony intends to do.

    "Hehe so he's a ticklish little guy as well." Anthony smirked.

    Anthony playfully spider tickled Pikachu's belly making him laugh and squirm in Anthony's arms. Both Ash and Misty chuckled as his belly was tickled. The fingers danced all over his yellow skin forcing adorable laughter from him. Anthony kept it up for a couple of minutes then stopped. Pikachu panted as he put him down.

    "Did you like that Pikachu?" Ash asked.

    "Pikachu." Pikachu smiled nodding.

    Suddenly a smoke grenade hit the ground causing smoke to surround the group they hold in their breathe so they don't choke from it. Anthony got out a pokeball.

    "Emolga we need your help." Anthony said,

    He threw his pokeball and a white furred pokemon, with black wings, ears, and yellow cheeks came out. The fur on it's belly, face, and feet were white.

    "Emolga spin and blow away the smoke." Anthony ordered,

    Emolga spun around really fast and that made wind blow the smoke away.Three figures were standing in front of them.

    "Who the heck are they?" Anthony asked.

    One was a long red haired girl, the other was a blue haired Male, and the other was a Meowth, both the male and the female had black altphates on and they had capital red R's on the shirts.

    "It's Team Rocket." Ash said,

    "You mean they still chase Pikachu?" Misty asked,

    "Well don't know who these losers are but they dress like clowns." Anthony pointed out

    "A new twerp well kid I'm Jesse and that's James now if you know what's good for you stay out of the way so we can capture Pikachu." Jesse threatned.

    Jesse threw a pokeball and out came her Woobat and James called out his Yamask.

    "Say Ash show me what you got tag team with me so we can beat these clowns." Anthony said.

    "Alright then let's do it go Pikachu." Ash said.

    Pikachu ran up next to Emolga, they smile at each other before turning their gaze back to the enemies pokemon.

    "Yamask use Shadow Ball on Pikachu." James ordered.

    A ball of darkness fired at Pikachu.

    "Cover Pikachu with Protect Emolga." Anthony ordered.

    A big green barrier came up around Emolga and Pikachu blocking the shadow ball. Pikachu thanks Emolga who returns it with a nod.

    "That was pretty good." Ash expressed.

    "You have'nt seen anything yet Emolga use Thunder Fang." Anthony yelled.

    Emolga's fang's glow with electricity and Emolga bites Yamask with the Thunder fang sending Yamask straight to the ground.

    "Woobat use Air Slash." Jesse ordered,

    A big slash of air fired at Emolga. But he was able to roll out of the way of the attack.

    "Pikachu Thunder bolt go." Ash ordered.

    Pikachu fired a strong lightning bolt at Woobat knocking it out. Misty could'nt help but be impressed from Ash and Anthony's team work considering they just met.

    "Hey does Pikachu know Electro Ball?" Anthony asked.

    "Yeah." Ash said,

    "Let's have these two use it together." Anthony suggested.

    "Okay sounds cool." Ash agreed.



    "Use Electro Ball now." They ordered together.

    They both fired an electricity ball at Team Rocket which blasted them off. Ash and Anthony high fived each other. Pikachu and Emolga did a high five as well.

    "Not to bad there Ash." Anthony said,

    "We make a good team." Ash said.

    Back in the pokemon center they were sitting at a table. They were eating lunch. Pikachu and Emolga ate their pokemon food while Anthony ordered Pizza for the humans.

    "So what are you two doing here on this island?" Anthony asked.

    "Well I'm gonna compete in the Battle Royale." Ash explained.

    "I just want to see all the Unova region water pokemon and travel with Ash." Misty explained.

    "Well what do you know I'm going to the Battle Royale as well."

    This shocked Ash, Misty, and Pikachu. Just then Ash decided to invite Anthony into the group.

    "So you want to travel with us then?" Ash asked.

    "Well sure it beats traveling alone." Anthony agreed.

    "Pikachu!" Pikachu exclaimed.

    "Well Pikachu seems happy with it." Misty chuckled.

    "Well okay then I do have one question what do you really know about the Battle Royale Ash?" Anthony asked, Ash paused and scracthed his head. He really had no clue what this all about he just got so excited he rushed to the Red Islands without any real planning.

    "Well not a whole lot." Ash answered.

    "Alright I'll explain to you exactly what we'll be doing." Anthony assured.

    Ash, Pikachu, and Misty listened intently as he began to explain the competition.

    "Alright so as you must know you can only have six pokemon one being your starter and the others being Unova region pokemon." Anthony explained.

    "We know that." Ash confirmed.

    "Alright you need to do one more thing to qualfy for the Battle Royale you need to defeat one Gym leader that's located on seven of the islands in the Battle Royale." Anthony explained.

    "That does'nt sound so hard." Ash interrupted.

    "I'm not finished the Gym leaders each have a Legendary pokemon and they are increadbly strong perhaps even stronger than the Champion's of the Elite four." Anthony continued,

    "Wow that sounds pretty tough." Misty said,

    "This thing is desgined to be the ultimate challenge if your not prepared to face overwhelming odds then you've come to the wrong place." Anthony pointed out.

    "I'm not scarred I've traveled and competed in the Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova leagues." Ash boasted.

    "Glad to hear it now the closest Gym to this Island would be the one over on Icicle island." Anthony said. "Then that's where were going." Ash said.

    "Hold it you need to register for the Battle Royale first." Anthony smirked.

    Ash fell to the ground with a sweat drop on his face. Nurse Joy took his pokedex inserting into the slot in the registration machine it glowed for a moment meaning it's registered Ash for the Battle Royale so now he was all set.

    "Alright ready to go guys?" Ash asked,

    "I'm ready." Anthony assured.

    "Me too." Misty added.

    "Pikachu." Pikachu said.

    "Alright let's get going then!" Ash shouted

    The three walked out of the Pokemon Center. Ash looked on to the new adventure that lay ahead of him.

    To be continued
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