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    Name: Kevin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Starter: Female Mareep
    Backstory: Kevin found this little Mareep in the wild in Unova. Some Pidoves and other pokémon was pulling at her and punching and all, until Kevin saved her. It's impossible to stop their friendship, so strong is it. Kevin loves all types, except for Bugs. He find them weak. He loves also Soccer and riding with Maree[ on his head with his bycicle and Video Gaming. His Mareep help sometime Kevin with everything. Sometimes she gonna wild and attack the oppoment so I'm protected from any harm.


    Species: Mareep
    Level: 5 (Starter Pokémon:
    Gender: Female
    Current Location: Party
    Birthday: 2nd May
    Ability: Static ( The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.)
    Nature: Jolly (+Spe, -SpA, likes Sweet, hates Dry)Location Caught: Starter
    Held Item: Nothing
    Beauty Points: 0
    Contest Stats: 0
    IQ: 0
    Contained In: Pokeball
    Bio: Found by Kevin, when she was bullied by several pokémon.
    Current Movepool: Tackle, Growl. (Beginning moves)
    Evolutions: (Lv. 15), (Lv. 30)


    1x Backpack (
    1x Pokédex (
    1x Fast Ball ((
    1x Magnet (
    1x Berry Bag (
    1x Pokéblock Case/Empty (
    2x Rare Candy (( (Second Candy: Candy Monday)
    1x Coin Case w/13,000 coins ( ([url]!&p=15266491&highlight=#post15266491[/url) the 10,000 Coins got from Birthday thread!)
    [x2 Red Gummi's
    x2 Mysterious Gummi's
    x2 Green Gummi's
    x2 Brown Gummi's
    x2 White Gummi's
    x1 Fizzy Cola
    x1 Yellow Cyber Ball
    x1 Chocolate Birthday Cake Slice
    10,000 coins
    x1 Cheri Berry
    x1 Chesto Berry
    x1 Pecha Berry
    x1 Rawst Berry
    x1 Aspear Berry
    x1 TM Flamethrower
    x1 TM Ice Beam
    x1 TM Thunderbolt
    x1 Yellow Flute
    x1 +20 Lemon Poffin
    x1 Thunderstone
    x1 Star Seal (A)
    x1 Yellow Gummi
    x1 Luxury Ball
    x1 Super Pass
    x1 Birthday Candy
    x1 Berry Juice
    x1 Gracidea]

    (Items between "[]" is from this birthday link >!&p=15266491&highlight=#post15266491)
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