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    Name: Vernon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Vernon and Tepig have been friends even before Vernon received him as his
    starter. For his 10th birthday, Vernon was given a Pokedex by Professor Juniper.
    Although they work great as teammates, Vernon and Tepig have opposing
    personalities. Vernon is an introvert, and only acts himself when with people that
    he knows. Tepig, on the other hand, is an extrovert. He is very outgoing, and will
    usually charge straight for an enemy when in battle. He only stops battling when
    he wins or when hes too tired to go on.
    Vernon's goal is to befriend Pokemon that are similar to the
    Chinese Years.

    "The Pig is a fun and enlightening personality blessed with patience and
    understanding. People born under the sign of the Pig enjoy life and all it has to
    offer, including family and friends. They are honest and thoughtful and expect the
    same of other people. Pigs can be perceived as oblivious or gullible because they
    do care about others so much that they will do just about anything for a friend in

        Spoiler:- Stats:

    "Rabbits are private individuals, a bit introverted and withdrawn. People born
    into this sign would rather work behind-the-scenes instead of being the center of
    attention in any situation. Do not misunderstand…the Rabbit is not a recluse. In
    fact, he is a reasonably friendly individual who enjoys the company of a group of
    good friends whether at a business dinner or a holiday party. Rabbits just like to
    be a part of the gang as opposed to the leader of it."

        Spoiler:- Stats:

    "The Tiger is said to be lucky vivid, lively and engaging. Another attribute of
    the Tiger is his incredible bravery, evidenced in his willingness to engage in battle
    or his undying courage. Maybe he’s so brave because he is so lucky. But the
    Chinese say a Tiger having a Tiger in the house is the very best protection against
    the evils of fire, burglary."

        Spoiler:- Stats:

    "The Dog is a giving, compassionate personality. He offers kind words, support
    and advice to friends and family. He is a listener, always available to lend an ear
    or a shoulder to a friend in need. Often Dogs know more about their friends than
    their friends know about them or even themselves! Dogs are incredibly attentive.
    Sometimes though, Dogs should pay more attention to their own needs. In
    private, many Dog people worry a lot."

        Spoiler:- Stats:

    "The Rooster is a flamboyant personality, feisty and obstinate. He is quite the
    extrovert who loves to strut his stuff and is proud of who he is. Outwardly
    confident, the Rooster is also a trustworthy, hardworking individual. He’ll tell it like
    it is with no qualms or reservations."

        Spoiler:- Stats:

    "Monkeys are fun-loving people who really enjoy a good time with
    friends, family or anyone else for that matter. They love practical jokes and like to
    play tricks on colleagues and friends alike. Monkeys tend to stir up trouble simply
    out of boredom, which can end up being more hurtful than they intended. Often,
    when this causes trouble, they expect others to understand it was all a joke and to
    deal with the consequences on their own."

        Spoiler:- Stats:

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    "Mom! I'm leaving!" Vernon was in the middle of beating up a Toy Beedrill with his Toy Machamp when he heard his brother's call. Immediately he got up and ran down the stairs, so he can say goodbye to his brother. Vince was wearing his gray sweatshirt and khakis, along with a black glove and a black backpack. He just got done tying his shoes, and was now staring at their mom. Vernon's mom fixed Vince's hair quickly, along with any creases on his shirt, which made Vince whine. Finally, he said goodbye to his mom and continued to say goodbye to Vernon, who was sitting on one of the steps of the stairs. All Vince did was rub Vernon's hair and said one sentence Vernon would never forget. "Come after me when you're ready." Then he left.

    One year later...

    "Vernon! Vince is on TV!" Vernon's mom called to him while he was studying notes about berries. In a flash, Vernon was sprinting down the stairs to see his brother. There he was, on national TV. He looked concentrated at his opponent, who recently brought out a Hariyama. Vince smirked in front of the cameras as he brought out Braviary, making the crowd go wild. "VINCENT, VINCENT,VINCENT!" Vernon started chanting as well, hopping up and down and up and down. As Vernon watched his brother defeat the trainer, he remembered the words his brother preached.

    After the day he watched Vince on television, Vernon and Tepig have been training ever since. They kept training until Vernon received the Pokedex as a birthday gift, and they set out on an adventure to catch up to his older brother...


    Comet's Corner
    Seeking to find adventure, Tepig and I visited a place called
    the Cloud Garden. It was enormous and wonderful! Although we didn't actually
    have a clue on what to do next, we soon meet Rey, who we fought and captured.
    Adventure found us however, when a strange man wanted help finding a robber...


    The Lighthouse
    Reaching the Lighthouse, I started to wonder about the strange tower. It looks
    ominous, out of place. I Rey, Tepig, and Neko playing in the beach while I go look
    for clues about the Lighthouse in the village. With Vince the Spearow at my side,
    this will certainly be a great adventure. Vernon searches for clues about the Lighthouse,
    but was soon invited to a sea adventure with an experienced sailor...

        Spoiler:- Items:
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