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Thread: So Very Universal (Oneshot/Drabble Collection)

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    Default So Very Universal (Oneshot/Drabble Collection)

    Rating: G-PG-13
    Fandom: Trinity Universe
    Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama
    Status: On-going
    Pairing: Multiple

    Author's Note: So, I've been playing a lot of Trinity Universe lately and I couldn't help but think "My goodness, these characters are pretty shippable!" And then I got this idea in my head that it would be cool to do a collection that had a oneshot/drabble for every combination of pairings with all the playable characters.

    This is, of course, a bad idea for two reasons: 1. I've got two other main chaptered fics that need my attention and of course my XelFi oneshot collection and adding another one is just going to give me more things to juggle. 2. I'm probably the only one who cares. doesn't even have a section for Trinity Universe.

    But yet, bad idea or not... here I am! I'll try to update and eventually get through all... what, 78 I think? combinations that there are to get through, but like I said, I've got a lot of other things to write and right now this story is at a lower priority level. Also note that, while I love the Disgaea games to death and am therefore very familiar with Flonne and Etna (and the Prinny Squad for that matter) from outside Trinity Universe, I haven't played the Atelier Iris games so what I know of Pamela and Violet, I know from Trinity Universe.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

    So Very Universal

    Sex Appeal. Etna/Flonne. PG.

    Flonne let out a happy little sigh from her perch on a little table in a nook of Miss Riz’s UFO. Things had been so tense up until then that she was glad to see that everyone was finally getting along. Peace was being spread… bit by bit, and she knew that it wouldn’t be long until they were all fighting for good together. Certainly, that had to be how it would work out! Especially with such strong and loving hearts like that of Miss Riz and Kanata and Miss Vio and even…

    “Geez, aren’t there any sweets around here?” Etna asked, collapsing at the table across from Flonne as though she’d just undertaken an exhausting marathon instead of a cursory search of the UFO for edibles and valuables. A few Prinnies flanked her, watching warily in case she needed something or decided to throw one of them to their explodey doom.

    …Well, Flonne wasn’t sure about Miss Etna on the “loving hearts” front, but she chose to have a little faith in the matter. After all, once again they were allies (of JUSTICE!) and were both fighting on behalf of peace and love in the netheruniverse. Though, her eyes slightly narrowed uncharacteristically, there was still the matter of her precious Mk. III—its theft and loss. How could a person really be so selfish as to steal something and then not even bother to take good care of it?!

    “So, I guess I’m stuck with you again, huh?” Etna asked, cramming a sugar cube from the bowl into her mouth for want of any actual candy or pastries or eight-layer cakes.

    “I guess so,” Flonne said, putting an index finger to her cheek thoughtfully. “Now that you mention it, we run into each other a lot. …I wonder why that doesn’t happen with Laharl… Why doesn’t he get to be a guest character like we do?”

    Etna sputtered, nearly inhaling granulated sugar. “Are you serious?” she scoffed. “Isn’t it obvious?”

    Flonne blinked and shook her head.

    Etna put a hand on her hip and attempted to pose dramatically. “Because he doesn’t have sex appeal like we do, that’s why. Who’d want a guest character like that?”

    Flonne’s brows drew together. Well, she had to admit that she did show a lot more skin these days. It came with the territory when you became a fallen angel—like the switch from blue to red. It was just expected of you.

    “You really think we have sex appeal?” she asked.

    “Sure,” Etna said, tossing another geometric shape of pure sugar into her mouth. “…Or at least I do.”

    “Miss Etna!” Flonne chastised. “That is unnecessarily mean!”

    Etna rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she said, and then looked Flonne over from bottom to top in a rather rudely intrusive way. “You have sex appeal too.”

    Flonne gave her a nervous smile. It had been the response that she was after, but now it slightly worried her. “Really?”

    “Dood, Is it just me, or is Master Etna being especially creepy today?” one Prinny asked of another.

    “It’s not just you, dood,” the other answered with a little shudder.

    “Yeah,” Etna said, ignoring her lackeys. “…I mean, at least you would if you bought a push-up bra or something.”

    Flonne made a fist—her eyes burning with the fires of hell. “You’re one to talk, Miss Etna!” she shot back.

    “What was that?” Etna asked, pupils shrinking in critical irritation.

    “Do either of them really have the right to criticize each other about that?” the first Prinny asked.

    The second Prinny gave a shrug of its non-existent shoulders. “If it’s so important to them then why don’t they just whip ‘em out and measure them, dood?”

    “Dood, is there even a ruler that could measure something so small?” the first Prinny asked.

    “Nah, you’d need a microscope or something,” the second Prinny amended.

    “Too true, dood,” the first Prinny agreed. “An electron microscope.”


    The two Prinnies turned around to see their wrathful master and the-possibly-more-wrathful-if-caught-at-the-wrong-moment Flonne. Before, their rage had been turned on each other. Now…

    The Prinnies felt copious amounts of sweat run down their blue hides.

    “You were saying something about an electron microscope?” Etna prompted dangerously.

    “Miss Etna,” Flonne said, in the tone of voice that indicated that the unrighteous were about to be soundly thrashed, “let’s forget out argument and team up!”

    “I’m with you, Flonne!” Etna declared, taking out her spear.

    “…We’re doomed, dood,” the Prinnies moaned in unison.

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    The Perfect Pugilistic Pair. Rizelea/Lucius. PG.

    SMACK. “And stay out!” SLAM.

    Lucius drew back with an only mildly unmanly yelp of pain as Rizelea slammed the door to the meteorite workshop. He glowered at the door behind which his… let’s call her his parole officer was working.

    “What’s got Rizelea in such a bad mood?” Violet asked, walking alongside Flonne through the UFO corridor with a pile of laundry in her hands.

    “Who know?” Lucius spat. “That Valkyrie is probably in there plotting how to take down the Demon Dog King and doesn’t want anyone around to see her true, evil side.”

    “Oh, come on, Lucius,” Violet said, “cut her some slack. You know how much she’s worried about all the drifting objects.”

    “Sir Lucius!” Flonne interjected. “You need to show more support for Miss Rizelea! She needs your love now more than ever!”

    “Love?!” Lucius repeated, disgusted. “I wouldn’t even lower myself to liking a bloodthirsty wench like her.”

    “Well…” Violet trailed off, in deep thought, “…shouldn’t you?”

    Lucius stared at her, his tension gage an angry, kinked up jagged line. “Don’t tell me that hanging out with this love freak has left you witless, Vio? She’s self-righteous and constantly vindictive. Not to mention that she knees me in the groin every time I say something she doesn’t approve of. Why would I possibly like a violent shrew like that?”

    “Just for that reason,” Violet said with a shrug. “I mean, you keep saying that she’s violent and bloodthirsty and wicked and all that stuff… but that’s why you should like her.”

    “Explain!” Lucius demanded abruptly.

    “Well, you’re the dark hero, right?” Violet asked. “And you want to conquer the netheruniverse, right?”

    Lucius’s tension gage shot up in suspicion. “Who told you my plan?!”

    “Umm…” Violet said, looking nervously at him. “…You did.”

    “Sir Lucius, if you want to keep your plans secret, you’re going to have to learn not to think out loud,” Flonne cautioned.

    “So, if that’s the case, then if you really think Riz is evil and malicious and violent and all that stuff… you should really admire her for it,” Violet finished. “She’s your ideal woman.”

    That stopped Lucius in his tracks.

    “I never thought about it, since it’s such a villainous idea,” Flonne mused, mildly concerned. “But it does have a sort of ‘I will make you my Dark Queen’ feel about it,” she added in a croaky mock-villain voice. “I’d prefer Sir Lucius change his story path and become a Hero of Light… but… if he finds love this way then I suppose that’s okay.”

    “L-look,” Lucius tried to cut in, “just listen to yourselves. I don’t l-”

    “But the question is, does Rizelea feel the same way about him?” Violet cut him off.

    “Hmm… hard to say,” Flonne answered thoughtfully.

    “Well, she does always want to keep him around even though he keeps trying to cause trouble,” Violet reasoned.

    “That’s true!” Flonne exclaimed. “Oh, poor Miss Rizelea,” she bemoaned. “It’s the classic syndrome. She wants him by her side, but she’s too embarrassed to admit to it. So she covers it up by shouting at him and punching him in the kidneys.” She shook her head. “I’ve seen this before.”

    Lucius gaze buffeted from one to the other, unsure what to say. Finally he settled on Flonne and said, “R… really?”

    “Eleven times,” Flonne said with the air of an expert.

    Before that statistic could be questioned, they all turned as the door to the meteorite lab opened like a shot. Rizelea marched out, her boots clomping with each step and her pigtails swaying oddly in the low-gravity space. She had eyes only for Lucius.

    Lucius’s face grew iridescent red as she bore down on him, reached out a hand and punched him in the solar plexus. “You’ve been stealing meteorites again, you delinquent! Don’t even think of trying to sneak off with them!”

    As she passed, stomping down the hall with her fists clenched at her side, Lucius crumpled into a pile on the floor.

    “Lucius!” Violet called out, leaning over him to see if he’d require any healing.

    “Is…” Lucius choked out in a weakened, pained tone, “is this what… love feels like?”

    A nervous bead of sweat formed on Flonne’s forehead. “Umm… well, you know what they say, Sir Lucius: sometimes love hurts.”

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