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    The Authors’ Profile

    This idea was original put forward in the Fanfic Cafe by Ryano Ra, and with his/her permemission, i've brought it here too. Here, authors/RPGers can post their own profiles about writing. This way, RPGers can give out writing tips and give other members an idea of where their interests lie. When doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

    Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.
    Age: Your current age
    Gender: Since RPGs are about interaction after all.
    Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.
    Weak Areas: Your weak areas in writing; for example characterisations, description, post length
    Type Of RPG: Your favourite types of RPG you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humour, or Fantasy stories.
    Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.
    Current RPGs: List all of your current RPGs that are out. Summaries are optional. List rating, star-vote counts, genre, etc. Also mention if your RPGs are open for sign ups or not.
    Future RPGs: List all of your future RPGs that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.
    Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help other RPGers that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

    This topic will be stickied, so feel free to return and EDIT your post and profile whenever you need to update it.

    Name: RaZoR LeAf
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I'd have to go with plot details as my best skill. If there's a plot idea I have in my head, I can write a rather long and detailed history around it, before I even reached the main plot itself. Off on that tangent, description is one of my strong points too along with character development. When I make a character I like, I get hundreds of ideas of what to do with them.
    Weak Areas: Tricky to work out what my weak spots are, but I think character emotion would have to be one of them. Excitement and general positive emotions are quite easy, but trying to write about fear, anxiety, distress, these are much more difficult, and I often worry I haven't put across the full emphasis of how my characters feel.
    Type Of RPG: I love a good, well written fantasy RPG. One that isn't a boring old 'save the world by fighting evil overlord' type of thing. I do love Zelda RPGs and assuming they are also well written and have an original idea, chances are I will join it.
    Type Of Characters: My characters are usually run of the mill in RPGs that don't require heavy detail and history. I like to give my character very visible faults. A disability, or a state of mind that makes them less than perfect.
    Current RPGs:


    Future RPGs:


    Writing Tips: Description is always important, but try not to go overboard with it. Describe your surroundings, and how your character is feeling yes, but do it in a way that is interesting to read. Don't describe every small detail that could make up a scene, just write about the parts that would give the reader a solid idea of what's around.

    When you are in an RPG, be sure to read every post between your last one and your current post. Other RPGers will give out details to their location, and what is going on, things that you will need to maintain or else your characters will be lost and out of sync. This is especially important with the Game Leader's posts, as they will often include the important things like time of day, weather or important NPCs.
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