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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Default The RPGers’ Profiles

    The Authors’ Profile

    This idea was original put forward in the Fanfic Cafe by Ryano Ra, and with his/her permemission, i've brought it here too. Here, authors/RPGers can post their own profiles about writing. This way, RPGers can give out writing tips and give other members an idea of where their interests lie. When doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

    Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.
    Age: Your current age
    Gender: Since RPGs are about interaction after all.
    Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.
    Weak Areas: Your weak areas in writing; for example characterisations, description, post length
    Type Of RPG: Your favourite types of RPG you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humour, or Fantasy stories.
    Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.
    Current RPGs: List all of your current RPGs that are out. Summaries are optional. List rating, star-vote counts, genre, etc. Also mention if your RPGs are open for sign ups or not.
    Future RPGs: List all of your future RPGs that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.
    Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help other RPGers that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

    This topic will be stickied, so feel free to return and EDIT your post and profile whenever you need to update it.

    Name: RaZoR LeAf
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I'd have to go with plot details as my best skill. If there's a plot idea I have in my head, I can write a rather long and detailed history around it, before I even reached the main plot itself. Off on that tangent, description is one of my strong points too along with character development. When I make a character I like, I get hundreds of ideas of what to do with them.
    Weak Areas: Tricky to work out what my weak spots are, but I think character emotion would have to be one of them. Excitement and general positive emotions are quite easy, but trying to write about fear, anxiety, distress, these are much more difficult, and I often worry I haven't put across the full emphasis of how my characters feel.
    Type Of RPG: I love a good, well written fantasy RPG. One that isn't a boring old 'save the world by fighting evil overlord' type of thing. I do love Zelda RPGs and assuming they are also well written and have an original idea, chances are I will join it.
    Type Of Characters: My characters are usually run of the mill in RPGs that don't require heavy detail and history. I like to give my character very visible faults. A disability, or a state of mind that makes them less than perfect.
    Current RPGs:


    Future RPGs:


    Writing Tips: Description is always important, but try not to go overboard with it. Describe your surroundings, and how your character is feeling yes, but do it in a way that is interesting to read. Don't describe every small detail that could make up a scene, just write about the parts that would give the reader a solid idea of what's around.

    When you are in an RPG, be sure to read every post between your last one and your current post. Other RPGers will give out details to their location, and what is going on, things that you will need to maintain or else your characters will be lost and out of sync. This is especially important with the Game Leader's posts, as they will often include the important things like time of day, weather or important NPCs.
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    Name: Hakerius (or Les to the very few)
    Age: 16, almost 17
    Gender: female

    Strong Areas: I feel that my strengths tend to fall more along the paths of description and length. I do my best to imagine what I'm seeing and then get it onto the screen. Length I'm also pretty good at, usually it's around at least three-quaters of a page or more, though I do prefer more.

    Weak Areas: Definately plot making. I'm not much of the plot maker, but I'm more than happy to join the ones I like.

    Type Of RPG: My favorite types of RPGs revolve around the darker ones, not so much the "lets-go-make-daisy-chains" type. Those scare me. I also like rping in fantasy and sci-fi ones as well since there is just something I just love about them.

    Type Of Characters: My characters are the infamous geeks/dweebs for the rps they would fit in with, or just the general loner that doesn't really get along well, the outside-looking-in type of characters. Every so often I do create a more happy and outgoing character for a change but I find them a bit harder to play than the char in the corner that just seems to tag along. Usually for my characters, shyness is a major factor for them to over come. Another character could come along and say "hi" only to get either a blank stare or a leave me the hell alone type of response. I don't like playing as strong characters but not to the point of damsel in distress, so strength is usually sacrificed for more intelligence, but not always common sense.

    Current RPGs: none currently

    Future RPGs: most likely it'll be Stri's Blood and War if it gets off the ground. Otherwise I'm off wandering about looking for an RPG to join, which more than a few haven't struck me as my type.

    Writing Tips: Dan took two of the major points: detail and reading other's posts. Aslo, don't be afraid if you get an RPG block. I find them quite often but usually they are homeowrk and stress induced. It's not like you have to be actice every second of the rp to ensure it doesn't die but not so inactive you can't catch up. Usually during this I listen to music that fits the mood/theme, similar to writing fics, and let my mind wander over what I can do. The more I force myself, the less I get done, so just relax and don't worry about posting immediately after someone else.

    Perhaps I might think of some stuff later.

    Graphing Calculator - School provided device for cheating on tests and playing tetris and mario.

    Real life - Something rumored to exist outside of the internet. Its existence has yet to be proven.

    Turn signals (outmoded technology) - Outmoded form of car-to-car communication once used for safety, now considered giving away your position to the enemy

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    Name: Lemurian
    Age: ...
    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: I never do anything without it beeing accepted, like if I were to join the team ( LSU ), abandon the team or play out of the plot. I never sign out of RPGs and if you accept me in, I will follow the RPG as long as the keyboard accepts.

    Weak Areas: My length=horrible. I keep most of the time over the limit, but it's still chances to drop under it. Descriptions...not too good there either, but you can't describe something when you don't know anything about it, can you? The chances for a mistake is very possible then... Plus, I'm known to have horrible grammar. And it's probably true too...

    Type Of RPG: I like mostly futuristic RPGs. Preferbably on the earth, but I wouldn't mind jumping into a space-scened RPG either... I'm not too fond of everlasting RPGs but I can survive XD. Preferbably where you can play good or evil. Fun...

    Type Of Characters: Assasins, hackers, thieves. There's my character. Always in trouble, loyal and with a sense for evil over his goodness. Either that or a very quiet guy who has no feelings and loves to kill. Hey, there's the assassin again!

    Current RPGs: The Great Easter Egg Contest. It's in the Sign-Ups.
    Future RPGs: As I said, ideas! A dimensional war, Ubersquad RPG and a murder-RPG. Maybe I can make that Ubersquad RPG soon...
    Writing Tips: My tips aren't much to follow. But here's one:

    Making a good character doesn't means he can't be evil...and vice versa.
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    Name: Ytnim AKA Minty

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: RPG ideas and Battles are two things I would say I'm good in. Making those ideas into RPG's is a different matter. When I say Battle I don't just mean pokemon battle. I mean almost any type of battle be it hand to hand, medieval weaponry (swords, bows, etc), modern weaponry (guns, etc) , futuristic weaponry (lasers, etc)

    Weak Areas: Sticking to my characters personality. I am guilty of accidently changing my character's personality over the length of an RPG.

    Type Of RPG: Those fantasy, medieval RPG's really do it for me ya know? I don't know what it is about them but I'm just drawn to them.

    Type Of Characters: I'm pretty versatile when it comes to characters. I have a few 'born leader' characters, one or two 'quiet/loner' types, a practical joker and a guy who no one can trust. Well they are all 'good' so to speak, villains just don't work for me.

    Current RPGs: None.

    Future RPGs: Possibly one based on D&D but I'm not sure yet.

    Writing Tips: Don't put all your effort into making a character then not keep up that pace in the actual RPG. I have seen many RPGs fail because people sign up with magnificent characters but post little to nothing in the real RPG.

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    Name: LilyPichu
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Strong Areas: Emotions portrayed > >
    Weak Areas: Lack of descriptions < <
    Type Of RPG: Suspenseful, unique, humor, and fantasy
    Type Of Characters: I prefer sarcastic or optimistic ones. One or the other, they're quite amusing to control.=)
    Current RPGs: none for now.
    Future RPGs: I'm planning on doing one, whereas the idea was based upon the RPG I've started last year. I'm sure no one remembers.
    Writing Tips: If you are struggling with RPGs, try looking at the other people's posts and sign ups as an example. When I first came here, for the fear of making a stupid mistake, I closely followed PX's example. Eh, I don't do that now, but it helped when I was new. Also, however boring or fun it may be, read all the posts in the RPG you're in, or else there's a chance the interaction went wrong. Oh, and just because the other person has a truckload of descriptions doesn't mean you should. =D

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    Name: RagingDragon (Strider/Shadowfaith)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: I would have to go with Description, Emotions and Plot making. Description has always been my strongest point. Because I have a strong imagination, I always find it easy to describe surroundings and monsters; this also helps me in plot making and characters emotions.

    Weak Areas: Hmm, leading an RPG. Sometimes, when I am the Game master, it doesn’t seem to go as I plan and it takes me a while to put it back on track sometimes.

    Type of RPG: Fantasy RPG’s have always been my favorite and my strongest. I love making up my own monsters and using extraordinary powers and weapons. I also love a good Trainer RPG sometimes, only if it has a few plot twists as well.

    Type of Characters: My characters Vary. Some are cold and sadistic where as others are up beat and humorous. I would have to say that I prefer to play the upbeat and humorous because it suits my real life character more.

    Current RPGs:

    Master and the Beast

    It is still running, but I haven’t had the chance to reply because of school work and of course the forum hiccup.

    A Fantasy RPG of a beast who is called to release a master in a native country. Members of a small native village set out to stop it with numerous weapons and magic’s.

    Blood and War

    Waiting for Isis to give her Sign up, but otherwise, will be started soon.

    Another fantasy RPG set in medieval times, a tale of a group of warriors who set out to gain 3 legendary weapons which will restore peace to their kingdoms.

    Future RPGs: Hmm, well I’m thinking of making a Final Fantasy 7 related RPG. But it’s still running a trail through my mind at the moment.

    Writing Tips: Always keep you’re descriptions…well descriptive. This is important because it’s what gives not only length, but feel to the RPG. Describe you’re surroundings thoroughly too actually give the feel that you are really there. It is also important that you keep you’re made up characters and monsters descriptive to give other members a good description of what they look like.

    Emotions are important to, and I will advise you all to use them well as it shows who you characters really are and this is what you use to interact with other members’ characters.

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    Name: Arashi
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I think I'm good at describing situations, especially if they involve things I'm reather familiar with. Other people have said I am, and I think that it's probably due to familiarity. If I don't know it, I can't write about it. Of course, sometimes I do try. >.>
    Weak Areas: I can't write a long plot very easily without losing my mind, but I'm working on it. Everything else, I think I'm about average on.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy-centric, sometimes futeristic. I've been conditioned by PSO, you could say. x.x;
    Type Of Characters: Most of the time, the characters I write are loud and quick to anger. Quite a bit like me, I must admit. x.x;
    Current RPGs: None yet. Hopefully one will be up next week.
    Future RPGs:
    Black Blade - A Milennium of Chaos - This RPG takes place in the far future, where the mysterious group "Black Blade" is gaining much power be confiscating the souls of random citizens on the planets they control. Their influence spreads out to one whole dimension. Warriors from many dimensions (The people who sign up) gather in this dimension, then, planet-by-planet, exterminate Black Blade. The group will not need to stay together, either, but in the end, everyone will get a shot at fighting the thing that Black Blade has brought into existance, which now threatens to destroy the entire dimension.
    Writing Tips: If you have difficulty writing a plot, start with a name. A name often influences basic thoughts of what the RPG is about. For example, an RPG whose name references Pokemon, will be immediately believed to be Pokemon-based. However, if the title notes something in Pokemon, that has an opportunity to allply to some other subject, then more people might take interest. Also, do not write an RPG on something that's been done a million times, e.g. a Trainer RPG. You should only do this if it's high-quality. Also, remember, quantity does not equal quality; you may have a three-page RPG plot, but it might be three pages of dingo's kidneys/********/some other negative term.
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    NAME: Project Alpha AKA Sitekick_Unlimited AKA Crystaldeoxys, AKA Ken

    AGE: 12

    GENDER: Male

    STRONG AREAS: I'd say that I can pretty well integrate my characters emotions and personal history into most of my posts. I'm also very careful about Grammer and Spelling errors.

    WEAK AREAS: I'd say that sometimes I'll join like 4 RPGS at a time and get so busy I'll go overboard and won't be able to post that often. I also am not a fan of doing things a piece at a time, usually rushing things out and if a good post gets deleted, the second time I post it, it won't be the same quality as the first.

    TYPE OF RPG: I like a well done fantasy/adventure/action RPG where there is some sort of shadow hanging over and is always on the move. I also like ones where you are not required to wait for everybody to post before you can post again.

    TYPE OF CHARACTERS: My characters have two qualities that remind me of myself. First is they're usually very stubborn, and always charge into things without thinking. If they're not that, then they're very dark and mysterious people who would rather do things on their own, and hate whatever source of evil is there for their own reasons. They're past is a mystery so I can intergrate it into my posts.

    CURRENT RPGS: None that I've started.

    FUTURE RPGS: I'm still thinking of starting that Final Fantasy one, but it's still going to be a long while. Pokemon Kingdoms should be done in the fall, and I have a brand new RPG idea coming July 15, 2006.

    Iota (July 15, 2006)

    Perfection. In 2012, this goal was attempted by a wealthy man. It seemed perfect. It didn't have the flaws communism had.

    The idea was to make sure that everyone had jobs or were students, and had at least one thousand dollars. All the poor people were given this money too. Law, order, and living the way that could create a society were led by humans, influenced by cyberetic enchancements. The beings, known as the Iota would make sure no one was smoking or drinking or doing drugs or slcking off. Anyone who tried these things dissapeared

    Eventually it was agreed that the world was perfect. Everyone did their routines in accordance to the Perfect World rules. However one man didn't like these changes. That man began a rebellion to change the world back to what it was.

    A war broke out. Those who desired perfection (perfectors) and those who wanted the world back to normal (Normals). This war has been going on for a thousand years. During this time all the Iotas were shut down in a rebel assult. However, now certain Iotas are reawakening. This time, they have free will. They have a choice. But which side is right? Which side is wrong? They have no clue.

    Pokemon Kingdoms (Fall 2006)

    In a world before humans, ruled by Ho-oh, all Pokemon await for the day of the month known as Wish day. The guardians of Ho-oh and the leader itself join in the sacred Wish shrine before awakening Jirachi, a Pokemon of dreams that brings a new Pokemon species to earth. On this day however, the other Pokemon, who was born the same time as Ho-oh, the Unknown plot to take over the kingdom. They fly into the body of this new species Deoxys, as Jirachi summons it to earth. Deoxys lands and, flooded with shadow power, snags Jirachi, using it's power to seal Ho-oh and all the legends in Crystal. Only twelve heroes can save the kingdom before it's too late.

    Final Fantasy 2 RPG: Yeah. I have no clue when this is coming out. I'd say 2007. I've also am seriously changing the plot.

    WRITING TIPS: Spare time. Don't join more RPGs then you know you can handle. Set a limit for yourself and you should be fine.
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    Name: masquerainmistress/Emma
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Strong Areas: Good in thinking up plots and history for characters.
    Weak Areas: bad at writing the plots I think up to make them good.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy/Pokemon
    Type Of Characters: Pokemon characters. Usually a Cradily, I like RPing as one because it has no hands or actual feet. Makes things easier and more interesting.
    Current RPGs: None.
    Future RPGs- A Remake of The Promised Land-
    I'm not giving a summary, I'm too lazy. Sorry.
    Writing Tips: If you're making an RPG, try to think up something new. Unlike fanfiction, RP's that don't follow canon can turn out well. Create your own universe. Remake any plots that turned out well and make them better. Just be original.
    When RPing-Remember to follow your character's personality! Also, be descriptive or nobody will know what you're doing.


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    Name: Miyu-chan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Strong Areas: Following the plot-line, keeping my characters in character...
    Weak Areas: Not enough description, I guess... >.>;
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, or highly original RPs.
    Type Of Characters: I try to range them, 'cause I like the experiment with different personalities.
    Current RPGs: .::Utopia - A RP::.
    RP is currently open for sign-ups, 6 more spots left.
    A RP about 8 teens who are skilled in a online RP, called Utopia. They are invited to test out a virtual reality world version of it, but something goes wrong....

    Future RPGs: None in planning... >.>;
    Writing Tips: You should control/create characters that you know. You should know how your characters should react to everything and everyone. Keeping you character in character is very important too, a shy person wouldn't go up abd say hi to everyone. o.o; And don't make your character to be a 'mind-reader' it gets really annoying. -_-"
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    Name: bronislav84 (AKA Bronislav, Bron)
    Age: 20
    Gender: M, but I am also very good at playing Girls. *laughs*
    Strong Areas: Describing my own characters' surroundings and environments have always been my Strong Areas.
    Weak Areas: I'm very bad at starting off the Plot for an RP. I can't be the first person to post and need a General Setting before I post. My RPing also degenerates if the other players only provide me with converation pieces.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Video Game based RPs. This of course, includes Pkmn.
    Type Of Characters: Name the General Setting and I adjust. I make a character based on the Plot, and can't just say what kind of character I play, because it depends on the RP. I usually play a different character each time, but maintain a basic similarity between them all.
    Current RPGs:
    Rockman.EXE: Dark Future, Remake
    -by Chaos, improved and co-GMed by me (Taking Signups right now)

    Hell on Earth
    -by Lady Myuu (Of course, it's not mine, but I'm putting it here because I'm in it. It's currently taking Signups)

    Future RPGs: Working with Castform on Golden Sun RP Fix/Remake. (Where is he lately?)

    I'm in the process of making a Teen Titans RP.

    Writing Tips: I find that writing an RP entry is like writing a Fan Fic. Description makes or breaks an RPer. If they don't describe, they leave less material for others to work with. So, my Tip is "Describe as much as possible!"
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    Name: Batesy

    Age: 12.8 (Might as well say 13)

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Description, exploiting plots and if bored, displays dark sides of chracters.

    Weak Areas: Sign Ups. That's one thing I hate. Sort of weak developing good personality.

    Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Pokémon.

    Type Of Characters: Ones that are kind. However, I've felt a little evil lately.

    Current RPGs: None. I'm getting back to my RPing soon...

    Future RPGs: Pokémon To The Past: Legend Of The Green Kabutops.
    An RPG coming to SPPF in a few short minutes. Several trainers go in a time machine built by Silph Co. However, little do they know, Team Rocket may be following...

    Writing Tips: Don't try to be a writer that you aren't. Just because everyone else is, don't start copying their style. You may not quite understand it...
    I write complex sentences but not too complex because I don't understand REALLY big words. XD
    SPPF Christian Alliance Club
    Paired with the spiggin' awesome Saya

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    Xkraid Guest


    Name: Xkraid (Meh, I might as well say it: Craig.)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Im good at plots and writing out Poke'mon Battles/Fights.
    Weak Areas: Err... When signing-up to an RPG it takes hours for me to do a personality and when its done it sucks! So, yeah, Personality.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy RPGs with good plots!
    Type Of Characters: Battle-loving, kind-hearted characters.
    Current RPGs: None now... My others are dead...
    Future RPGs: Im thinking of making one but i don't have a clue! Maybe a Naruto one...
    Writing Tips: A long story plot! And make it about something that peaple like!

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    Name: Trinx, aka Brandon
    Age: 12, 13 in October

    Strong Areas:Well, I usually always just write something up, I can always think of a idea to post in a rp post, I suppose i'm pretty good at description but I can't use all those fancy big words, :P.

    Weak Areas:Sometimes the big words, sometimes I lack some emotion or personality, that kinda stuff, =/.

    Type Of RPG:Fantasy

    Type Of Characters:I usually like to roleplayer characters that are sarcastic, but overall have alot of intelligence. Sometimes I may make them do sacrifices, because you can see that I'm sort of a negative person when it comes to roleplaying, as in most of the bad things happen to my character. They make Foolish decisions alot and sometimes like to just be alone.

    Current RPGs:
    Everquest:The Rising of the Orc Clan
    The First RPG of a Planned Series.
    Sign Ups are Open

    Future RPGs:
    Everquest:Revenge of the Orc Clan
    Second RPG of the series, will be made after tRotOC is finished.
    Plot:After defeating the Orcs once and for all by a mysterious group of rebels, another strange occurence has happened. The Wayferers' seek help in order to destroy this menace monster.

    Writing Tips:Try to pace yourself, do NOT use a word if you do not know what it means, try to rp with your own style, just make sure to describe the area around you.

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    Name: FlamingRuby
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Strong Areas: plot and humor
    Weak Areas: I will admit that I do have a bit of trouble with description.
    Type Of RPG: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor
    Type Of Characters: I like characters that are based on those I know, and don't require fifty pages to learn what makes them tick. Now, if said fifty page history is important, then I'll make an exception.
    Current RPGs: None so far.
    Future RPGs: I'm thinking about ressurrecting my "Adventures in Pokesitting" RP, and I might do an RP based on Pokemon Snap...
    Writing Tips: There's a balance in describing your surroundings too much and describing them too little...the trick is finding that balance
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Shine Diamond--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    Name: KaiserMyuu. Just as easy.
    Age: 12
    Gender: Dude
    Strong Areas: Good sign ups most of the time, descriptive plots and some other crap.
    Weak Areas: Inspiration. End of discussion. And sometimes I use unusual words.
    Type of RPGs: Fantasy, maybe a bit of Adventure
    Type of Characters: Insane and sometimes evil whenever I get the chance, with usually an explanation. They usually have some sort of believable weakness to go with their personality, but it all comes down to what the roleplay is about. Oh yeah, I don't use the same character over and over. My memory's kind of bad.
    Current RPGs:
    The Unnamed Roleplay
    Based on my old fanfiction, Flux.
    Let's say there's an alternate universe behind black holes, collapsed stars in the arm of the galaxy.
    Now, let's say a large sort of portal-thing was called a Star Fissure, and a forgotten being lived in between our world of pokemon and an alternate, barren, desolate world.
    Strangely, fluxes have begun to occur, disrupting the universe. Some of the legendary pokemon have met up and discussed it, and they agreed not to use their powers after the demise of the three Regi pokemon. Meanwhile, on the other world, an evil god has found a crack in the Star Fissure, and that means he can come back to the pokemon world and finally rule over it.
    So, some kids just decide to waltz on the worlds, and find a something that was supposed to be forgotten.
    I guess ancient chaos does repeat itself.
    Upcoming RPGs: I have something in mind, but it's hard to spill into words. Should be coming soon, however.
    Writing Tips: It's okay to misspell words, just as long as people know what it means. If you can't decide what word to use, put down the word on a writing program like Word and use the thesaurus, or just use thesaurus itself if you're not too lazy. Don't make descisions for other people, don't take over a roleplay, blah blah blah. If you're trying to come up with something, just wait for a bit and see if another person posts, and you can try to continue it. If nobody posts, just try putting a few paragraphs or so into the roleplay. It could be boring, but it may help another to post. And don't forget to hug a kitten.
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    Elite Eevee Guest


    Name: Elite Eevee
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Strong Points: Plots
    Weak Areas: Post length, long entries
    RPGs: Fantasy mainly, but I always love mystery
    Characters: My characters usually are calm and collected, but take in alot of information. I also love playing someone wise and smart.
    Current RPGs: Don't bother. All three are at the bottom of a dark, dark pit.
    Furture RPGs: I have loads of ideas for RPGs. Mostly revolving around Dungeons and Dragons, but several other hold strong, including a murdur mystery.
    Writing Tips: Post what you want. Don't be intimidated by other's long posts. You can post, but don't blather to make it long.

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    Isis Guest


    Name: Isis
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: I'm very good at emotions, discriptions, and plots...

    Weak Areas: I often change my character's personality as a roleplay progresses, or I slowly change some other aspect of them to suit me more.

    Type Of RPG: I like a good, well written, plot. I don't have a real preference towards what kind of RPG I like, however I like fantasy and sci-fi roleplays.

    Type Of Characters: I like to make dark heros. I like assassins, and people who don't care about killing... I'm not like that, I can just write that way.

    Current RPGs: Shattered Eternity
    Status: Open
    Summary: In a world separated into two, a chosen and their companions must travel to reunite the world, but that is just the beginning...

    Future RPGs: I'm thinking of making (yet again, for the final time) a Genetics Labs RPG. I'm also thinking of an assassin RPG.

    Writing Tips: Be sure to read all posts and signups in any RPG you're in, and make sure to keep your post length up.

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    O'Malley Guest


    Name: PokeProf20
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Description, actions, interaction with other characters
    Weak Areas: Post length, thinking up good plots worth writing
    Type Of RPG: If I could think of a plot, I would write something with action, I like to find a new sort of plot no one else has thought of.
    Type Of Characters: My characters are usually loners; I've only made two characters that were the type who like to be around other people. My characters usually hide secrets about themselves.
    Current RPGs: None
    Future RPGs: Still brainstorming. (I like to give RPGs a really good thought before I pick something)
    Writing Tips: Don't be afraid to make really long posts. That's my biggest problem. Write as detailed as you can possibly get, and proofread often. Once deeper in an RPG, if you fall behind in posting, CHECK ALL POSTS BEFORE POSTING AGAIN. Do not ask someone where you are. Try not to have your character in a completely different setting as the others for too long.

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    Yamcha888 Guest


    Name: Yamcha888
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Post length, characterisation, actions
    Weak Areas: Plot,
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Action and Adventure
    Type Of Characters: Mainly characters that are loners and are heroic but I only have 1 character right now.
    Current RPGs: none right now
    Future RPGs: I am not that much on creativity to come up with my own plot.
    Writing Tips: not that great at writing so I can't give tips

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    Golden Tropius Guest


    Name: Golden Tropius
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Description, post length, good plots (when I can think of them).
    Weak Areas: Conveying emotions, overdoing it with signing up for RPGs.
    Type Of RPG: Action fantasy.
    Type Of Characters: Characters that are shy at first but warm up to other characters quickly. Recently I've been trying out other personalities as well.
    Current RPGs:
    Pokemon Freedom
    Started; NO LSU's.
    It is the year 2331. The days of the great pokemon trainers are long gone. Following a stock market crash, the whole planet became like the old South of our world, with plantations being the dominant feature of land. Pokemon and humans were enslaved, and soon pokemorphs were made. Now there is a group of escaped slaves trying to make their way to Hantura Island and freedom.
    Future RPGs: None yet...
    Writing Tips: Try to keep the plot moving. Try not to post if it is off topic or twists the story so that it is really weird.
    Last edited by Golden Tropius; 3rd June 2005 at 1:35 AM.

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    Jun 2005
    Somewhere out there ---->


    Name: Nikki (TR_Vixen)


    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas:
    I'm not too sure to be honest... I think emotions and thoughts are my strong points, though I do try and add lots of description. I like to draw out my character too, so I have a image of what my person looks like because it inspires me to write so I guess that could be a strong point.

    Weak Areas: Spelling mistakes and typos. Also I get really impatient at waiting for people to post.

    Type Of RPG: Fantasy by a long shot. Anyting I have watched or played (or both) I will join as long as the plot is good.

    Type Of Characters: I like to play the innocent character who is loyal and careing but ditzy and humourous. I think I could probally play a shady character too, but I feel that it is too commonly used and people always want to be the "dark-horse" all the time...

    Current RPGs: - A kingdom hearts RPG

    Future RPGs: I would like to join more, but have yet to find anything that sparks my interest and hasn't already started ...
    Banner by me
    Rocketshipping FTW!!

    My current team:

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    HazyAurora Guest


    Name: Hazy Aurora
    Age: 12 (I can't help it...But please don't let this influence the way you treat me)
    Gender: Female
    Strong Areas: I'm good in description. I have a large vocab, and enjoy using it to the full. ^^ I'm a pretty good all round writer as well.
    Weak Areas: I seriously need to work on post length...
    Type Of RPG: Any really. I have no favourites, but I like Fantasy and Pokemon related ones. I'm a sucker for Pokemorphs. XP
    Type Of Characters: I write both Male and Female, easy to get along with and pains. But I'm best with Humans, and secondly animals.
    Current RPGs: None at the moment. ^^;
    Future RPGs:

    Adventure of the Moon and Sun

    Wings of Change

    Writing Tips: I suppose...I don't have any at the moment. My mind went blank. XP

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    Aug 2004


    Name: Blivsey
    Age: 17 (as of August 2008)
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Character creation. That's always a load of fun, and I like to think that I'm good at it.
    Weak Areas: Creating coherent posts sometimes takes hours for me.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy/Sci-fi when possible.
    Type Of Characters: I try to do all types, but I subconsciously tend to lean toward female or nerdy characters. I try not to restrain myself to humans.
    Current RPGs: Applied to Smash!

    Future RPGs:

    - Unnamed Transformers RPG

    Writing Tips: Enjoy RPing. Seriously, most people write better when they enjoy it, which means you'll be happier with it, other people will have better installments to respond to, which means they'll be pleased and write better, and the cycle continues. Love is infectious, kids, and it's the right kind of thing to spread.
    Last edited by Blivsey; 2nd October 2008 at 2:50 AM.
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    Pokémon X ∙ Animal Crossing
    Friend Safari: Meditite, Pancham, Tyrogue

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    Name: Regi~Castform or Richy (real name)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Area: Thinking of an RPG, and writing in it.
    Weak Areas: Planning out RPGs.
    Type of RPGs: Adventures, and action
    Type of Characters: Heroes, Villans
    Current RPGs:

    Team Arqio: SAVE THE REGIs: This RPG is about an ancient gang of villans that capture the Regis and destroy half the world with them, they were called team Gangzo. Luckly a rival team of them wanted to save the Regis, they were called team Arqio. They raged in the hugest battle in the world. At the end of the battle the leaders of the two teams dissappeared. Many, MANY years later traces of team Gangzo where found, meanning they are back. Richy the leader is trying to put team Arqio back together and trying to stop team Gangzo and save the Regis.
    ~STATUS: Dying

    Future RPGs:

    Fusian Masters (Working title): Evil has gone through the world. A new method of saving the world has come, fusian. 7 heroes will have legenay team, like the Regis, the Latis, the little legendss (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi), the major lengendary birds (Lugia and Ho-oh) the legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres), the legendary dogs (Suicune, Entei, Raikou) and the Deoxys combos, (story in work)

    Tips: Stay in tune with your RPG AND your members.
    Last edited by Regi♪Castform; 27th July 2005 at 10:38 PM.

    I dont care about bishies... Pachirisu and Porygon-Z are ALL MINE!! Looking for a Shiny Pachrisu and Shiny Porygon. PM Me if you have them. :]

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