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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Name: Knightblazer (Lucifer_Elemental)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female. (Wow, who expected that?)

    Strong Areas: I'm usually one who comes up with the wierdest (and sometimes great) plot twists in an RPG. I'm OK in descrpition, although I still need to brush up a bit...

    Weak Areas: Defitenly post length. I somtimes tend to type shorter rather then longer ones. I als tend to write it in script format, rather then novel kind. And my spelling is horrible, I guess. Loads of work to do... *sighs*

    Type Of RPG: I prefer fantasy than any other kind, as so long it ain't boring. (Yes, it even refers saving the universe many times over)

    Type Of Characters: I usually make lone characters, with a mysterious background. I can just add the background bit by bit as the RPG goes on. Its more fun that way. Sometimes, I add a carefree attitude to the character, to spice up things a bit. I can do almost any character, exepct female characters... how ironic.

    Current RPGs: Hybrid's Tale

    Summary: An Rp about Team Fusion, a team that is hardly heard or spoken about in the pokemon world, has finally made themselves known by unleashing an army of pokemon fusions. These pokemon fusions are created and trained by the Team itself to become the ultimate soldiers: Mindless killers. However, there were 10 of these Fusions that were considered failures by them. Team Fusion left them to rot in the outside world. The legendaries, enraged by the team's actions, cruel treatment and therefore horrified by their evil plan, decided to take action, but yet they did not want to be known by the humans, or worse, captured by Team Fusion and turned into mindless fusions as well. So, they decided to ask the help of the 10 failures, asking to choose a human trainer that they considered the best and team up with him or her to twart Team Fusion's evil plans.

    Status: One special spot left. PM me for details.

    Grene: Pokemon Fantasy/Futurstic?

    Future RPGs: None so far. Maybe I'll start a make a new one up when my first one starts...

    Writing Tips: Make sure your posts are long enough, proof-read your post, be descrptive, try not write in script format, and make sure you read ALL the posts before signing up any RPG.
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    Surfman Guest


    Name: Surfman

    Age: Will be 16 in August

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: I play characters pretty well, and I'm good at coming up with interesting plot twists.

    Weak Areas: Overall, my description could use the most work.

    Type of RPG: I prefer Pokemon RPGs. This is a general rule. There are exceptions, however, such as the Mario one I have in the Sign-up forum right now.

    Type of Character: When it comes to characters, I'm fairly versatile. I have a slight preference towards calmer, wiser characters (see Jethro in Mewtwo's Last Stand and the coming sequel), although I can also play a good villain (Natalie near the end).

    Current RPGs:

    Title: Mewtwo's Last Stand

    Summary: Mewtwo has hidden away, and has left clues in the hands of the legendaries. Now, it is up to Jethro Baker and several others to find Mewtwo and keep him safe from the unknown leader of Team Rocket.

    Genre: Pokemon. Adventure/mystery?

    Status: Currently at the epilogues.

    Title: Snagem vs. Cipher

    Summary: Team Snagem has come under new leadership and has turned against its former ally, Cipher. Now, its goal is to Snag all of the Shadow Pokemon from Cipher and purify them.

    Genre: Pokemon. Action/Adventure.

    Status: Nearly dead. Plus, I lost all my information on it when my computer crashed. I think I'll just let this one go.

    Title: The Last Straw

    Summary: Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach... again. This time, Mario and others are headed to Bowser's castle to deal with him personally. But for one of them, something happens that is the last straw. They're mad - mad enough to kill...

    Genre: Murder mystery. Mario.

    Status: Three participants signed-up with ten characters still available.

    Future RPGs:

    Title: Mewtwo's Last Stand II: The Quest for Rukario

    Summary: Jethro Baker and company are on another legendary-searching quest - this time, for the elusive Rukario. Their search will take them through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Orre as they find clues, battle more organizations (Snagem and Cipher), and try to get to Rukario before Team Rocket leader Natalie Baker does...

    Genre: Pokemon. Adventure/Mystery?

    Coming after Mewtwo's Last Stand finishes!

    Writing Tips: Try to make your character someone you could play relatively easily. That way, you're less likely to mess up.

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    Tyafu Guest


    Name: Tyler AKA Tyafu or Biodude123
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Not many but a few are beggining story, and cleverness???
    Weak Areas: rest of story may come out "confusing", grammer
    Type Of RPG: Action Fantacy and a little romance but I like all of em'
    Type Of Characters: Funny Adventuros and Different.
    Current RPGs: Im creating one right now or at least trying
    Future RPGs: Uhhh little to soon for that
    Writing Tips: I may be the one in need of tips...

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    Default There you go!

    Author Profile
    Name: greenlink777
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Coming up with characters and Plots
    Weak Areas: Adjetives. I lack that a lot.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Adventure.
    Type Of Characters: All types.
    Current RPGs: this is my only one.
    Future RPGs: Have no plans.
    Writing Tips: realism is a key part. Don't say a water-ground is caught on fire. Or say that a steel in general is on fire. Steel just rust due to fire, not catch on fire.

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    Raichu Master Guest


    Name: Raichu Master (RM for short)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I'm not normally modest...but this is a rare occasion for me. I couldn't really tell you my strong areas. I like to think I'm a well-round rper.
    Weak Areas: Consistancy...*sigh* last, not all my post are created'd be great if they were...but they aren't...
    Type Of RPG: It really doesn't matter. I'm an all around type of guy, I rp in what I'm interested in at the time, and right now I'd have to say I'm interested in Harry Potter or Pokemon rps.
    Type Of Characters: I've heard it said many times that a good rper doesn't have preferences when it comes to character selection, and a good rper should be able to rp anything with equal enthusiasm. So I kind of follow that philosophy.
    Current RPGs: None, I'm new.
    Future RPGs: Chimney Rock: School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. But 'tis a secret for now, check back for more details as they develop! ^^
    Writing Tips: Quality post, is a must. Make sure you've put good time and energy into each one, if you don't, it's easy to see. Character creation, don't put together a quick 2 minute character, take time and consideration to make sure that you've covered everything. Best way is to do the profile on Word, then come back to it, and add or subtract what you think is needed.

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    Name: T.W. North
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I'm good at description, well I thought I was, and I am compared to most people I know IRL, but I'm nowhere near as good as you guys. I'm also good at fight scenes. People here often have a different opinion to those IRL so I can't really say anything else.
    Weak Areas: Personality, I'm rubbish at this, I really am. My character's personality is meant to come out during the roleplay. I'm alright in length, but it's definitly one of my lesser areas.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy and comedy mainly. Never Pokemon though.
    Type Of Characters: My characters are usually big and strong, more often than not pretty damn good fighters.
    Current RPGs: One, but it died in it's Sign Up stage *sob*
    Future RPGs: None that I can think of. xD
    Writing Tips: My main point is to take criticism. If you don't you'll never get better. Also, don't argue with the game-master, I know from experience that isn't wise.

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    Name: Tensa Zangetsu AKA Zangetsu AKA Tensa AKA Josh
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I can come up with some interesting plot twists. I'm also good at creating original concepts to use in RPGs.
    Weak Areas: I'm horrible at names in general. Characters, worlds, attacks, whatever, I have trouble naming it.
    Type Of RPG: The stuff I come up with looks like something out a shonen anime. I never go with plots based off of something that already exists. I might borrow a concept or two from existing works, but I try to stay away from that. In other words, I create orginal RPGs with a DBZ-type environment...minus the "I'll just sit here and power up for three days so I can beat you by sneezing!" bit.
    Type Of Characters: I'm good with villians. I don't know why, but I can get those kinds of characters down the easiest.
    Current RPGs:


    Past RPGs
    Curse of the Demon Aura

    In the near future, Earth is prospering due to an increase in raw energy that occurs every 5000 years. With this increase comes many things. One of the most unique, however, are auras. In the early 2060's, 99 percent of the population had the ability to cloak themselves in their own energy. However, in 2064, a new type of aura was discovered. This "Demon Aura", caused by a build-up of darkness in a person's heart, had the ability to corrupt the user and turn them into evil beings. At first, this type of aura was contained. But in early November of 2064, a person being used for Demon Aura research, Tiemrhon, went berserk and destroyed the laboratory where the research was taking place. He then began to gather other Demon Aura users. This sparked concern with many Normal Aura users. A group calling themselves the Normal Aura Militia vowed to fight Tiemrhon to the very end and, hopefully, wipe out the threat of the Demon Aura.\

    Future RPGs:

    The Soul Weapons:

    I have no clue what this is gonna be yet. All I have is a title and a concept, which is how most of my ideas start.

    Writing Tips: Listen to music while you're thinking of ideas. You never know what some song lyrics or even a song title can give you.
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    Name: Psychic

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: Original plots, posts and characters, emotion.

    Weak Areas: Description when not provided with enough detail by the RPG Master

    Type Of RPG: Action Fantasy

    Type Of Characters: I know how popular dark/loner characters are, so even though I love writing them I try to avoid them. I think all my characters are different, but I keep away from the 'dormant volcano' types and try to stick with characters with slightly clouded judgment and a touch of naïveté.

    Current RPGs: Meh, this and that.

    Future RPGs: Will not be revealed until certain things are finalized.

    Writing Tips: Don't try to make all your characters the same, and try to avoid dark, brooding types. Always give them strengths and weaknesses and don't even think about superpowers. And their Pokemon don't all have to be fully evolved! Plus you can give them personalities; I once made a Sharpedo that hated its trainer and loved drinking blood, and a Flygon with a terrible memory! Be creative, and don't just give your character a team of powerhouses!
    When you want to make a post, think of what you're going to say first, and try to get it to help advance the RPG. Four line posts are useless, and if you're planning on having a conversation with another player, don't just make the whole post one sentence from the conversation. Describe things - people, settings, actions, emotions - and avoid just having mounds of dialogue. Also, don't RPG in first person - it's a pain-in-the-butt for everyone else because they may not remember who you are.

    And remember; no matter what kind of character you play, or how small you think your role is, you can still have fun with it!

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    Xeno Metal Knuckles Guest


    Name: Forbidden Fire Youkai (FFY for Short)

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Post length and Emotion,I tend to post 4-6 line posts but sometimes I make 15-20 line,3-4 paragraph posts. As for Emotion Anger,Romance,and Sadness come into play in the Rpg's I participate in. But Anger is the Emotion I use most.

    Weak Areas: I can't make good plot twists. other than that I really can't see any weak areas for me

    Type Of RPG: I don't really favor any

    Type Of Characters: Usually Character's with a History of violence. other than that I can't say I favor any type of Character I use

    Current RPGs: none but Iam participating in 2 Rpg's that some other people made

    Future RPGs: none

    Writing Tips: Try not to go too overboard with you posts.

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    Name: Butch
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I keep the RPGs alive and kicking until the real end.
    Weak Areas: Sometimes, I have no way with words.
    Type Of RPG: Dark, adventurous, ones where you can play as a Pokemon.
    Type Of Characters: I like to be noticed, so my characters are one of the most important in an RPG.
    Current RPGs: I'm now playing Wolfhunters, and it's almost over.
    Future RPGs: I'll be creating my first RPG: Grand Theft Auto: 7dreas. It takes place in 1997, 5 years after San Andreas. CJ Johnson & Smoke find out that Tinpenny's actually alive and has awoken from his coma. And now, this crooked cop is now making a new army more powerful than the Ballas. And it's up to the Johnsons and his homies to finish off Tinpenny once and for all.
    Writing Tips: Be smart, be accurate. And don't start an RPG near August. Otherwise, less people will be coming because they've school.
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    Name: Kyuukyokumiko (RL name: Jonathan)
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I have a decent vocabulary, and it makes it easy for me to get involved. That is, if I don't go LSU.
    Weak Areas: If I lack ideas, this hampers greatly my length of RPing, and this is mainly when I go LSU.
    Type: Mainly fantasy, doesn't normally involve Pokemon.
    Type of Characters: Normally, this varies between RPG to RPG, but they are mainly intelligent in one way or another.
    Current RPGs: None at the moment - I am not regularly posting in one but I am continually signing up in order to improve my somewhat rusty skills.
    Future RPGs: I'm not too sure if I'll have one, I need to check some stuff. I have only one teaser - it's name: An Epic Quest: Chains of Fate.
    Writing Tips: I'm not one to give any sort of tips, but I have some pieces of advice - Try not to depict your post so that it appears that your character is ahead of all the others, and try not to leave any other RP players under the dust if, they do not post, ie. They have school, they're busy, etc.

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    Rioku Guest


    name: Rioku
    age: 12
    gender: male
    strong areas: description interaction
    weak areas: length
    type of plot: i like adventurus plots
    type of characters: loner
    current rpgs: none
    future rpgs: dont like making up storys just plays along with what ever is happening.
    writing tips: just be yourself do what you want to do.

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    Name: Katiekitten, Katie, or even KK if you have to. XD

    Age: 1.

    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: I am good at description, length, delving into the characters feelings.

    Weak Areas: I find it hard to comunicate with others in the RPG, I am mostly a loner.

    Type Of RPG: Descriptive ones, with good plots. I will join most of them, but I don't like to be overloaded.

    Type Of Characters: Mostly happy characters, that reflect my real personality. Insane, anooyed, male/female, I don't mind.

    Current RPGs:

    Pokemon & Shadow Pokemon War 3: The Final Resistance. Link.
    Status: Open/closed
    Summary: I believe it is still open, but as it is on the 10th page, maybe not. It is the third part of an ongoing war that has already been done in two other RPG's. This is the conclusion, the very last one.

    The Wind of Change - Cdra1617

    Essence of the elementals - Cdra1617

    Sins of our fathers - Razor leaf

    The form we take - Lady Myuu

    Future RPGs: Nada, can't think of any.

    Writing Tips: Try your best in the entry form, even if it takes you hours. In the end, if you are accepted, it is worth the effort. Also, when writing in a RPG, try and stay active, or your player will be forgotten. Post nice and long, so people can tell that you are trying your best.
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    Name: Power Shot (this is ,y profile, I do many characters that are to many to mention right now)

    Age: Sixteen

    Gender: Male, I want no confusion with this

    Strong Elenents: Keeping a plot fresh, originality, smelling nice, fight scenes, grammer

    Weak Elements: Diolague, short stories

    Types of RPGs: Action oriented, but I will do others. I'm not all that great with romance

    Types of Characters: Lone wolfs, or lack of a better discription. My area of expertise is men who can rely on themselves, don't need others, but will work together if they need to

    Current RPGs: None, I'm new

    Future RPGs: Depends on if I can find one with a good story

    Writing Tips: No one can be the best, but tying hard is always a good thing. Remember to be original when you write, find your own method of writing that seperates you from the pack. That's the best advice I can give someone. Oh, and use grammer, if you can't read it, chances are no one else will.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Give me a character you want, and I'll create one based on what you want.
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    Name: Siegfried/ Drake/ Shiny Flygon

    Age: 14

    Gender: Dude

    Strongets Elements: I'm a fanfic writer, so my posts are very detailed an my RPG has a detailed plot.

    Weakest Elements: Impatient, not good working as a group.

    Type of RPG's : Any, but usually Pokemon/Digimon/Final Fantasy. Great plot helps, and nothing against romance since I'm a sap. Don't like horror.

    Types of Characters: It is always Sieg or Drake, lone wolves with unusual pasts, lot's of brains and tactical skills, but no group skills or patience, or Nylf, a shiny Trapinch seeking vengeance for his parents murders, and who is terrified of ice attacks.

    Current RPGs: Metamorphic Battles
    It hasn't started yet, but I've posted the sign up. It's a story about fourteen trainers who are given the ability to morph into 14 certain legendaries( Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Groudon, Kyogre, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latios, Latias and Rukario). They go on a quest to stop Team Abomination, an evil team who use Morphs and Shadow Pokemon, and who have captured Lugia, Lugianti(Shadow Lugia), Celebi and Deoxys, which they have now turned into Shadow Morphs. There is a mysterious force running things. Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Cheloly(A fakemon), and Uniceera(Another Fakemon) guide them. You must read the rules for it before you sign up.

    Future RPG's: None

    Writing tips: Persitance. What more can I say. If you give up, you lose. It takes a lot of effort to be in an RPG, so you must never quit without a reason.
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    LiLi Guest


    Name: LiLi
    Age: 23
    Gender: Femaaaale... though I normally play males in RPs.
    Strong Areas: Grammar, spelling, punctuation? XD I'm not sure. Maybe setting up the feel of a scene. And my writing style's pretty good, I think.
    Weak Areas: I'm really picky with what RPs I join? >>; And I'm slow at RPing with people cause I end up being a perfectionist with my writing. ^^;
    Type Of RPG: Hrm... probably fantasy, realistic drama, and a pinch of romance tossed in. Oh, and end of the world scenarios. XD
    Type Of Characters: I've been... the badass loner, the head of a superhero-ish household, a talking magic homocidal plushie, a Gundam pilot, a Saiyajin, a normal human hospital patient... I'm really eclectic. o.o
    Current RPGs: None here. ^^; Ran quite a few in other places, though.
    Future RPGs: I'm thinking about a Dragonball Z one, but I'm not sure, as I wouldn't want it to be training/power based. Story all the way, yo.
    Writing Tips: Write something that would look cool in someone else's head, not just yours. Sometimes, when I'm writing a big fight scene, I think to myself, 'what would make others go ooooooh?' And I'll go from there. Also, I personally like keeping people on their toes, but that's more GM-ish than player-ish. I like tossing curveballs at people. :3

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    Name: Elliot AKA /\Triforce/\
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Sign Ups.
    Weak Areas: Post Length and my posting frequency.
    Type of RPG:No real preferences, but a subject that I know a lot about.
    Type Of Characters: Cool, calm and tactical thinkers
    Current RPG's: Zelda: The Rising Darkness (LSU's Accepted)
    Future RPGs: None, for now.
    Writing Tips: Decent sign ups will always impress a Game Master, spend time on them.
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    Name: Charster15 (Adam, or Seth "nickname")
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Interactions, Descriptions, Having Fun!
    Weak Areas: I can not make a RPG but i like to join them instead. Emotions are another weak thing because some people I RPed with tend to not know what im feeling.
    Type of RPG: It depends on the plot at hand. If its an interesting plot, I join it. The only plot I have been to would be fantasy.
    Type of Character: My characters are more of a get-along kind of dudes. They have some weaknesses and they have some strengths. They like to relax and never stress about things. They put info into use and like to just be themselves.
    Current RPGs: None...(new to site)
    Future RPGs: Anything that sounds like fun.
    Writing Tips: Don't stress on what you write about. Try to stay on topic and not ask people where you are in the RPG. Read the plot carefully and don't be scared if your accepted. If your not accepted try another RPG. Always be sure to check other posts to get a feeling on where your at and just have fun. Be descriptive on your writing, MAKE IT LONG IF YOU NEED TO! And thats about it. Just Have Fun!
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    Name: Ski
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: I am pretty good with starts, intros, that kind of stuff. Although I am a little weak on the profile side of roleplaying. I am mostly decent at roleplaying, and pretty good at almost anything, but rarely shine.

    Weak Areas: I could be egoistical and say none, but I cannot create roleplays at all. Nope. Also, another thing is that I sometimes suddenly change my character quite permanently for the sake of continuation. After all, one can only do the selfish *** for so long. Not sure if that is a weakness or not.

    Type of roleplays: Plot. Let me see that plot. Nah, actually I usully get much more interested in the setting, seeing as how I have a longer history in board roleplays as opposed to forum roleplays. (So this sometimes makes my length suffer, but whatever. I get along.)

    Type of characters: I try to be as diverse as possible, creating as many types of characters as I can. This sometimes gets a kick in the side though, seeing as how I seem to lack originality and how I hate being helpless and all.

    Current: None. I am considerably... New to this site's roleplay section, although I have been RPing in plenty of other places for years now.

    Future: None. I join more than I create.

    Writing tips: Description is not always everything, sometimes it amounts to very nearly nothing. Although a physical description is always required early on, or after every major event to note changes, the description of emotional state, personality, and even whether you like someone or not should not simply be said. It should be acted out, whether in speech, in action, or perhaps just how you breathe. Another thing is, if you are a newbie at roleplaying, perhaps you might like to draw inspiration from things you have seen. Be it a wielder of a Buster Sword as a character or someone who acts like the Prince of Persia. However, in time you would want to either fuse those ideas to make you ripoffness a little less obvious or create things entirely by yourself.
    Oh, and another thing is that you must remember what time period you are playing in. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, put any mention of jeans and t-shirts and whatnot in something that took place in Egypt three thousand years ago. Although beer is entirely welcome. No, this does not require a degree in historical study, just a healthy dose of common sense.

    Read my friend's fanfiction, Felix the Mutant Pikachu, although I personally dislike them more than a little.
    On a side note:
    Wheee! I'm writing a fanfiction with a corny name! Wheee!

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    Yuki ♥ for my Trainer Card. God bless her who has changed her name to something else I believe.
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    Name: Exxthus
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Strong Areas: Basic writing flow. I like connecting sentences so they feel good to read/speak. Also, I'm a stickler for good spelling and grammar. I'm good at sign-ups.
    Weak Areas: My writing ability seems to vary with my mood. I'm not sure why.... Some days, my writing is very clear and detailed, and other days, it can be described as average "blah".
    Type Of RPG: Any type, so long as it isn't overly-cute, and has a really good or open plot.
    Type Of Characters: Any types. I like the ones contrary to my own personality (it's the challenge). Don't care if it's human or otherwise.
    Current RPGs: An E-mail RPG. I wuv my updater. <3 And other stuff.
    Future RPGs: Truth be, I rarely join RPGs unless one happens to strike my fancy, so I can't really say. But I'm always sure to make a good sign-up.
    Writing Tips: Always, always read the posts from where you last posted to the most current. It annoys the heck out of other players when you don't know what's going on. Use good spelling and grammar (this isn't an AIM chatroom; you can take your time), and use a lot of descriptions. Always be polite to other members, and don't be shy to really type up a storm. Try to keep your posts to a reasonable length. Once again, use descriptions everywhere. Not just in the setting and characters, but the mood of the moment, and the emotions you/your character(s) are experiencing. Most of all: have fun. If you don't enjoy the RPG, then the other members won't, too. Make an effort, and really get into the story.
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    "yeah aren't you like, korean or something" - Misty
    "Please don't kick me, if you do.... you will be in pain" - ANNG12
    "!gsearch idiot" - pokemon1571
    "Exxthus killed a guy by looking at him. That's how tough Exxthus is." - blazevoir

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    Music Dragon Guest


    Name: Music Dragon (MD)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Character creation and length. I have made a big bad bunch of characters - small, big, evil, good, funny, serious... I can also manage to write posts that are fairly lengthy, but that depends on the RPG itself.

    Weak Areas: Character interaction. My characters tend to get very little contact with others', which sometimes forces me to resort to my creativity to not get left out.

    Type Of RPG: Basically any RPG where I don't have to roleplay as a human. Humans are boring... Well, I wouldn't really like "Adventure of the Pink Hamsters", but you get the idea.

    Type Of Characters: I can write nearly any sort of character, but my absolute favourite would have to be... VILLAIN. My roleplaying reaches its full potential when I am allowed to roleplay as a really nasty someone...

    Current RPGs: I have made none - I prefer joining others' RPGs rather than making my own. I've signed up for Super Smash Bros. RPG and Wind of Change, none of which have started yet.
    Future RPGs: See above.

    Writing Tips: Even if you can make the longest posts in the world, a diminutive sign-up will not get you far. Even if your character is the most original one since Nelus E. Loi, he/she will not help if you can't make good use of him/her. Even if you have become a good roleplayer, you will not get accepted into many RPGs if everyone knows you as "that guy who sucks". Even if you're the new Einstein, introducing yourself with "hi!!1!!" will... Well, you get the idea.
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    Neon Lite Guest


    Let's give it a shot...

    Name: Evan
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Interactions with other characters.
    Weak Areas: Description and parts involving me dying.
    Type Of RPG: Sincerly, I really go for ones with interesting plotlines.
    Type Of Characters: Characters reminding me of real people, and ones that often come off of my personality traits.
    Current RPGs: None that are here on SPPF.
    Future RPGs: I don't plan any at the moment.
    Writing Tips: Try to stick yourself into the situation as that character, and make sure his/her actions have to do with his/her personality.

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    Latias_tamer_3 Guest


    Name: Latias_tamer_3

    Age: 14

    Gender: Dudette

    Strong Areas: Plots, pure and simple.

    Weak Areas: Post length

    Type Of RPG: Pokemon/Fantasy or sometimes crossovers

    Type Of Characters: Character that are usually depressive and are fond of the darkness. Either that or a Latias who enjoys chili made with Tomato Berries.

    Current RPGs: *sigh* None Yet.

    Future RPGs: Wistfull on creating one already. Title is: The Council of Legendaries: The Thousand Year Gathering. It's about all 21 (yes including Mewtwo) Legendaries who gather at the remote island of Naguta, to debate about the condition of the planet. Humans are strictly prohibited from attending this important meeting that could decide the fate of the world.

    Writing Tips: Imagine. That is they key word. Imagination knows no bounds and whatever spills out of your sub-consious could be gold. EX. Chronicles of Narnia. The author got the idea from dreaming of a faun with an umbrella walking in the snow. Pretty good, so far as I think anyway.

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    Flooded Europa


    Name: Ejunknown

    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: I am good at descrition, grammar, spelling, third person and character profiles.

    Weak Areas: I sometimes make long posts, but they are mostly medium sized, sometimes small.

    Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Adventure ones are my favourite.

    Type Of Characters: Intelligent, anti social, thoughtful, good in a bad situation, have painful pasts are all the characteristics that I normally have in my characters.

    Current RPGs:

    Rise Of Team Dark - ***** - Sign ups Open/Started - Seraphinu - An evil group called Team Dark take over the Pokemon regions Hoenn, Kanto and Johto. Will you join them in the never ending search for power, or fight against them as a Rebel? - Fantasy/Adventure

    Wind of Change - *** - Sign ups Open/started - Cdra1617 - An experiment gone wrong creates a war between the scientists, the Tainted and the Pure. Which side will you take? - Fantasy/Adventure

    Future RPGs: None at the moment.

    Writing Tips: Writing as Yourself helps. It makes it so you can relate to the character, really describe their feelings, and know what to put in detail. Don't do it all the time, though. Writing with a variety of different characters is often fun. Other than that, just enjoy yourself!
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    demise: the last remnants of the fallen

    chapter two complete: defective.

    meddling with time: where time lines collide
    a new fanfiction of twisted time and mistaken love chapter one complete: steps forward

    author's profile -review exchange profile - deviant [/COLOR]

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    Name- Seraphinu, or Alex

    Gender- female

    Strong Areas- Describing the feelings and thoughts of a character. When I have a good history formed around them, its easy to figure out how they will react, and what they will feel at a particular moment

    Weak Areas- Describing what something looks like. I can get a clear image of it in my head, but its hard putting it into words.

    Types of characters- I can't seem to get away from anti-social, short tempered characters. ButI seem to be able to play characters well that are like me in some way-- slightly pessimistic, with a hyper-active side, and a touch of sarcastic humor. ( <-- Yes, I do that a lot. xD)

    Current RPGs-

    Nothing at the moment. I can't seem to get any clear plots in my head.

    Future RPGs-

    Same as above. I'm too wrapped up in other forums to write a full-blown plot.

    Writing Tips- To play your characters to the fullest, try and imagine a deep history around them. Think as though you know them personally. Try to imagine yourself in their shoes, and think about how best your character would react to certain things. That's basically how I play mine. ^^
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