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Thread: The RPGers’ Profiles

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    Name: Cdra
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: My grammar is, in my humble opinion, very high-caliber. I cringe when I see grammar errors in posts, especially blatant ones. I also use a wide range of vocabulary and somewhat advanced syntax, and loads of crazy punctuations. I love punctuation. =D I find that I am not shabby at describing my characters thoroughly; my sign ups are a strong point. Plots, also, come to me well, but I tend to not post them or leave holes in them, mainly my plans for them kinda drift off. Meh. :P I pride myself in my creativity as well. Oh, and let's not forget sheer variety. I have played characters of every imaginable type and written rpgs of a multitude of bases/storylines.
    ...that looks like I was writing a personality. >: I'm weird.

    Weak Areas: I am definately a failure at dialogue in posts, and my spelling ish bad sometimes. I also have a problem with inactivity; I tend to vanish or just lack the interest to continue posting. Not posting hurts me badly.

    Type of RPG: I love mythology and fantasy-type roleplay. Games that are not often made into roleplays, like Spyro (once upon a day~) or Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, things like that are great. Other animes like FMA or Bleach are also a turn-on, as is Naruto (in a well-written situation) or even something more obscure. I'm big on original roleplays: if you made the idea yourself, I'm very much attracted to it. Mythological and magic roleplay are love. Pokemon ones must meet stricter criterion; I don't usually like trainer rpgs or many at all, but some of the more creative ones appeal to me. Hybrid rpgs, when executed well, are wonderful. I always gravitate towards longer, more in-depth rpgs that involve creating more than one character and giving them all depth. Also, anything involving alternate personalities or dual characters is love.

    Type Of Characters: Any character who is stuck outside the box (see Alba Gatillera) or struggles with a part of themselves they can't control (see Xiphias Haruspicis) is good. I also have my eccentric/dark characters (Laxurla) and my quiet ones (Rain), my seductive ones (Ellie) and my really-out-of-gender ones (Aurari), my tomboygirls (Natalia) and my tomgirlguys (Sauda), one really evil midget (Zo Kachina) and a pair of godlike figures (Hikaru and Hanakage)... Look, I love character variety. Nothing escapes me~ except I have been meaning to play a rockstar... and a pirate. hmm. <3

    Current RPGs:

    Nonsense Game - signups open - You're just browsing a forum when you suddenly get sucked into a mysterious game run by The Orchestrator. Together with a companion from the nonsense, you must survive and escape a world where sanity has little meaning and the only sense of order is called the Orchestrator. - Highly freeform, a bit of adventure, kind of silly in design but less so in practice.

    I've joined Kingdom Hearts: Renewed Existance, The Zodiac War, Bleach: Advent of Destinies, and The Form We Take.

    Future RPGs:
    Saevenati (title pending) - What are these creatures? They look like humans, yet they dress so strangly. They act human, yet their language is hard to understand. They seem human, yet they have strange genetic codes... In a world where pokemon are seen only as tools... these Saevenati, these fierce tribes, why do they live in the wild alongside the last pokemon populations? - Pokemon rpg, freeform, lots of character options.

    Artifacts (title pending) - Long ago, the legends created items to represent the elements. These were meant to become weapons in the far future, when great calamity would occur. Not only are these Artifacts the source of the calamity now, they are also the only way to stop it... and pokemon, they've become humans to stop it. - Adventure, prehaps Freeform as well, and fighting.

    I'm trying to write: An rpg with mythological creatures, another original featuring demonic possession, and a spyro rpg. Also going to revive several golden oldies; should you have a particular one in mind, message me about it and I'll try to get it coming. Golden oldies by Cdra include Winds of Change, Something from Nothing, Scarred, and a few others I might have forgotten.

    Writing Tips: Have fun with it. Give your characters depth; fall in love with each of them. Even if you seem insane, talk as if you are your character to yourself. Make them alive, not just extensions of you but individuals. Never be afraid to step outside the box, or outside your own personality. (In fact, I find it fun to interview my characters using very thought-provoking quesitons and seeing how they answer. They become minds of their own, I swear.) Describe, and make sure your posts are good quality. Read all the posts, especially those of the GM, and never be afraid to ask questions of the GM or other players. And please, for the love of all that is holy, obey the fricking GM.
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    Name: Mimori Kiryu

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: Interactions with characters, some description and emotional scenes

    Weak Areas: Possibly length...I don't like to write a lot in one stand ^^;

    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Romance, Action and Suspense

    Type Of Characters: Adventurous, Friendship, and sometimes Outcasts types of characters.

    Current RPGs:

    Yugioh: Rise of the Kettou Seven Star Assassins (LSU Accepted!)
    (Set almost 4-6 years after Yu-Gi-Oh GX)

    Summary: Duel Academy is back with all new dangers ahead. With your spirit partner in tow, with all of your friends at your side, can you face the danger's of the Shadow Games? Come on into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh and see it from a whole new perspective!

    Star-Vote: 4 stars

    Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Suspense (Basically, everything xD)

    Future RPGs: None really ^^;

    Writing Tips: Description is good, but remember, if you've got your point across, then you're okay. ^_^ Even though it's a good thing to have, sometimes too much can be a pain to read, even if it's really good.
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    Name: Wee Boon AKA JimmyKudo.
    Age: 15 going on 16 this year.
    Gender: Male.
    Strong Areas: NA Seriously. I'm good in creating crazy fantasies though...
    Weak Areas: Don't know how to describe the story very well.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, adventure.
    Type Of Characters: Those characters that have sparks together, like Tai & Sora, Ash & Misty...
    Current RPGs: "Animon, The Begaining", still trying to delete all the flaws.
    Future RPGs: "Animon, The Other Islands", a sequel to "Animon, The Begaining", it'll be featuring our characters landing on the other islands in the Digi-World, where Geovanni (how to spell his name?) will gather all the dark masters to bring an ancient curse to the world, cannot say too much, people will get confuse.
    Writing Tips: NA My writing sucks, seen my works?

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    Name: Jonouchi (Character name varies from RP to RP)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Character development and plot

    Weak Areas: Description is lacking

    Type Of RPG: anything that interests me

    Type Of Characters: Friendly and serious characters

    Current RPGs: none

    Future RPGs: May do one in the future

    Writing Tips: Description, description, description!! Also to have good spelling and have characters that people will like to see, don't give us bland characters that never develop in RPG's and fanfics. Give us characters that we'll enjoy reading. Kinds that you can pull off quite well

    You don't want to know. Trust me. =P

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    Name: Ex-ty, or sometimes it's Razblade
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I'm told i have a good imagination
    Weak Areas: I'm new
    Type Of RPG: The RPG's im gonna write are based around pokemon leagues
    Type Of Characters: The characters i use are basically me
    Current RPGs: I'm currently begining work on a double-battle pokemon league. And that's it.
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    Name: Kiruria aka the Kirlia Kid
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Strong Areas: I'm good with post length--my posts are longer than most. I also usually pick original and well-thought characters so I really get into them when I write.
    Weak Areas: Other RPers. I'm not that good at interacting with other RPers--usually I end up seeming to overpower their character or beating my own character up in the face of them. Hardly ever is it in the middle.
    Type of RPG: I like anything that's not based too much around technology, war, or romance. I also tend to hate RPGs where you can't create your own things or characters, though Pokemon and Neopets are the common exception. I also like small-sized RPGs (about 3-10 people) that don't move too quickly.
    Type of characters: 95% of my characters are female, 85% of them have some sort of magical power, 70% have psychic powers, 75% are outcasts of society and are usually not people people, 80% are smart but physically weak. Wow, all those things describe me or rather who I want to be in the case of the powers...
    Current RPGs: None that I created
    Future RPGs: Be on the lookout for a Neopets RPG called "Where Have All the Faeries Gone?". About 3-10 people will be accepted. I already posted that RPG in two other forums and they already have two signups each...
    Writing Tips: Really get to know your characters. RPGs are a great opportunity to develop your characters--in fact the most successful stories that I wrote have characters that participated in online RPGs. Make the most of their thoughts and actions--really think them through. It's the heart that counts.

    I have claimed Celestia Ludenberg from Dangan Ronpa. --My Updated RPer profile--

    RPG's I'm in now: The War Within (Ari), MLP: It Came from the Stars (Madame Starshroom)
    Current RPG Project: Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (Sign-ups) (RPG thread) (Discussion)

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    Name: InnerFlame
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: I'm creative and have interesting ideas, I put a lot of hard work in anything I do, I'm somewhat good at descriptions and I usually make average size posts.

    Weak Areas: Sticking to one idea, spelling and grammar(Always spell check work and reread it several times) I tend to use bad word choices, and it take me a while to write a single post.

    Type Of RPG: I like Fantasy/Adventure RPG but I will give anything a try as long it isn't too gory for me to handle(slowly trying to get used to it).

    Type Of Characters: I made many characters that seem like they're always happy, out-going love to talk and hangout with people. And a lot of shy, doesn't like to interact with people and rather be alone by themselves. Now I'm experimenting with different personalities making a whole new characters, each different from the last and everyone of them has their own unique name and personality.

    My current character I notice had different personalities but the always and some characteristic personality trait that I contain.

    Current RPGs: None

    Future RPGs: I have my RPG Imbalance: Two Worlds Collide I'm just waiting for the right time to spring it into action.

    Summary: With a tragedy many things change... The pokemon world was thrown into utter chaos, knocked of its orbit and was nearly shattered into pieces... But instead of death pokemon found themselves in a new world some combine with the digimon residences. All was fine for only a short moment until Ho-oh joined and tainted by a powerful, evil digimon lead an army of evil digimon and pokemon/digimon mixed creatures and captured the Legendary Pokemon. Now a group of kids and their partner: a pokemon, digimon or the mixed of the two, must find away to freed the Legendary and freed Ho-oh from the digimon that controls its very soul...

    I have so many more ideas I hope to one day bring to serebii but only a few are completed and the rest are just incompleted ideas just floating around until I get around to it. I may put couple here someday but for now I'll just keep them a secert.

    Writing Tips: Listen the advice that people give it can be useful and help other RPer enjoy themselves more. If you have trouble improving yourself just ask for some advice. Don't Worry, Be Happy. We're all here to have some fun and there are many that will help you out if you ask nicely so don't be afraid we just want to help you have a fun time in RPG. Also work hard put a lot effort in your posts, trust me it's worth it.
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    Name: Desert_Rose
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Strong Points:
    I'm really good at giving a description of whatever it is I'm talking about. Also, the emotions of a character are very important to me so I try to extend them to their fullest.

    Weak Areas:
    Sometimes I repeat myself and go on and on about something. I'm working on this.

    Type of RPG:
    I like pretty much anything fictional. My ultimate favorites are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Adventure.

    Type of Characters:
    Hmm....Pretty much anything. I adapt to the story. A lot of characters I've written usually have some sort of mysterious past or something bad happened to them in the past.

    Current RPGs:
    None sadly....

    Future RPGs:
    Hee hee..... That's my little secret.

    Writing Tips:
    Use your imagination! The possiblities are endless.
    Don't let anyone make you feel bad about something you wrote just because they don't like it. That doesn't mean it's not good.
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    Name: unholylssj(aka unholy, Chris)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at description, writing up plots, developing my characters, and making my characters profiles. I can also rp as both genders incase my character needs to be female.

    Weak Areas: I have some problems dragging out my posts and I still have trouble keeping an rp going for as long as I possibly can til the end.

    Type Of RPG: I liek to write action, Mystery, Horror, and of course, comedic rps. But I also like trying my hands at rps that have a little romance in them. Of course, a good percentage of rps do.

    Type Of Characters: I like rping as chibish characters who are completely dull witted yet will do anything to protect their friends/family/love interests. I also love rping as those who are couragous, intelligent, yet extremely shy around the opposite gender. Along with those, I also can make annoying, extremely distant and mean characters who seem to complain about how worthless others are. And I sometimes whip out the random perverted character who doesn't seem to get that the opposite gender doesn't want to be annoyed like that.

    Current RPGs: None of my rpgs are active since I haven't written any, but currently I'm in Yu-Gi-Oh: Rise of the Kettou Seven Star Assasins

    Future RPGs: I haven't really thought of any new rpgs yet, so keep checking my profile and you might just see me post a plot to a new rp.

    Writing Tips: Try not to come up with bland/unoriginal/overused rpg plots like the usual "ZOMG!! TEH EVIL TEAM'S ATTACKING AND ONLY WE CAN STOP THEM!!!11!!" and "WOAH!! WE'RE GOING ON A JOURNEY AND WE'RE GONNA GET ATTACKED BY AN EVIL TEAM DURING THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL!!". But if you're going to make an rpg like that, atleast spice it up. Have it so that something happens that completely twists the storyline, but make it so that it fits into your original plot.

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    Name: Tenten
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at describing people and background areas, plus I can type up to a long length.
    Weak Areas: I'm bad at typing up battle scenes, but I could try. Also, I pretty much fail at humor.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Action and Romance RPGS. That's all.
    Type Of Characters: Some of my characters are shy, kind people who have trouble sticking up for themselves because they want people to like them. Then, I have some characters who are tomboyish, outgoing, and really tough (literally) with some set of obstacles they have to overcome. There's also a laid back and carefree girl who knows she has to do something when she needs to and is a great weapon master, and is based off a Naruto character who I named myself after.
    Current RPGs: None

    Future RPGs: Sorry, I'm the kind of person who can't think up my own ideas. I just like roleplaying in other people's RPG...=(

    Writing Tips:
    -When making characters, make sure you create one you know you will like and can really get into. Don't make characters that are perfect, they should have their flaws, too. It makes it all he more fun.
    -If you've got an idea you think is creative, don't be afraid to show the rest of the world your idea! It might become popular, after all.
    -Listen to other people's criticism. It can help you improve in the areas you need to work at.
    -Finally, if you do get an idea, make sure you develop the whole plot. Don't make the plot something overused, get creative. That's why you have an imagination.

    "A dagger can be concealed in a smile." -Chinese Proverb
    Quote Originally Posted by Fan question
    Why do you like Tenten? She's weak, useless and does nothing. Plus, she just uses WEAPONS.
    Me: You just answered my question for me. I've always been interested in weapons from childhood from watching so many Chinese movies. Also, the fact that she does absolutely nothing too important appeals to me. A lot of background characters appeal to me.

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    Name: Hazuki

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: I am good at being the oposite sex, and, battling.

    Weak Areas: I suck in describing characters, but I am getting better at it.

    Type Of RPG: I like Action and Adventure RPGs... I think that´s all.

    Type Of Characters: The most of then are sad, lonely, or cold hearted, but, sometimes, I act like happy, almost histeric.

    Current RPGs: Golden Sun: The Rising Star and, the dead Pokémon:Virtual Reality

    Future RPGs: I really don´t know

    Writing Tips: Try to be not repetitive in your dialogues, believe, I know by personal experiences.

    Make characters that you can interpretate well

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    Name: grodon909
    Age: 13
    Gender: m
    Strong Areas: I am good at writng rules to a piont where the is no loophole
    Weak Areas: defenitly plot making
    Type Of RPG: fantasy
    Type Of Characters: i like to make characters like the one you would see on D&D
    Current RPGs: working on the final stats for a game called "Rise of the CHaos order" (i am also not good with titles)
    Future RPGs: look above
    Writing Tips: look at the big picture

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    Name: Spideyjvc

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Im good at using metophors, and good at describing with vivid details.

    Weak Areas: Dialogues, what I have in description, I lack in dialogues sadly >.>

    Type Of RPG: The ones without idiots -_-

    Type Of Characters: I really make random characters, almost always different from each other.

    Current RPGs: N/A

    Future RPGs: N/A

    Writing Tips: Use descriptive words, and expand vocabulary.
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    Name: Ivy or Ivyon
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Strong Areas: I'm think of a lot of ideas and I like to make characters with unigue appearances/personalities/attack styles
    Weak Areas: Writing, interacting with other players, other stuff I can't think of right now
    Type Of RPG: I don't know what the topics are so I'll just say I like to play Sonic RPGs
    Type Of Characters: I like to make both male and female characters, as well as give them diiferent personalities and abilities (for sonic characters I like to pick unique animals).
    Current RPGs: I'm currently playing Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos and Xiaolin Showdown/Sonic RPG: Chaotic Struggle
    Future RPGs: I am aiming to make a Sonic RPG in the future, though I am still mainly in the brainstorming process
    Writing Tips: Use all kinds of characters, it is fun trying to get into a different personality in each new RPG you join.

    Made by Zabi. Thanks. : D

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    Name: Kay

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Strong Areas: Imagination. It can be very farfetched at times, but I've been known to come out with some ok ideas.

    Weak Areas: Probably detail, keeping the reader interested and avoiding dragging on with useless info, while what I'm trying to do is add substence to the story.

    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, mainly. However, it depends uppon the nature of the story, its depth and feeling. These are what I value.

    Type Of Characters: Modern or fantasy. I have trouble making characters from eras in history. History isn't my strong point.

    Completed RPGs: None

    Dead RPGs: - s u r v i v a l - Reason: Lack of sign-ups.

    Current RPGs: Down with the Dynasty - status - Doing quite well, I guess.

    Future RPGs: None so far

    Writing Tips: Being a newb, I can't help much. I'm only just begining to define my own style of writing. If it is of any help to anyone, even just one person, I'll make a contribution:

    Never write something how you'd watch it on TV. It's VERY boring. What you should try is putting yourself in the place. Surrounding you is the people from the scene you are writing. The smells, noises, colours, anything of significance that can add to the atmosphere you are trying to create. If it is a tense air, you could add minor details that would be distressing, but unrelated.

    Not very helpful... I tried.
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    Name: Kev

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Imagination. I came up with my own charcter made up from a game I played. Now I pretty much use it in all my RPGs lol.

    Weak Areas: I think description and post length can be a problem. Sometimes I just can't get everything I want down (writers block).

    Type of RPGs: Fantasy. This is probably my best area. The rest I might do good or bad, just depends on the story.

    Types of Characters: Mostly smart, strategic types. Also keep them pretty fit. Might start changing to sort of brute types. All of them are pretty much based on a game I play. (This game has had a BIG influence on my life and my story writing. It's Dynasty Warriors jic anyone wants to know lol.)

    Current RPGs: Only in sign ups at the moment.

    Future RPGs: I don't know but I'm working on a fan fac pretty soon. Hope people will read it.

    Writing Tips: Just put yourself in the main character postion. Just image how would feel, think, say. Just image if you would in a video game, what would your dream person be? Just go crazy lol.

    Credit goes to Bonemerang for my Emerald Team, Chaos Emerald for the Trainer Sprite in my Emerald Card and Llybian Minamino for the banner.
    Banner links to my fanfic. Chapter 4 On Hold.
    "Strategy is the key to victory" ~Kev
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    (I'm surprised I haven't put one up sooner.)

    Name: Shadows Follower (or SF for short)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: My imagination for sure and my description. I like to make my posts sound interesting and I guess my humor too?

    Weak Areas: Not re-reading my work for spelling areas. Also I have a bad tendency to over post. I need to learn to wait for other people.

    Types of RPGs: Fantasy - Enough said.

    Types of Characters: My characters are usually the life loving people always making (not always funny) jokes.

    Current RPGs: Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos (I'm in more but this is the only active one.)

    Future RPGs: Necromancers: War of the Undead

    Writing tips:

    First off, read the rules. Even if you have read them again. The amount of non rule readers at the moment is incredible.

    Second, always add as much as you can to a post. Give it some description, movement, feel to it etc. If you can't write a decent post then don't bother put one up.

    Finally, listen to criticism. They might sound harsh but they her to help. (Renegade being one of these - shes only telling the truth, not to tick you off.)
    Current Obsession: Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors
    Warriors Orochi: Best.Crossover.Ever

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    Name: Diljabar (not Dil or even Dilpickle ><)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: Creating plot twists in the shower XD, grammar, spelling, keeping track of all the characters in the RPG, interaction, using romance.

    Weak Areas: Sign-ups in general; anything about them, I'm bad at it. Lady Myuu might even hate my name, age, and gender! (that would be funny) Post length, detail, communicating ideas and/or concepts, attitude.

    Type Of RPG: Anything really as long as the plot is good, the concept is within my understanding, and the topic is interesting. I'm just often rejected for my sign-ups regardless of how well I role play.

    Type Of Characters: Usually charries like me: goofy, agressive, happy, kind, romantic. Most recently, I'm the opposite: shy, quiet, brooding, cautious, and way bigger than me! XD

    Current RPGs: ~Wind of Change~ (dying), Apocalypse: Four Forgotten Evils (sign-ups closed, waiting for start), ~The Hybrid/Scientist War~ LSUs accepted (signed-up, awaiting approval). Was in Essence of the Elementals, Vulpix Steam Café, Zodiac: Race for Time, and Velkyyn Valley– ALL DEAD!

    Future RPGs: Don't think I'll make one alone; maybe with cdra1617…

    Writing Tips: Please work on spelling and grammar. For those of you who have poor spelling, use a Word app. for your posts, etc. to check spelling before posting. BE CAREFUL! There are some typos that look just like other, correctly spelled words! Ask someone else in addition to the Word app. For grammar, you have very few apps. since some will correct grammar and/or spelling when you don't want! Ask others for grammar help since some people have to strain to grasp your meaning without apostrophes, commas, etc. Lastly, be gracious when rejected, try to improve, and go to Lady Myuu's beginner's school for extra help.
    Either at school or at home playing World of Warcraft. If this post is new, run in terror for it means my return is nigh… or maybe I just have a question of some sort.
    I'm playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness currently.
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    Pssh. Like I'm going to tell.


    Name: Uysl
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Strong areas: actions, battles
    Weak areas: Post length
    Type of RPG: Pokemon, fantasy
    Type of characters: My character Damien is dark and mysterious. But also kind and loving. He can be a flirter and stuff though.
    Current RPGs: Pokemon Universe
    Future RPGs: I dunno...
    Writing tips: Uh, maybe soem soon.
    What is this I cant even

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    Name: Ollie

    Age: Fourteen

    Gender: Male

    Stronger Areas: Writing as if its a fanfic ^^; I suppose that could be bad in certain cases, though...I do enjoy creating unique, unusual characters, however.

    Weaker Areas: Settling on a post, meaning I'm bad at getting a post up quickly, I often delete ones I've written and try to replace them.

    Type of RPG: Fast-paced ones. I do love a free-range RPG as well. Trainer RPs, fantasy RPs, romance, horror, whatever, I like them all.

    Type of Characters: I strive to create unusual and odd characters, different from normal people in some way or another. I try to steer clear from cliched personalities as well, such as 'dark, mysterious and skilled' or 'flirty, bubbly and confident' or whatever.

    Current RPGs: I own none, but I'm participating in 'Pokemon World Circuit' and 'Kanto Adventures', by squirtleking and Yami Ryu.

    Future RPGs: 'Feral Forest'/'Celebi's Forest' or something like that. Its a thriller RPG, involving mystery and the struggle to survive within a group of people.

    Writing Tips: Write as if your post means something, dont just write a few lines in the reply ox in order to speed a plot along or let people know your there. Write in Microsoft word, or notepad, and make sure to use correct grammar and crap. It all contributes towards a decent post.

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    Name: Seiryu, a.k.a. Andrew

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Strong areas: Characters! A number of my close online RPing friends have complimented quite nicely on how well I handle my characters. I'm also good at making long and detailed posts and character profiles. For instance, one time I wrote a page or two dedicated solely to my character walking through a cave and his thoughts as he did so. >..>; And in one of the RPs I've joined elsewhere, probably at least five of my posts number more than 10,000 characters. Oh, and if I do say so myself, I can come up with a pretty good plot, and I work to cover any plotholes that may appear (and kick myself when I realize their presence when it's too late to do anything >..<).

    Weak areas: I find it difficult to efficiently describe many locations. And even though I don't necessarily consider it a weakness, I don't often have the kind of "purple prose" vocabulary that some others might.

    Type of RPG: Modern fantasy. Meaning, it has magic and stuff, but set in (or close to) the present day. That way I can try to incorporate some of my own previously-made characters.

    Type of Characters: I have quite the variety of characters, ranging from shy to hyperactive, nice to...mean, I guess, and good to quite evil. If I'm feeling creative, I can create a good character in all of about ten minutes, and no matter what the character's like, I can play him/her quite well.

    Current RPGs: Well, I don't own any on here, but I am a member of Seraphinu's Rise of Team Dark (currently in sign-up phase).

    Also, I am one of the co-owners of a series of roleplays known as Truth Quest, found elsewhere. Currently, we're on the third one, which has been separated into three sub-RPs: The Great Power, The Quest for the Keys, and Journey Through a Perilous Dimension (tentative title for the last, as that's the one I'm heading, and we haven't gotten there yet). Unfortunately, it seems to be on a bit of a hiatus (read: the current GM won't get off his lazy butt). Here's a teaser for you:

    "A fierce power has been released into the world and threatens it with its very presence. The embodiment of all magic seeks to destroy all who might attempt to destroy it. In order to defend their world once more, the past Warriors of Truth must band together with new allies to seek out and seal the four Nexuses, the being's source of power. Even then, their work is far from over; one man's quest to mend an interdimensional rift will send them to the far reaches of outer space, and even into a parallel universe where evil runs rampant, and one in particular seeks control over both dimensions. If they fail, it will mean the end for everyone, and even the power of the Truth Stones may not be able to save them this time..."

    Okay, maybe I sort of ad-libbed the plot of the first third, but that's the basic gist of what happens. Technically, sign-ups are always open, but they might as well be closed at this point (unless, of course, your character's not from Earth O..o) If anyone wants to read what's happened so far (and maybe even the first two while they're at it; they should be in there somewhere), then...I suppose you could ask for the link via e-mail or PM. I don't wanna accidentally break any rules by advertising here, so... (If this counts as advertising, someone tell me and I'll edit that part out)

    Future RPGs: Truth Quest Four: The Magic War (tentative title). Yep, I'm gonna lead this one all on my own. At present, all plot ideas (save the war idea and the few bits and pieces of the basic plot behind it that I didn't alter) are mine and mine only. I have no idea when it'll come out, though, and it most likely will be on the same website as the third and not here...but whatever. Teaser for ya.

    "For many millennia, the world had been separated into two major sections: one with magic, and one without. Approximately two hundred years ago, the exploits of a band of fighters known as the Warriors of Truth revealed the presence of those with magic to the world of those without. For nearly two centuries, the magic and non-magic humans and other species of the world lived in peace. Conflicts were settled not by armies, but by the most powerful and renowned fighters of the involved nations in single combat. Massive tournaments were held to satisfy those who still had a thirst for battle. Even an alien race known as the Enkin sought out trade with what Earth had to offer, even though they remained neutral to all conflict. Everything seemed perfect.

    However, about five years ago, a series of mysterious "terrorist attacks" on both the magical and non-magical communities left the world with its leaders at each others' throats. War erupted soon afterward with the magic beings on one side and the non-magic ones on the other. Even secluded races of sentient beings such as the mythical Dragons were caught up in the conflict, and the golden age of Earth turned black in the space of a few days.

    However, not everything is at it seems with the war, and a sinister being will enact his plan to utilize the true power of the legendary Truth Stones to control the world--and recreate it in his own image. Now, a new group of heroes will band together, unfazed by the boundaries of war. Together, they will forge a path through the fighting and carnage. They will continue the legacy of the Warriors of Truth..."

    *looks around and grins sheepishly* Sorry, I wanted to make it seem epic. ^..^;;; Can't say when it will come out, though. If we're lucky, sometime in 2007.

    Writing Tips: Ah, yes. So many things have been said already! Advice, advice... Oh! Here's some! Y'know that section of the sign-up sheets that asks you to detail your character's personality? Well, sometimes I feel that folks interpret that a little too literally. I mean, in a long RP, things are almost guaranteed to change about your character. See, I interpret the "Personality" thing as more or less a set of guidelines for a person to follow while he writes his character. As in, at any given point in time, they're probably going to act how their profile says they do. However, if they're put into a particularly stressful situation, then you've got to think carefully about how your character would react to it. For instance: say, in the middle of the story, your character has just found his entire family killed by some random bad guy. I should think that no matter how jovial or playful a personality the character has, he would be somehow permanently changed by the event, right?
    Basically, what I want to say is this: don't treat what you put for a character's personality as the be-all, end-all to how your character acts. If you do, then you'll likely start to feel restricted, and you won't have as much fun with that character. Have his personality fluctuate slightly depending on his situation! If it's a sad moment, make him sad (unless he's some sort of unfeeling bast*rd)! If it's happy, make him happy! If his best friend just got killed, or he just got royally insulted, then it's certainly within bounds for him to be angry! Give your character's personality a bit of room to move around and grow, and your RPing experience will be much better for it!

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    Name: Skinwalker (Craig)
    Age: 17
    Gender: male.
    Strong Areas: I'm not sure. I guess I'm alright at character bios and descriptions, and description.
    Weak Areas: Sometimes I tend to trail off, going into too much detail or taking my character off on his or her own adventure. I'm working on it though ^^
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, action, thrillers. I would do romance but you don't see much gay romance on RP forums.
    Type Of Characters: Characters I can relate to. Usually ends up as a loner, with trouble speaking or mental problems. Or, the kind of person I would like to be in a fantasy world.
    Current RPGs: I'm still settling in here and I'm just starting out at the moment.
    Future RPGs: I don't like to start up an RP myself because I don't want to end up with noone responding.
    Writing Tips: Be open minded to new ideas, try anything once. Some see RPing as a chance to be someone you're not, but sometimes it's comfortable to just be yourself.
    Currently working on post-game completion and team building in X.
    3DS Friend Code 1134-8192-1835 (Felix)

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    Name: Evan, Xenos-Roxas, Nibbles, Gnosis, Moogle, Anarchia, Roxas, Axel, Gnokraden are some of my RP names. (Real name is un-important.)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Strong Areas: Description, character creation. Long posts.
    Weak Areas: I have trouble following an RP and faithfully and frequently posting.
    Type of RPG: Fantasy, hands down. Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
    Type of Character: My characters are very secluded and lonely. Sometimes they're great people. Sometimes they struggle within. They're normal beings who make mistakes.
    Current RPGs: None on Serebii
    Future RPGs: Anything that sounds like fun.
    Writing Tips: RP's are supposed to be fun. Respect others, and try to keep up. You'll get better at RP'ing eventually.

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    Name: Rane. I have been a part of these forums earlier as both Play2Win, P2W and T.Z

    My main RPG character is - and has been for over 2 years - Ryan Matthews.

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Strong Areas: My strongest area would probably be dialogues between characters. I'm not too into the whole explain the surroundings and all, I try to make the dialogues interesting.

    Weak Areas: Well, to me, writing half a page with meaningless words is like writing a book without words. So, you could say that I tend to write short, but the more interesting posts.

    Type Of RPG: I'm quite a funny guy IRL, but I actually don't like to write humour in my RPGs

    Type Of Characters: Well, my favorite kind of character is the modern villian. I mean, the old age villian is big, dumb and ruthless. The modern villian does not come swinging like a madman, he uses his brains instead.

    Current RPGs: My activity on these forums have hindered me to join any new RPGs, but the one I'm in at the moment is Silent Tears: Red Sky in Johto. I'm not sure wether or not it's up for Sign-Up at the moment, seeing as we're almost 13 pages or so into the story, but we've been discussing about bringing in more people. In my own opinion, Silent Tears (and it's up-coming sequel) has some great material.

    Future RPGs: As I just mentioned, JohtoBlaziken and I have planned to release "Silent Tears II" as soon we're done with the first one. A little sneak peak on the alpha ideas (Remember, the RPG is still active, which means these ideas can be changed completely):
    "-In Silent Tears 1, Team Rocket took control of the major part of Johto and secretly developed a virus that could give persons and their pokémon immense, superhuman strength and other abilites. A small number of people escaped with the knowledge of this virus. Now, this time in [an alternate region], the escapees are striking back."

    Writing Tips: I got one thing to say: Imagine yourself in your characters situation. How would you react? How would any normal person react? How would you be feeling? etc etc.
    Where are you now?
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    Name: Trainer Mehmet.
    Age: 25 years old.
    Gender: Male.
    Strong Areas: not longer than the upto 8 to 14 Lines.
    Weak Areas: Not so much only with the talking script are mine little weakness but that must be stronger.
    Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Adventure and battle storys.
    Type Of Characters: Pokemon Character like May and Erica.
    Current RPGs: Pokemon and Digimon not sign it yet.
    Future RPGs: Final Fantasy and Zelda.
    Writing Tips: Take some story and Mix up your Story of Advanture, Rpg and battle story maybe it will help and for me too.

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